The Maradas Poetry Compilation of Poem Lyrics UnAbridged Edition: Lyrics of a Lifetime Volume 2 Poetic Anthologies in English with selected Spanish & French Translations

The Maradas Poetry Compilation of Poem Lyrics UnAbridged Edition: Lyrics of a Lifetime Volume 2 Poetic Anthologies in English with selected Spanish & French Translations

by Tadaram Maradas


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Published American Author and Writer Tadaram Alasadro Maradas was born on February 25, 1964, as David Tavoris Williams, a disabled American Veteran, who retired from the United States Army with 24 years of service. Now, sitting as President and Chief Executive Officer of Maradas, Inc: A California Corporation, Williams authors his authorship under the pen name of Tadaram Alasadro Maradas. The Maradas firm is the controlling entity of all rights and published works authored by Tadaram Maradas and Tadaram Alasadro Maradas. The Maradas authorship began, CIRCA: December 16, 2009 with his debut release of his first published work, "The Other Side of the Game," an autobiographical documentary published by Xlibris Publishing Company, Bloomington, Indiana. He quickly authored and published his second published work, "A Pictorial Memoir: 23 Years in the Making," and it went live CIRCA: April 26, 2010, Just 1 month before his twenty fourth anniversary and subsequent retirement from the United States Army on May 26, 2010. However, this work went live with the world renown, "Authorhouse Publishing Company," Bloomington, Indiana. Like the Xlibris Publishing Company, Authorhouse has 3 main hub divisions which are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. After these titles went live the Maradas firm was created and organized, CIRCA: April 26, 2010, to market the authorship of Tadaram Maradas. Both published works were entered in Book expos around the United States. The Book Expo America (BEA), The American Association of Retired People (AARP), and the California Library / California School Library association displays the published works of Tadaram Maradas on an annual and permanent basis in their book expos. These published works are card cataloged throughout the state of California, and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. It would take 20 months before Tadaram Maradas would overcome the sophomore Jinx and author / publish a new title. This time however, Maradas would finally find a home in a suburban Denver, Colorado City named Parker, Colorado, where he would release his next four published works. This publishing company, Outskirts Press, would publish, CIRCA: December 16, 2011, The Council of the XII: Tsillaria360, The Flame, The Fire, The Lyt., CIRCA: December 21, 2011, The Other Side of the Game: A Requiem Angelicus of Dawid the Beloved, CIRCA: December 29, 2011, The Flaming Blade: My Days in Babylon, and CIRCA: December 29, 2011, The Rise of the Phoenix. With the publishing of these books Maradas established himself as a writer with credible authorship. Like his first two titles the books are marked for movement worldwide by the Maradas firm.

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About the Author

Tadaram Alasadro Maradas (1964 - )
Tadaram Maradas whose real name is David Williams is a writer and author from "The San Francisco Bay Area." He is an Alum from "Excelsior College" in Upstate New York, Villanova University in southeast Pennsylvania, and is currently enrolled as an MSM Graduate Student in "The University of Maryland Graduate School System" at Adelphi, Maryland. He recently capped a satisfying twenty-four year career in "The United States Army" where he served in four Contingency Operations, which included both Combative and Non-Combative Operations. Since that time poetry has become his mainstay and his creativity is currently being highlighted through his expression of poetry in lyric and rhyme. Tadaram Maradas is an active member of the Academy of American Poets.

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