The Man Who Melted

The Man Who Melted

by Jack Dann
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The Man Who Melted by Jack Dann

The Man Who Melted is a warning for the future. It is the Brave New World and 1984 for our time, for it gives us a glimpse into our own future — a future ruled by corporations that control deadly and powerful forms of mass manipulation. It is a prediction of what could happen...tomorrow. The Man Who Melted examines how technology affects us and changes our morality, and it questions how we might remain human in an inhuman world. Will the future disenfranchise or empower the individual? Here you'll find new forms of sexuality, new perversions, new epiphanies, and an entirely new form of consciousness.

Would you pay to "go down" with the Titanic?

In this dystopia the Titanic is brought back from the bottom of the sea and refurbished, only to be sunk again for those who want the ultimate decadent experience. Some passengers pay to commit suicide by "going under" with the ship.

The Man Who Melted has been called "one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time" by Science Fiction Age and is considered a genre classic. It is the stunning odyssey of a man searching through the glittering, apocalyptic landscape of the next century for a woman lost to him in a worldwide outbreak of telepathic fear. Here is a terrifying future where people can gamble away their hearts (and other organs) and telepathically taste the last flickering thoughts of the dead.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780312942939
Publisher: Bluejay Books
Publication date: 01/01/1984
Pages: 288

About the Author

Jack Dann is a multiple-award-winning author who has written or edited over seventy books, including the international bestseller The Memory Cathedral; The Silent, a novel of the Civil War; The Rebel: An Imagined Life of James Dean; and a number of short story collections. Dann lives in Australia on a farm overlooking the sea and "commutes" back and forth to Los Angeles and New York.

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harstan More than 1 year ago
Artist Raymond Mantle is in France searching for his vanished wife Josiane, who disappeared during the first wave of the psychic Great Scream. Raymond does not miss his spouse as he has a lover, Joan, but hopes by finding her he can take back the crater sized gaps in his memory tied to her existence with him, apparently stolen from him by her during the Great Scream. All he has is videos of them together left behind when she became a Screamer channeling visions that turn into deadly realities as the world no longer has physical meaning or spiritual connection.------------------ Raymond follows a clue that takes him to the Crying Church where he plans to hook into the mind of a dying Screamer to determine whether Josiane has stepped to the other side. As he does that with Joan looking more and more like his 3d videos of Josiane, Raymond begins to see the 'dark spaces' of the minds of those dead and becoming telepathically connected to Joan and a friend Pfeiffer as reality twists in the winds of his mind while which sanity is blown away.---------------- This is a reprint of a dark science fiction thriller starring an unlikable hero who garners audience empathy due to his plight anyway. The story line grips readers who wonder what Raymond is finding out about truth, ultimate reality and the essence of being in a world where hooking in can mean losing one¿s mind. Fans who appreciate a cerebral thought provoking tale will want to read this character driven surreal novel that challenges basic acceptable concepts starting with I think therefore am I and going deeper into what makes a person.---------------- Harriet Klausner