The Magnificent Seasons: How the Jets, Mets, and Knicks Made Sports History and Uplifted a City and the Country

The Magnificent Seasons: How the Jets, Mets, and Knicks Made Sports History and Uplifted a City and the Country

Paperback(First Edition)

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In 1969, three underdog New York sports teams won World Championships. It was an unprecedented feat in the history of sports, and it helped bring the nation's largest city—-and much of the country—-euphoria to balance the lingering despair of 1969.

In reflecting on these events, what they meant then, and what they still mean today, Art Shamsky, a 1969 "Miracle" Met, introduces the thoughts of members of every team. Highlights include comments from Joe Namath, Tom Seaver, Bill Bradley, Yogi Berra, Emerson Boozer, Jerry Koosman, and many more. But as important as these wins were to the players and coaches who made them happen, their victories meant just as much to the city and the people who celebrated them, and Shamsky includes their perspectives through Bob Costas, David Halberstam, Rudy Giuliani, and many other fans of the city and its sports.

"While all championships bring excitement, sometimes even joy, each of these teams had something more. They each had a kind of soulfulness and authenticity of spirit not often seen—-then or now."

—-from the introduction by Bob Costas

"For the fan, or indeed anyone who wants to read a rousing story of heart, courage, and perseverance, The Magnificent Seasons is for you."

—-Joe Namath

"The exploits of these three remarkable teams had an important and positive impact on the sport of the city when people needed it most. Their legacy endures today."

—-Bill Bradley

"The 1969 championship was the crowing jewel for everyone on that team."

—-Tom Seaver

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About the Author

Art Shamsky was a major part of the "Miracle Mets" that won the 1969 World Series. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri. After his major league baseball career ended, he remained in New York and became involved in a number of successful business enterprises. He and his wife, Kim, reside in New York City.

Barry T. Zeman is currently the Mystery Writers of America national executive vice president. He lives in New York with his mystery writer wife, Angela.

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