The Making of Star Trek

The Making of Star Trek

by Stephen E. Whitfield

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A complete history of what may be the most popular TV series ever — the original Star Trek "TM" episodes! Filled with quotations from cast members, memos to and from Gene Roddenberry, biographies of cast members, sketches, photographs, set descriptions, and even budgets and cast schedules, this volume is a fascinating, invaluable behind-the-scenes account of the development and production of the original Star Trek "TM" series.

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ISBN-13: 9780345234018
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/12/1973

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Kimi56 More than 1 year ago
So much of the beginning of Gene Roddenberry's epic series has been overshadowed by the extension of the franchise in various forms over 40-plus years. This book delves into the creative processes and cutting edge technology that brought "Wagon Train To The Stars" into America's homes in the 1960s. Day-to-day script meetings, hilarious anecdotes and practical jokes, as well as in-depth biographies of the actors who changed a nation's view of science fiction and opened the world's mind to the endless possibilities of human and non-humankind's place in the Universe are all here. It's almost a primer on how to create and air a stellar TV program, and have great good fun doing it. The absence of information on the third season is due to NBC's cancellation of the series. If those stories of the pending demise of what is now called Star Trek: The Original Series have been written about somewhere, I'm sure the tales were never told with the same humor and heart as Stephen Whitfield and Gene Roddenberry gave to this book.