The Male-High Club (gay erotica, short story, part 1, M/M)

The Male-High Club (gay erotica, short story, part 1, M/M)

by K. Rowe

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The Male-High Club (gay erotica, short story, part 1, M/M) by K. Rowe

Join Peter and Arrow for part one of their exotic sexcapades.

Peter Weissner and Arrow Smith are partners in work and partners in love. As an award-winning journalist, Peter has traveled the globe in search of stories. It wasn’t until he signed on to a travel magazine, hoping to get him out of the danger zones, that he met Arrow.

Their work sends them to some of the most beautiful places on earth. When they aren’t writing or doing photography, Peter and Arrow are indulging themselves in the beauty of their surroundings, and each other. Sharing time walking on pristine beaches in Fuji, or playfully rolling in the sand as they make love, Peter and Arrow realize they have a life many can only dream of.

On a flight from Germany to Bali, Peter gets the wild idea of joining the “mile-high” club. Arrow isn’t so keen on the idea. As they squeeze into the confines of the miniscule bathroom, a more than mile-high experience awaits them.


Peter eased himself out of his seat. “I gotta take a leak.”
Arrow shook his head. “Thank you for informing the entire aircraft of that,” he said just loud enough for Peter to hear. “Good thing you took the aisle seat; you’re the one with a tiny bladder.”
“Shush!” he said, heading forward to the bathroom. They were flying business class and thankful for the extra room to stretch out. As he drew near the lavatories, he heard a woman in one of them. It didn’t sound like she was alone. Nope, there was a low male voice in there as well. It sounded like they were having a good time; both trying not to be too loud. Ah, members of the mile-high club, Peter mused as he opened the vacant lavatory across from them.
As he stood there, trying to relieve himself, he could hear them. Peter wondered why he and Arrow hadn’t become members of that exclusive club. They’d done it in quite a few interesting places, but an aircraft lavatory was still uncharted territory. The more he listened, the more he got turned on. Being gay all his life, it wasn’t the sound of the woman who was arousing him; it was the thought of having Arrow in the lavatory. Yes, yes, he wanted him.
Hurriedly, he finished his business. But instead of zipping up and leaving, Peter ran his hand up and down the length of his cock. It felt so good. He made a few strokes and found himself getting quite hard. The noise from the lavatory across was getting even louder; the deep hum of the jet engines no longer drowning it out.
More strokes and Peter was rock hard with no one to share it with. He wanted Arrow, and he wanted him now. But could he convince his partner to join the club? Tucking his cock back in his underwear, he adjusted it so the tip was pointing at his belly button. Carefully zipping up, he yanked his shirttail out to try and disguise the prominent bulge. He had to get Arrow in here—somehow.
Peter wandered out of the lavatory and returned to his seat. Arrow was reading a magazine. “I thought you fell in.”
“Ha, ha. Where were you when I needed you?” he said in not much more than a whisper.
Peter settled down. “Well, as I was on my way to take a leak, there were two others in the lavatory across from me joining the mile-high club.”
“Oh, please, how silly.”
“Hey, maybe I wanna join the club…They got me all turned on thinking about you, and you were nowhere to be found.” He pulled part of Arrow’s blanket over his lap and took his partner’s hand and placed it on his rock hard cock.

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BN ID: 2940014153775
Publisher: Sturgeon Creek Publishing
Publication date: 04/11/2012
Series: Peter and Arrow's Sexcapades , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

K. Rowe retired from 20 years in the military. She not only writes erotica, but military thrillers, contemporary romance, sci-fi, and action-adventure. Her other works can be found on most of the major eBook websites. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 horses on a 100 acre farm. She loves interacting with her fans, and appreciates reviews and feedback.

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