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The Malign Alliance

The Malign Alliance

by Penn Adams
The Malign Alliance

The Malign Alliance

by Penn Adams


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The Malign Alliance is the story of a proud alien queen, Linnayen Genara, who devises a controversial plan to end the war between Earth and the Union of Planets. However, there are powerful forces at work that seek to destroy her efforts. Caught in the crossfire is a naive young Earthan, Kevor Jax who becomes a pawn in her game, unaware that he will pay a heavy price for Linnayen's plans to succeed. Behind the scenes, the ambitious Captain Durroc Navarr will stop at nothing to achieve glory and total domination, despite his friendship with Jax and fuelled by his obsession for the woman he cannot have.

The Malign Alliance is a story of love, honour and treachery. It is an exciting adventure and a passionate love story that will keep the reader gripped from start to finish. Readers who enjoyed such titles as the Dune trilogy, Star Wars and Game of Thrones will love The Malign Alliance.

The Malign Alliance is 206,000 words over thirty-five chapters with an Epilogue and a Glossary and will be followed by the sequel: The Malign Legacy later in 2020.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780648808015
Publisher: Penn Adams Author
Publication date: 06/01/2020
Pages: 584
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Penn Adams is a writer of science fiction and science fantasy novels, as well as plays. Originally from London, Penn now lives in the paradise of northern New South Wales encircled by rainforests, beaches and the glorious Pacific Ocean. Penn's writing journey started working in a typesetting studio, followed by a women's monthly magazine and then a national newspaper - all in London. While working, she went to lectures at Birkbeck College in the evenings and got an honours degree in geography. The travel bug, when it finally came, bit hard and she left to backpack around the world, fully intending to circumnavigate it. But, Australia with its wide-open skies, its smell of eucalyptus, its glorious coral reefs and singing-sand beaches proved too irresistible and she resigned herself to spending the rest of her life in heaven. 'Well, someone's gotta do it.' Her first book is The Malign Alliance, in which a proud alien queen devises a controversial plan to end the war with Earth. But her passion for an unsuitable man will threaten more than just the peace treaty. This is the first of a trilogy in the Malign Series and the second book, The Malign Legacy, is already underway with a release date of December 2020. She has written two plays, Autumn Song (2014), a rich family drama about love, guilt and redemption, and Companion Planting (2018), a farcical comedy about the residents of a retirement village who take over the filming of a television reality show. Both plays were performed by theatre groups in northern New South Wales and garnered much acclaim. After 25 years in Australia, she still has not lost her English accent. 'You can take the girl out of London, but you can't take London out of anyone.'

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