The Mammoth Book of Predators

The Mammoth Book of Predators

by Alex MacCormick

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ISBN-13: 9781780334035
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 09/01/2011
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 719,504
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Alex MacCormick a publishers' editor and painter.

Alex MacCormick a publishers' editor and painter, is author of the updated edition of Shark Attacks, also published by Robinson.

Table of Contents

Natural-born Killer Instinctxvii
Part 1Predators Among the Trees1
Travels in West Africa3
A Devilish Cunning Panther20
Among New Guinea's Headhunters32
The Rogue Elephant of Aberdare Forest54
The Wily Tiger of Mundachipallam64
The Spotted Devil of Gummalapur84
Vietnam Tigers95
Cannibalism in Latin America96
The Black Bear of Mysore98
The Rostov Ripper108
Wolves in Uttar Pradesh114
Secret Societies in West Africa114
Fly River, New Guinea118
Sierra Leone Eating Habits120
Part 2Blood on the Lowlands131
Issedones and Indians133
Celts in England135
The First Crusade136
Sheriff Broth141
European "Steak"141
Mexican Meals143
Native American Cannibalism147
Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow150
A Ferocious French Wolf151
The Franklin Arctic Expedition152
Antipodean Cannibalism155
Fiji Cannibals157
Cannibalism in New Zealand158
Aborigine Recipe160
Fiji Fancies162
Easter Islanders166
Horror in the Sahara167
Anasazi Man Corn170
South Sea Savages174
Russia 1918175
African Lions with an Appetite176
Stalin's Terror Famine178
He Was a Good Lion178
Spotted Hyenas Hunt in Packs186
White Fury on the Barrens187
Tigers in the Sunderbans195
Vampire Bites196
A Dingo Took the Baby197
Polar Bear Invader198
China's Tradition of Cannibalism200
Venomous Snakes205
Bobcat Attack in South Georgia226
Cubans Turned Cannibal227
Plane Crash in the Arctic228
Trampling Elephants229
A Leopard in Botswana230
Death by White Rhino230
Kenyan Devil Worshippers231
Bokassa of the Central African Republic232
Polar Bear Charge235
Cannibalism in Cambodia237
Killer Lions of Zimbabwe239
Elephant Safari Death241
Chances with Wolves243
Owl Attacks Human Love Rival246
One Dark Night in Ethiopia246
Fraser Island Kookaburras249
Kenyan Killer Elephant250
Honey Bee Horror250
Angry African Aardvark251
Scotch Steak on the Hoof251
Michigan Deer Devil252
Venom versus Septic Bite252
Panda Power253
Elephants in South Africa254
In the Tigers' Den254
Enraged Hippo in South Africa255
Canadian Cougars Pounce256
He Ate It, Dr Lecter258
Part 3Death in the Water261
Bold African Crocodiles263
The Sufferings of the Crew of the Essex270
Dreadful Shipwreck of the George285
Men Who Rivalled Jonah287
The Burning of the Cospatrick290
Matawan Creek Shark Attacks294
Who's Who of Crocodilians298
Around Lake Rudolf, Africa306
A Cunning Crocodile308
Bull Sharks310
Sharks in the Shallows314
Rodney Fox's Shark325
Crocodile Baptism in Zambia329
Alligator and Crocodile Bites329
Diving Horror331
Gator Chews Two334
Caribbean Family Shipwreck335
King of Crocs336
Search for a Shark337
The Crocodile at Cahill's Crossing339
Dominican Boat Disaster343
Italian Jaws344
California's Bay Area347
Brazil Shudders over Killer Crocs349
South Australian Waters350
Hawaiian Holiday352
Killer Gator353
Welsh Stingray Attack354
Tanzanian Saurians354
Muggers in Nepal356
The Surf in Brazil356
Benin's Crocodiles and Pythons358
Crocodile Attacks in Madagascar359
Hong Kong Swimming in Blood360
Andaman Islands' Salties361
Holiday Snaps in French Lake363
Crocodile Kills Scotswoman364
Crocodile in Harare364
Zambezi Explorers365
South African Surf366
Snap Snack368
In the Teeth of Solomon369
By the Skin of Our Teeth370
Pringle Bay, South Africa375
Increase in South African Attacks377
Boy Bites Croc Back377
South African Killer Crocodiles379
Bod in a Cod380
The Perils of Oz Waters380
Florida Gators Munch386
Fatal Penis Attacks387
Eight-year-old versus Saltie388
Another Italian Great White388
Malawi Crocodiles Claim 250389
Death in Shallow Surf389
Thirteen-foot Snake390
Great Crocs of Oz391
Part 4Killers Close to Home395
Pig's Baby Snack397
In the Devil Bush397
Maneater in a Railway Carriage399
Some Serial Killers402
Starvation Diet Soviet Style404
Nightmares in the Soviet Union406
The Siege of Leningrad414
Safari Ants417
Gaboon Viper's Revenge421
Revenge of the Vampire Bats422
Jeffrey Dahmer423
Issei Sagawa434
White Tiger in Miami437
Kiss of the Scorpion Man438
South Korean Cannibal Gang439
Hungry Brazilians440
The Wolf Inside Every Dog440
America's Rabid Foxes444
Dangerous Critters at Home445
Ungrateful Angolan Tiger446
L.A. Coyote Tales447
Balkash the Siberian Tiger448
Streetwalking Cougars451
Bustah the Chimpanzee452
Chinese Foetus-Eaters453
Elephants in South Africa457
Cabo the Jungle Cat459
A Burmese Python in the Bronx462
Russian Cannibalism Flourishes463
Nikolai Dzhurmongaliev464
Cannibalism by Russian Military465
Killer Bees in the USA466
Scottish Teddy Bear's Picnic467
A Khmer Rouge Cannibal468
Miss Daisy Mae Piggy470
Red Fire Ants471
Rabid Bats Alert474
Tapir Teeth475
Illinois Brown Bear Munch475
Big Snapper in the Big Apple476
Taiga Tiger477
Bull Elephant in Thailand478
Serial Killer Snakes in Nigeria479
Malaysian King Cobra480
Rabid Dogs480
Black Bears in New Mexico481
Vodka and People Meat482
Dr Doolittle and the Lion485
Leopard on the Campus486
Black Widow Spiders486
Baboons Rampage in Saudi Arabia489
Swaziland Baboons489
Louis and the Cheetah490
Shalini and the Wolf490
Wellington Bomber Seagulls491
Wild Indian Elephants492
Bear in US Home492
Frenzied Hornets493
Texas Bee Stings493
Mistaken Swans494
Bolshie British Buzzards494
The Belev Cannibal495
Cockerel in Romania496
Chile Hot Dogs496
Boas and Pythons497
The Internet Cannibal498
Reynard the Fox500
Eating Babies Is Art501
Rabid Fox in Maine502
Man the Florida Lion503
Monty's Fatal Squeeze505
Norwegian Huskies506
Part 5Horror in the Uplands509
European Neanderthals511
Aztec Blood Sacrifices512
The Chowgarh Tigers517
A Grizzly in Yellowstone564
The Andes Air Crash565
Wolves and Wild Dogs569
Tiger Victim in India574
Derek from New Guinea575
Clawed to Death in the Rockies575
The Black Bears of California576
Cannibal Snippets580
Killer Cougar of El Dorado581
San Diego Mountain Lions583
Italian Brown Bears587
Thai Tiger588
Papua's School for Cannibals589
Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag591
Banff's Lethal Cougars591
The Leopard of Dehra Dun593
Cambodian Crocodiles593
Deadly Snakes in Nepal594
Nepal's Big Cats594
Alaskan Stalker595
Slovakia's Bears596
Killer in the Catskills596
The Tiger and Subedar Ali598
Acknowledgments and Sources601

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The Mammoth Book of Predators 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Close up teeth and everything!!! WOWZERS! This book is creepy but at the same time fascinating, interesting, and cool!! :)