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The Man's Guide to Corporate Culture: A Practical Guide to the New Normal and Relating to Female Coworkers in the Modern Workplace

The Man's Guide to Corporate Culture: A Practical Guide to the New Normal and Relating to Female Coworkers in the Modern Workplace

by Heather Zumarraga

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Studies have shown that 60% of male managers feel uncomfortable working one-on-one with their female colleagues. That's where The Man's Guide to Corporate Culture comes in.

Heather Zumarraga, a business journalist who has spent much of her career in testosterone-filled work environments, wants to make sure that any male leader who wants to be part of the solution knows how to do it the right way.

Heather provides you with logical solutions to complex gender issues and gives important, practical lessons for men and women alike.

The Man's Guide to Corporate Culture teaches you:

  • Which behaviors to adopt (and which to avoid) to create and maintain a comfortable work environment for their female co-workers.
  • How to create an environment that is not only welcoming to both women and men but also encourages healthy and respectful collaboration.
  • And more real-world tested advice and approaches to help ensure every employee (and business) is best situated for success.

There are numerous business books that coach women to deal with bias and harassment in a male-dominated workplace. However, The Man's Guide to Corporate Culture is?one of the only books that coaches men on how to succeed?in the new normal.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781400219780
Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership
Publication date: 01/19/2021
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishing
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 208
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Heather Zumarrage is a respected economic and financial correspondent for Fox Business and CNBC. She is a contributor to written publications, including The Washington Post, and has distinguished herself as a highly regarded and well-connected source. As a leader in the financial services industry, she received her Masters of Business Administration from The Kogod School of Business at American University in Washington C.C. In 2015, Washington Life Magazine recognized Zumarraga as one of “DC’s most powerful people under 40.”

Table of Contents

Who Is This Book For?/How to Read This Book xi

Introduction xiii

1 It's a Woman's World. You're Just Working in It 1

Women in the Workforce 1

Fear of Women in the Workplace 3

Executives in the Hot Seat 4

2 How Did We Get Here? 9

The Origins of Workplace Harassment 10

How Did Official Laws Come to Exist? 10

The Boundaries of Harassment 11

3 The Pendulum Has Swung Too Far 13

The Unintended Consequences of #MeToo 13

False Accusations 15

Men Face Harassment and Discrimination Too 17

A Backlash Is Brewing 18

The Artless War on Men 20

4 Let Mars Be Mars and Venus Be Venus 23

Our Gender Differences 25

What Is Her Body Telling You? 26

What Is Your Body Telling Her? 28

Comfort with the Opposite Sex 29

5 Building Relationships across the Gender Divide 33

The Art of Small Talk 35

The Value of a Smile 38

The Business Meal 40

Awkward Situations 42

6 Surviving and Thriving with a Female Boss 45

How Should You Behave? 47

Greet Everyone the Same 48

Essential Manners for Men 49

You Can't Please Everyone 51

7 Communication is Your Key to Success 53

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say it 55

Fishing for Compliments 57

Female Translations 59

Unprofessional Communication 60

The Humor Advantage 61

8 What Women Want at Work 65

What Women Don't Want 66

Listening to One Another 68

Make Eye Contact 69

Appreciation 71

9 Romance in the Office 73

You're Dating Your Coworker. Now What? 76

Human Resources Protects the Company, Not You 78

Coming Soon: More Anti-Harassment Training 82

10 The Secret Rules to Successfully Work with Women 85

The Secret Rules 86

#1 Keep Communication Professional 86

#2 Respect Personal Space 87

#3 Eat Out in Groups 88

#4 Give Neutral Compliments 88

#5 Make Proper Introductions 89

#6 Keep the Door Open during Meetings 89

#7 Think Before You Speak 90

#8 Dress for Success 90

#9 Hold the Door for Everyone 91

#10 Give a Consistent Handshake 91

#11 Listen Actively 92

#12 Treat Everyone with Respect 93

#13 Find Commonalities 93

11 The Seven Deadly Sins on the Job 95

#1 Not Thinking before You Speak 97

#2 Inappropriate Touching 98

#3 Bullying 98

#4 Making Inappropriate Jokes 99

#5 Disrespecting Privacy 100

#6 Excessive Drinking at Happy Hour 101

#7 Using Terms of Endearment 102

12 How to Protect Yourself 103

Don't Ruffle Feathers 104

A Little Advice 105

Sexual Harassment Cases Rarely Succeed in Court 106

Pyrrhic Victories 107

13 Playing the Corporate Gentleman Part 109

A Man's Corporate Style 109

The Skirt Length Theory 112

Underwear and Haircuts 113

Avoid the Pitfalls of Business Casual 113

Corporate Dress Code Policy 114

Mix it Up 115

14 Corporate Etiquette for Men 117

Elevate Your Pitch 118

Mind Your P's and Q's 119

Check Your Ego 120

No Bullying Allowed 121

15 Influencing Your Corporate Culture 123

Influencing Culture as an Employee 125

Influencing Culture as a Manager 126

"Toxic Masculinity" in the Workplace 128

Microaggressions and Unconscious Bias 130

Conflict Management 134

Connect on an Emotional Level 135

16 How Your Employer Can Help You 137

Human Resources Empowerment 138

How an Employer Can Help Employees 139

17 Peaceful Coexistence in the Inclusive Workplace 145

Gender Preferences Are Changing 146

Sexism Is on the Decline 147

A Fair Shot 148

You Have the Power 149

18 What's Next for the Modern Corporate World? 153

Distracted in a Digital World 154

Working Remotely 156

The Flip Side of Technology Advancements 159

Consequences of the 24-7 Workplace 161

Employees Seek Comfort in the Office 164

19 Conclusion 167

Importance of Recognition 167

Inclusion Best Practices 169

Thriving in the Workplace of the Future 170

Recap 175

Epilogue 177

Acknowledgments 181

Endnotes 183

Index 199

About the Author 207

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