The Magnificent Adventures of Folotjing - The Brave and Kindhearted

The Magnificent Adventures of Folotjing - The Brave and Kindhearted

by Rio N Cortez


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A hero is not always someone big and powerful. Regardless of how small you are, you can make a massive difference in the world. All that matters is the size of your heart.

Folotjing is a tiny enchanted creature who lives inside a big, magical tree. This is the story of his adventure in the deep, dark forest when he encounters terrifying beasts that want to eat him! But through the kindness of his heart and sharp wit, he makes them see their wickedness and convinces them to set him free, and they eventually become his friends. It shows that compassion is its own reward and that kindness begets a chain of itself.

Folotjing is a true hero despite his size, someone who is brave, kindhearted, and chooses to do the right thing, especially in the face of difficulty or danger.

How do I pronounce Folotjing?

Fo-lo-t-jing with the (t) or Fo-lo-jing without the (t), either way, is correct.

Note to Parents:

For children under the age of seven years old, I kindly suggest for parents to assist their child in reading the book. This book contains big words that might be beyond their comprehension, such as magnificent, dreaded, humility, mending, bullying, and terrorizing, just to name a few. This would be a valuable time for parents to interact with their children. To encourage their children to ask questions such as "What is a honeycomb?"; "What does paltry mean?", most importantly, “What is humility?" or "What do bullying and terrorizing mean?"; and parents should be open to explain and explore their meanings with their children.

The story of Folotjing is mainly about compassion and forgiveness and all other virtues that intertwine with love. Folotjing shows that courage fueled by kindness is a potent formula to change the world around us. He is an example that no matter how small we are, it is the size of our heart that matters.

The trap and the fish bone are symbolism; they show that even the most fearsome beasts in the forest are not safe from harm. It demonstrates that there is danger anywhere in our world and that we need each other’s help to survive. And that we must be humble to ask for help and also accept it graciously when received.

Folotjing teaches us to be compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others, that when faced with a fork on the road, we choose the path to kindness.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781641115940
Publication date: 02/29/2020
Pages: 28
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.25(d)
Age Range: 1 - 12 Years

About the Author

Hi! My name is Rio N. Cortez, and I'm a children's book author, illustrator, husband, father, and an aspiring farmer. Farming is probably not on my parents' list of what I would be doing with my life, but neither is being an author and yet here I am. I am a firm believer that whatever you set your heart and mind to believe, you will achieve.

Family time is the highlight of my day; time to recharge, get comfortable and simply be me - how I enjoy the soothing laughter of my wife and children. The best time for me to write colorful stories and create fantastic drawings that breathe life to my characters is at this moment of divine inspiration.

The essence of this book and the series that will follow it hails from my own true-life experiences. My mother's love was the hand that planted the seed of creativity in my soul that inspired this book to sprout.

May you enjoy this book as much as I've relished writing and illustrating it for you. Always be brave, listen to your heart, and believe in yourself - and your dreams will fulfill on their own.

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