The Marathon Wedding

The Marathon Wedding

by J K Mpanga


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"If you are keen or interested to learn about any aspects of Ugandan
Culture in one easy to read book ,then this is it.
Story telling in a unique funny style"
Ann Kuchler Hampstead North London.
The Marathon Wedding is a gripping story about the rapidly changing cultural traditions of Uganda which were once set in stone. If you want to learn about the customs and culture of Uganda a country previously called Buganda, then look no further than this book.
The story is told in a unique African style were the author talks to you in a straight forward witty fashion.
As an expatriate, who lived Uganda as a teacher during the Colonial period, I found the book invigorating because I was able to see the funny side of some of the customs which had puzzled me for years.
The beauty of this story is that it is told by a native Muganda person who has inside information of the customs and rituals of Buganda, a country which is today called Uganda.
In my opinion, the author does give a non-African person like me , an insight into the cultural and historical aspects of Uganda in a serious but humorous manner.
I do recommend The Marathon Wedding as an exceedingly good read.
George Wilson. Cardiff.

The Marathon Wedding
Sorry just to get in contact with you like that, but I had to - I just finished reading your book and liked to congratulate you.
I have never read a book combining African traditional life with such an easy going language.
I often could find my family's behaviour (within social restriction, history burdens and whatever) mirrored in your sentences.

Even if I am Swiss, even if I grew up somewhere completely different - in the end, it's all about the same, changing behaviour, old traditions and so on.

When I was about 27 years old, I got my first job after the university in Kampala (actually in Kawempe), as a financial controller for a Ugandan construction company. I had never before been in an aeroplane, nor had I ever set my feet outside of Switzerland -except maybe one or two daytrips to neighbouring Austria and Germany.

Then I was there, somewhere in the middle of Africa - it took me about 6 month to get a small feeling of "being at home". After 2 years, I loved Uganda so much, that still in these days that experience influences me a lot.

It was such an refresh of memories reading your book and - over all, it gives a lot of history and a point of view from a Muganda person.
I will also pass the book to some friends of mine who still think, in Africa there is no history nor a culture - your book teaches something different.

Thanks for that and I hope to read from you much more.

Samuel Switzerland

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/08/2013
Pages: 306
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About the Author

My name is Jolly Kimeze-Mpanga. I was born in Buganda a country now called Uganda. My childhood was spent climbing trees at Banda village. The area of Banda village where I was born and raised by my paternal grandmother is now occupied by Kyambogo University. However,the house where my Dad, his mistress of 60 years, and step siblings lived still stands today.
I have lived in the United Kingdom for more than 40 years. I have been married to my wife and best friend,Elizabeth Ann, for more than 30 years. We have got two beautiful daughters who are both Chartered Accountants and graduates of Oxford University.We have got one of the loveliest and noisy dog called Cliquot. He is fourteen and just eats rice and chicken mixed with a little turmeric.
My early years were spent at Kalinabiri Primary school where we had to cover the the classroom floor with cow dung to stop jiggers infecting our feet!Somehow I managed to pass my exams and ended up at Nyakasura School in Fortpotal which was one of the best schools at that time . From there I moved on to Makerere College School.
I was therefore shipped off to the United Kingdom to Study Hotel and Catering Administration at Bournemouth Technical College.
From Bournemouth Technical College I moved on to the University of Surrey in Guildford. After that I worked as an accountant for various firms. My final employment as an accountant was with Whitbread Plc at Chiswell Street in the City of London.Soon afterwards in 1987, I set up Hurlingham Hampers Deli on the New Kings Road in Fulham. This was a stone's throw from the famous Hurlingham Club as the Estate agent who sold the lease for the deli put it to me.

In the meantime my wife was admitted to the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. After graduating she moved to the University of Surrey for a Masters degree in Tourism. She is currently working for one of the big four firms of Accountants as a senior Research manager

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