The Magnate's Marriage Merger: A Billionaire Boss Workplace Romance

The Magnate's Marriage Merger: A Billionaire Boss Workplace Romance

by Joanne Rock

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The matchmaker meets her match…in one very persistent tycoon!

Secretive matchmaker to the rich and famous, Lydia Whitney prefers to stay behind the scenes. But after one mistake, rich resort developer Ian McNeill is hot on her trail, and he’s more attractive—and persistent—than ever before.

Ian can’t believe it when he figures out who’s messing with his family: a woman who has deceived—and seduced—him before. What’s her agenda? And why can’t he resist her? He’ll get the answers to all his questions, if Lydia agrees to his convenient marriage proposal. But once she’s in his arms again, will he let her go?

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ISBN-13: 9781488011610
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 05/01/2017
Series: The McNeill Magnates , #2
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 153,514
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

USA TODAY bestselling author Joanne Rock credits her decision to write romance to a book she picked up during a flight delay that engrossed her so thoroughly, she didn't mind at all when her flight was delayed two more times. Giving her readers the chance to escape into another world has motivated her to write over eighty books for a variety of Harlequin series. 

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The Magnate's Marriage Merger 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Donna More than 1 year ago
A secret matchmaker makes a mistake that puts her in the middle of a family situation. Lydia and Ian will keep you turning the pages until the very last one. Now I must find the 3rd book in this trilogy.
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
Ian and Lydia fell hard and fast for each other, but through a silly misunderstanding, it ended even faster, so now this is their second chance at romance. Though I didn't like how he blackmailed her, I think he makes up for it later. These two have a lot of trust issues through most of the book, and I feel like they've not quite worked it all out within this story, but they are on the right path. They sure are cute together, and keeping true to the steamy McNeill style. I like these guys, and I'm looking forward to Cameron's story!
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
I really enjoy Joanne Rock's writing style and her voice as she tells the story. The tales flow fluently off the pages, there are emotional tension and the jitters of falling in love, the passion is scorching hot, and even the billionaires and magnates have human faults and weaknesses they have to overcome to be able to find their happily forever after. Ian McNeill, the peacemaker of the brothers, found out that the matchmaker causing trouble to their family is his former lover, a hot fling that ended too soon with hurt and heartbreak. I liked Ian, he was controlling yet there was gentleness in him. He was fair, protective, and able to admit his mistakes. He had charm and charisma that draw me in and Lydia Whitney, as well, obviously. Lydia was headstrong and had learned the hard way that she had to survive on her own and watch her back constantly. She tends to see more of the problems than solutions, she is cautious to trust or rely on others. To solve their current problems with family, inheritance, and press, they make a twelve-month pack for marriage. He will protect her from a lawsuit, lets her use his name for her business enhancement, and to use his contacts to make money for her charity. He will fulfill his grandfather's will's conditions by being married for a year. But the old desires and feelings emerge and soon nothing feels or seems fake or pretend. They have the allure, the attraction, and interest, there are passion and deep feelings taking root, but there is also a failure to communicate, to have faith in them as a couple, and confidence in the future of their relationship. Delightfully angsty with stormy feelings and lots of lust and adoration. The physical attraction is backed with devotion and warmth, the old hurts are healed with compassion and affection. A fun and touching read at the same time! ~ Four Spoons
blonde_betty More than 1 year ago
The Magnate’s Marriage Merger is the second in Joanne Rock’s fabulous McNeill Magnates series. The first book left us all wondering who Mallory West really was. In this installment we find out. Not surprisingly, she and Ian McNeill have a history. Reunion stories are so much fun. Admittedly, both Ian and Lydia let their emotions color their responses, but who hasn’t done that once or twice (or a million times!)? Watching them struggle to reconnect makes their reconciliation all that much sweeter. If you haven’t read the first book in this series you won’t miss anything by diving right in. Even more fun, SPOILER ALERT, Rock is giving us three more McNeill magnates so the series will continue past Cameron’s book in June. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
This is the 2nd book in The McNeill Magnates series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. To enjoy the series without spoilers, I always recommend reading them in order. Ian had set out to find who nearly ruined his brother's public image. He find out who it was and it is a shocker! Only to turn around and want to keep her for himself. Lydia has a hot and sexy past with the intimidating Ian. She also has a secret she has not yet shared with him. Is there any kind of future for them after such a rocky start? I found this series to be very heated and compelling so far. These characters a rich and complex. I love the interaction and the sparks flying. ***This ARC copy was provided for an honest review only.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Lydia and Ian had a love written in the stars. Until real life got in the way. Now fate has given them a second chance. Will the heartache be worth the wait? The McNeill men exude power, presence and personality, but when faced with matters of the heart, they have a hard time facing reality. Ian loves to be in control. Lydia is the one woman, he never expected, could not forget and had no control over. Lydia offered her heart to the one man who managed to break her spirit. Now he's back and ready to expose her secrets and desires. Amid the heartache, blackmail, secrets and betrayals lie misunderstandings, pride and an everlasting love. Will these two shattered hearts be able to piece their love together again? Ms. Rock has a way with words. The Magnate's Marriage Merger appeals to the emotional, hormonal and dream lover in every romantic soul.
LolaReviews More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this book from the author through Tasty Book Tours and voluntarily reviewed it. To summarize: this was a solid and enjoyable read, but also had a few things that didn't work for me. I like Joanne Rock's writing style and this book was as well written as I've come to expect from her books. The pace flowed well and the writing style was great. I also liked the continuity, with how we saw the couple form book 1 again and some plot lines/ topics from book 1 played a role here as well. I also liked how the characters had these bits of personality, hobbies and work that made them feel real. Sadly I didn't feel the romance in this book. Ian basically forces Lydia into a marriage and that didn't set well with me. And I never fully got over that part and was unable to get swept up in their romance. I did like how eventually they realized their own flaws and mistakes as well and were able to overcome that. The ending was sweet and I am looking forward to book 3.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Quinn McNeill had asked brother Ian to look up a matchmaker who caused Quinn problems a few months before, Ian hired a private investigator, and he is stunned to see that the mystery matchmaker is his former lover Lydia Whitney. Lydia had broken up with Ian when she learned that he had a profile on a dating website, and at the time, she made a rash decision. It was Ian’s grandfather who had put it there: The McNeills’ grandfather insists the boys marry if they want their share of the family business. Ian has learned that Lydia, an interior designer, will be working in the company’s resort in South Beach, so Ian asks to handle business matters over there and get even for the mess with Quinn. However, Ian hadn’t counted on his attraction to Lydia not having dimmed; Lydia is also very much attracted to Ian, but she feels betrayed, and she’s had some serious issues in the meantime. Ian strongly suggests that it would be in Lydia’s best interests to agree to a marriage of convenience, as it would solve both their problems. Lydia doesn’t like the idea very much, but she can’t see other way to avoid a scandal. THE MAGNATE’S MARRIAGE MERGER is a terrific take on the marriage of convenience in a contemporary setting, done just as brilliantly as the first book of the McNeill Magnates series, THE MAGNATE’S MAIL-ORDER BRIDE, whose subject is obvious. Ms. Rock’s eloquent prose had me living vicariously in exotic locales such as South Beach and Costa Rica, and in the world of the privileged few. The McNeills might be billionaires, but they don’t act as spoiled, entitled rich boys; they work for their money. The conflicts were entirely logical and believable, the air is cleared promptly, and there is no tiptoeing around the issues. Ian had been a bit of an enigma in the first book, he’s a quiet man, and we got to know him better. Lydia’s backstory was unusual and heartbreaking at times. Ian, as Quinn before, is a beautiful hero just the way I like them; not a cartoon alpha, but a real, reasonable man, who is willing to work for what and who matters. There is quite a bit of tension, sexual and otherwise, but Ms. Rock never makes it unpleasant and at no time does the reader have to suspend her sense of disbelief. I also loved that in one instance, both characters are adult enough not to repeat an unfortunate mistake. Ian cares for Lydia, and it shows. It’s not all smooth sailing, but the rekindled romance is going relatively well, until the author Rock drops a major bombshell on us. And dear readers, this is called meticulously structuring one’s story and carefully planning one’s story arc, especially as when you look back, the signs were there in the previous book; Joanne Rock knew where she was going right from the start: no snags, and a stunning surprise. I know I’ve mentioned THE MAGNATE’S MAIL-ORDER BRIDE, the first book, a few times (and I consider it an absolute must-read), but still THE MAGNATE’S MARRIAGE MERGER can totally be read as a standalone. Joanne Rock has created an amazing series in the McNeill Magnates, giving tired old tropes fresh spins, and doing an incredible job. Am I impressed the second time around? You bet! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.