The Marble and the Sculptor: From Law School to Law Practice

The Marble and the Sculptor: From Law School to Law Practice

by Keith Robert Lee


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The Marble and the Sculptor: From Law School to Law Practice by Keith Robert Lee

Let's face it. The entire legal industry is in a state of flux. If you're a new lawyer in today's economy, you're probably asking yourself one of the following questions:
·How do I transition from law school to law practice?
·How do I get a job?
·How can I find like-minded mentors and colleagues?
·How do I develop a book of business?
·How do I become a good lawyer?
These questions weigh on you and keep you awake at night, along with thoughts like "Was going to law school really the right decision?" or "Should I be doing something else with my life?" If you aren't asking yourself these questions, you are ignoring the world to your detriment.
Written from the in-the-trenches perspective of a young lawyer, The Marble and the Sculptor provides a clear no-nonsense path from law school to lawyering. It presents a fundamental understanding of what is expected of new attorneys and a framework for becoming a successful—both as a lawyer and in life. With advice on everything from choosing classes that matter in law school to the importance of writing well, attracting clients, and avoiding five basic mistakes in your first job at a law firm, this book is destined to become the go-to guide for all young lawyers regardless of law school or area of practice. Simply put, if you care at all about practicing law, you can’t afford not to read it.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781614388869
Publisher: American Bar Association
Publication date: 10/07/2013
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Keith Robert Lee practices law at the Hamer Law Group in Birmingham, AL, where he lives with his wife Charlene and their son, Aidan. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and his JD from the Birmingham School of Law where he founded Associate's Mind, now one of the most popular legal blogs in the United States.

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Introduction xi

Part 1 Law School 1

Do Not Go to Law School 5

Choose Classes That Matter 9

Reputations and Networking Begin in Law School 11

Build Lasting Relationships 13

A Tenuous Balance: Family, Friends, & Law School 15

Manage Expectations 15

Communicate 16

Keep Your Commitments 17

Sleep 17

Plug Your Leaks 17

The Final Push 19

Part 2 Fundamental Skills 23

On The Importance of Stealing 27

Writing Well 29

Every Word Matters 31

Two Writing Tips For The Litigators (But Applicable For Everyone) 33

Avoid Hyperbole 33

Be Temperate 33

Inside Baseball and George Orwell's Six Rules For Clear Writing 35

Churchill's Five Elements of Persuasive Speaking 37

Public Speaking 43

1 Control Your Body 43

2 Control Your Mind 44

3 Control Your Voice 45 Dress Up 47

Part 3 Clients and Client Service 49

The Privilege of Being a Servant 53

Shifting Perspectives 55

A Valuable Lesson-Rule #1 57

Wal-Mart Efficiency with Neiman Marcus Feel 61

But What About Quality? 62

Quality Work Does Not Mean Quality Service 65

Lawyers Face The Same Problem 65

Attracting Clients and Business Development 69

Establishing a Personal Narrative 71

Greybeard Advice for Success As A New Lawyer 73

Telling Them What They Don't Want To Hear 75

Relationships Are the Currency of Business 77

Dan Hull's 12 Rules of Client Service 81

Part 4 Professional Development 87

Mastery is a Journey, Not a Destination 91

Peter Drucker's Four Universal Entrepreneurial Disciplines 93

To Sharpen Is to Destroy 97

So Good They Can't Ignore You 101

So What's the Alternative? 103

The Professional Lives Behind the Scenes and Pays the Price 107

Inside the Prison, There Is a Prison 111

Personal Strategic Planning for New Lawyers 115

Organize Dissent 117

Five Basic Mistakes to Avoid in Your First Job at a Firm 119

Nature Loads the Gun, Behavior Pulls the Trigger 123

You Can't Wait Until You're Ready 125

Making Plans and Changing Habits 129

The Structure of a Habit 133

Address Incongruities 139

Are You A Worker Bee or A Renegade Killer Bee? 143

Personal Branding Is Stupid 145

How to Conduct Yourself Online (or Not) 147

Busy v. Remarkable 153

How You Confront Your Day Is Your Choice 157

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be a Lawyer 163

Chance Favors the Prepared 164

Afterword 167

Acknowledgments 169

Resources 171

Books 175

General Practice 175

Writing 175

Online 177

Criminal Law 177

Free Speech and Other Censorious Behavior 177

General Practice 178

News 179

Writing 179

About the Author 181

Index 183

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