The Everything Managing People Book: Quick And Easy Ways to Build, Motivate, And Nurture a First-rate Team

The Everything Managing People Book: Quick And Easy Ways to Build, Motivate, And Nurture a First-rate Team

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ISBN-13: 9781605502953
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 12/10/2006
Series: Everything®
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,023,860
File size: 476 KB

About the Author

Gary R. McClain, Ph.D., is a counselor who brings 25 years of experience as a psychologist, educator, and business professional into incorporating the wellness benefits of holistic practices into a Western lifestyle.

Deborah S. Romaine is the co-author of more than a dozen books. She lives in Tacoma, WA.

Table of Contents

Top Ten Concerns of Todays Managers     x
Introduction     xi
You're a Manager!     1
Stepping Up to the Challenge     2
You Set the Tone     3
Your Role As a Leader     5
Living Within Your Limitations     11
It Can be Lonely in the Middle     12
Finding Your Place     15
Managing Former Coworkers     16
Replacing a "Bad" Manager     19
Replacing a "Good" Manager     22
Rebuilding a Work Group     23
Riding the Waves of Change     25
A Manager's Many Roles     27
Coach: Bringing Out the Best in Others     28
Mentor: Trusted Guide     29
Teacher: Imparting New Skills     30
Parent: Setting Limits     32
Mediator: Finding Balance     34
Cheerleader: Rallying the Troops     35
What Companies Want     31
What Companies Care About     38
Responsibility and Accountability     41
Keeping Good People     43
Turning Around Counterproductive Behavior     45
What Works for Them Works for You     47
What Employees Want     49
What Employees Expect from Their Jobs     50
What Employees Expect from Their Managers     51
Money Matters     53
Consistency Is the Key     54
Stay Connected     56
What Managers Want     57
Great Expectations     58
Your Learning Curve     60
What Managers Want from Employees     61
How Managers Succeed     64
Are You Bridging the Gap or Stuck in the Middle?     65
Glass Ceilings and Dead Ends     67
Make the Most of Your Opportunities     68
Today's Workplace     71
Flextime     72
Telecommuting     72
Job Sharing     73
Comfort Means Productivity     77
Workplace Decor and Decorum     79
Safety and Security     81
Technology Rules     85
The Digital Work World     86
Telework     89
E-Mail Etiquette     92
Web Surfing     93
Confidentiality and Workplace Privacy     95
Work Styles     97
Channeling Creative Energy     98
The Need for Structure     102
Workaholic: Corporate Culture or Individual Personality?     105
Running in the Wrong Direction     107
The Influences of Your Work Style     108
Work Group Dynamics     111
Effective Teamwork     112
Where Do You Fit In?     113
System Versus People Problems     116
When Personalities Collide     118
Resolving Conflicts     119
Getting the Work Done     121
A Comfortable Workplace     122
Realistic Goals     124
Employee Participation     125
Support Individual Growth     126
Managing Manipulation     127
Job Description Boundaries     129
Communication and Feedback     133
Translating Body Language     134
The Importance of Listening     135
Daily Interactions With Your Employees     137
The Open Door Policy     139
The Feedback Loop     141
Communication Through Writing     143
Productive Meetings     147
Meeting Basics     148
Who Should Attend?     150
It's All about the Agenda     151
Shaping Interactions     153
Productive Disagreement      156
Follow Up and Follow Through     160
Performance Standards and Evaluation     161
The Relationship Between Performance and Evaluation     162
Performance Evaluation Structures     165
Identify Performance Issues     168
Job Performance Coaching     170
Timely Follow-Up     174
Diversity, Fairness, and Equal Opportunity     177
Respect Differences     178
Generations Apart     179
Gender Neutrality     181
What Is Fairness?     184
Recognizing and Nurturing Potential     187
The Risks of Playing Favorites     189
Promoting and Miring     191
The Right Start     192
The Job Description     194
Applications, Resumes, and References     195
Interview Basics     196
The Interview from Start to Finish     199
The Offer: Let's Make a Deal!     202
Downsizing, Layoffs, and Firing     203
When You're the Bearer of Bad News     204
Big Picture: Restructuring and Downsizing     205
Small Picture: Individual Failings     207
The Difference Between a Mentor and an Enabler      209
The Right Way to Help Out     210
Firing an Employee     212
Handling the Fallout With Other Employees     214
Following the Rules     217
Why Workplace Policies Are Important     218
Employment Laws and Regulations     219
A Safe Workplace     221
Equity and Fairness     222
Family Matters     228
Personal Accountability     230
Socializing at Work     233
Workplace Personalities and Office Politics     234
Where to Draw the Line     236
Workplace Relationships     237
Workplace Romance     241
Office Parties and After-Hours Events     245
Check Your Baggage at the Door     249
It's Not Me, It's You     250
Angry Employees     251
Angry Managers     255
Managing Your Stress     257
Identifying Stress in Your Work Group     259
Guiding Your Own Career     263
Keep Your Skills Sharp     264
Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve     267
Learn to Read the Writing on the Wall     267
Change Is the Only Certainty     270
Keep Looking Forward      274
Glossary     275
Resources     279
Index     283

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