The Marine's Temptation (Harlequin Romantic Suspense Series #1840)

The Marine's Temptation (Harlequin Romantic Suspense Series #1840)

by Jennifer Morey

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The Marine's Temptation (Harlequin Romantic Suspense Series #1840) by Jennifer Morey

Shocking discoveries rock the Adairs…and a determined librarian can't help falling for one of this dynasty's rugged heroes! 


It's true that money can't buy happiness. Librarian Georgia Mason has seen one wealthy Adair ruin her stepmother's life and swears she won't get involved with his son Carson. So what if he's a hot former special ops soldier who showers her with extravagant gifts? But he is the sexiest man she's ever met and it's hard to hate him for searching for his long-lost stepbrother, or tracking down the traitor behind his botched mission. And when Georgia faces life-threatening danger, Carson protects her, igniting their scorching passion. Maybe love of money isn't the root of all evil. Maybe there's more to Carson to trust, respect…and love.

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ISBN-13: 9781460378656
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 03/01/2015
Series: Adair Affairs
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 160,775
File size: 295 KB

About the Author

Two-time RITA nominee and Golden Quill winner, Jennifer Morey writes her happy endings in Denver, Colorado. Aside from writing great contemporary and page-turning romantic suspense, she has a geology degree and consults compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. She loves movies, her three dogs, and her honey--not necessarily in that order! You may contact her through her website,

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Perceptions didn't always reveal the truth about a man. What he appeared to be and what he was could be two different things. Surface and depth. The surface reflected the shell of the man, what he looked like, what he said, what he did. Underneath that, a well of secrets lurked. Painful secrets that death exposed. Ruthless and indifferent in life. Human in death. That about summed up Reginald Adair. Few had liked him, but then, no one had really known him, had they?

Carson Adair marveled over how little he knew his father when he thought he had. He spread his hands over the top of the desk. How would his father have felt sitting here? Powerful. Accomplished.




Carson would not have associated that word with his dad prior to his murder. But a gnawing curiosity had nestled inside him. If his father hadn't been who he'd thought, who had he been?

He imagined what it must have been like to be the man at the top of a thriving telecommunications corporation, running the competition into the ground, doing whatever it took to keep shareholders happy and revenue flowing. Not caring about anything or anyone else. Maybe he rarely noticed the spectacular view of downtown San Diego. Maybe he rarely enjoyed a lunch or dinner for anything other than a business meeting.

His wife. His kids. He couldn't have had many fond memories about them. Turns out Reginald had been consumed by the kidnapping of his first-born son. Indifference had hidden his grief. No one had known about Jackson Adair until the reading of the will. Carson had seen the reports from his father's secret investigation.

Lost in what it must have been like to be Reginald Adair, he still couldn't say he knew or even liked his father. He definitely couldn't say he loved him. But he was moved by the discovery that the man had real emotions, that he'd carried such a weighty burden all these years—and kept to himself. It explained so much. That his father was capable of love, that he must have loved his firstborn son and his first wife, two things he'd never mentioned to anyone. Carson wondered if Patsy would have been a different woman had she been able to make Reginald love her the way he must have loved his first family. Had his aloofness led to her killing him? It would appear so, since she had fled the country and was the prime suspect in his murder case.

Although his father was dead, Carson was getting to know him for the first time. That dredged up so much conflict in him. Until now, he'd strove to be everything his father wasn't. Do and be whatever earned his father's disapproval. Now he felt a connection to the man. He cared about giving him justice and finding the son who had been taken from him. And in the process, knowing him as he'd never had.

People said he was just like Reginald and that had always annoyed him. Maybe it still did. Back then, he'd wanted to get as far away from his father and his empire as he could. His mother, too, but as a boy, it had been his father's approval he'd craved. To get that, he'd have had to devote his life to his father's dream. AdAir Corp. When he'd grown into a young man, he'd done the opposite. He'd rebelled and joined the Marines. His father had been so angry when he'd informed him. And Carson had been nothing but glad that he was mad.

His gaze fell to a photograph facing him on the desk. It was of Landry and Whit with Reginald. They stood in this office, smiling with warmth Carson would have called fake before learning about Jackson. Something in the background caught his eye. It was a blue ceramic bowl on top of a wood-and-glass display case along the wall next to the door. Carson looked there. The cabinet was there but the ceramic bowl was missing. The picture looked fairly recent.

Where was the bowl, and was there anything significant about it?

"Meeting's started, Mr. Adair."

Whit's secretary stood in the doorway of the office.

Carson stood. "Right. Thanks." He'd lost track of time. "You have the envelope?"

"Yes, sir. I'll wait for your call."

"Thanks." He hoped he wouldn't have to call her.

Taking the papers he'd been studying earlier, he left the office and walked down the bright and wide hallway of AdAir Corp with a limp that embittered him when he dwelled on it too much. Nothing like facing the rest of his life with a constant reminder of what he could no longer have. Mobility. A career in the Marines.

Reaching the conference room where the mediation meeting had been scheduled regarding Patsy's dispute over his father's will, Carson entered. Everyone was already there: his brother, Whit, sister, Landry, Georgia Mason and her stepmother, Ruby, and two attorneys—one Patsy had apparently hired on her own to represent her dispute, and the mediation lawyer. Despite the crowd of people, Carson noticed Georgia right away. Long, luxurious, dark red hair cascaded over her shoulders. The pencil skirt trimmed her curvy waist and her long, slender legs were bare from the knees down. Her dark green eyes glared at him from across the room. Everyone else had taken a seat but her. She was still mad at him. Mad at every Adair in the room. But her beauty struck him just as much as the first time he'd seen her. The sight of her really got his testosterone going.

"Glad you could make it," she said.

"Sorry. I got hung up in Reginald's office." He limped over to her. It wasn't a horrible limp, beastly but only a little.

After nodding to Whit and Landry, he put the papers facedown on the table, then went to Georgia and pulled out a chair for her.

Her eyes traveled down and then rose up his body, curious about his limp and then all fire when she met his eyes.

"Have a seat, Ms. Mason," he said cajolingly.

"After you, Mr. Adair." She didn't reciprocate his tone, hers having a decided edge.

He grinned and saw Ruby smiling at the exchange. At sixty, she was a little thin but attractive with light brown hair and hazel eyes. She looked nothing like Georgia, although Georgia would probably age just as gracefully as Ruby had.

"Mrs. Mason," he said.

"Mr. Adair."

After acknowledging the mediation lawyer, he saved his next greeting for last. It was Patsy's attorney. Before she'd left the country, she'd given him explicit instructions regarding her dispute over Ruby Mason's inheritance and the authority to sign on her behalf. Carson planned to squash her intentions today.

The beady-eyed, short, stocky, balding attorney gave a nod in greeting.

"Shall we begin?" the mediation lawyer said. His name was Schmidt. He was skinny and had all of his blond hair. Georgia had chosen him, and the rest of them had agreed to meet to sign an agreement today, to settle this dispute outside of court.

Carson waited for Georgia to sit down.

When she did, he took the seat beside her, seeing how she sat straighter, ramrod stiff. She didn't like him at first sight, and his desire to charm her went beyond what would be required for a casual acquaintance. Luckily, he had enough of his father in him to maintain a business sense and stay professional.

"We're here today because Patsy Adair doesn't think Ruby Mason should have any share of the inheritance," the mediator started things off.

"I believe I speak for my brother and sister when I say Ruby is entitled to whatever our father decided to give her." Carson took over the meeting.

Schmidt looked at him, not approving but not stopping him.

"He obviously wanted her to have something," Carson continued, "so I propose we make this meeting short and simple and agree that it isn't our right to change his will. Are we all in agreement?"

"I am," Whit said. Dressed in a dark suit, impeccably trimmed and looking the part of Adair's new leader, he sat in a confident pose.

"I am," Landry echoed. She seemed loopy, as if she'd taken something before coming here. Ever since their father's murder and especially the announcement that Patsy was his suspected murderer, she had not been herself. Carson was getting worried about her.

"Speaking on behalf of Patsy," Patsy's attorney said.


"You'll sign this agreement or I'll contest her share. I've already spoken with Whit and Landry. They support my decision."

"You can't do that," Patsy's attorney said. "All parties have to be present and sign a mediation agreement. Patsy would never agree to this." He swung his hand toward the document on the table in front of Schmidt.

"Yes, I can contest her share. She is suspected of murder, as you are well aware."

"Being suspect and proven guilty are two different things, Mr. Adair. I won't sign any agreement that gives Ms. Mason any portion of Reginald's will."

"You're authorized to sign on her behalf."

"Yes, I am." He wore a smug look. He had the power.

All right. Carson preferred to keep this civil, but Patsy's attorney gave him no choice. "Might I have a word with you in private?"

Carson stood. He extended his hand to the conference room door.

Patsy's attorney's smug look changed to confusion.

"Anything you have to say should be said in front of everyone," Schmidt said.

"I'm sure you won't want me to say what I have to say in public."

Patsy's attorney's eyes twitched in question. And then concern. A guilty person always knew when their crimes had been discovered.

Whit looked at him with a nod of encouragement, and Landry looked as if she didn't care. She probably just wanted to get out of here.

When the attorney didn't move, Carson said, "I'm more than happy to oblige Mr. Schmidt."

Patsy's attorney stood. "Excuse us a moment."

Carson led him across the hall to a smaller conference room he'd had one of the assistants reserve. On the table was an envelope that contained copies of what Whit's assistant had.

"I hired a private investigator to obtain these photographs. If you don't sign on behalf of Patsy, they go to your wife."

Patsy's attorney looked from the envelope to Carson. Then he snatched up the envelope and slid out the first of several photos. He didn't look at any others. The first one was enough, as Carson suspected it would be.

"What kind of businessman are you?" Patsy's attorney asked.

"I'm not." He'd run as far and fast away from business as he could. He didn't even work for AdAir Corp. And he didn't like feeling as though he was acting just like his father, using blackmail to get what he wanted. His only justification was that he had to right a wrong, Patsy's wrong, and to honor his father's wishes. For that, he'd do anything. This was a quick and sure way to see that Patsy no longer poisoned his family.

"You think you can get away with blackmailing me?"

"I prefer to think of it as blackmailing my mother."

Patsy's attorney scoffed. "Your family is despicable."

"I'll be sure to tell Patsy that if she isn't guilty of murdering my father." Otherwise, he'd have to agree that at least his mother was despicable.

"Your mother has a legitimate reason for disputing Reginald's will."

"Jealousy is not a legitimate reason." Carson took a step closer. Taller than him by six inches or more, he loomed over him. "Sign the agreement or your wife finds out about your double life."

"Don't you care at all about your own mother's wishes?"

He shook his head. "Not in the least."

"This is preposterous!" Patsy's attorney slapped the envelope down onto the table. "I won't stand for it."

"Your choice." Carson pressed the speaker on the phone and called Whit's assistant.

"Yes, Mr. Adair," she said.

"Go ahead and deliver the package."

"Right away, sir."

"Wait!" Patsy's attorney jerked forward toward the phone as though the assistant could see him try to stop her. "That won't be necessary."

"You'll sign?" Carson asked.


"Never mind, Carol. Wait for me to stop by your desk."

"Yes, sir."

Carson ended the call. "If you don't go into that conference room and sign the agreement, I will have those photos couriered to your wife this morning."

"You're as ruthless as your father."

Carson had never blackmailed anyone before, and it didn't come easy to him. "Perhaps you should be more particular about the clients you represent." He stepped toward the door.

"What about these?" Patsy's attorney gestured to the photos.

"They're yours. The originals will go into my personal safe."

Anger flared from the attorney's eyes. He picked up the envelope and took it with him.

Back in the conference room, Schmidt looked suspicious. Whit already knew what this was about.

"I signed the agreement, Carson." Landry stood. "I'm going to go now."

"Okay, I'll talk to you soon."

She left the room while Schmidt, Georgia and Ruby watched Patsy's attorney stuff the envelope into his briefcase.

"We're all ready to sign the agreement."

Georgia looked stunned, gaping at him, no doubt wondering how he'd done it. And why.

Patsy's attorney signed the agreement and stood, picking up his briefcase. With a last glare at Carson, he stormed out of the conference room.

"What did you do?" Georgia asked.

"That's between me and him." He handed Ruby a pen. "It's not important anymore. What's important is that he signed."

She took it and signed the mediation agreement.

"I'll let you know when the transaction takes place," Carson said.

She smiled warmly up at him. "Thank you, Mr. Adair. Your father would be so proud."

He grunted derisively. "You have no idea."

You're as ruthless as your father. He'd done whatever was necessary to repair the damage Patsy had left behind when she'd fled. He wasn't happy about having to use a strong arm to make her attorney do the right thing.

Whit came up behind him with a pat on his back. "Thanks for taking care of this, Carson."

"No problem. Hey." He stopped Whit from leaving. He leaned over and picked up the papers. "Did you know about these?" He showed the pages to Whit, who studied them.


"There's contact and background information on Reginald's housekeeper and the neighbor. He must have gotten this just before he died."

"And planned to go to North Carolina to talk to them?"

"That would be my guess."

Whit put the papers down and looked at Carson. "Are you going to check it out?"

"Police report said they talked to everyone, but maybe Dad had a reason for talking to them again."

"I'd have to agree with that," Whit said. "Where'd you find these?"

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The Marine's Temptation 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
lrhubble More than 1 year ago
An okay book Contemporary, Romantic Suspense Georgia Mason is a librarian that has seen what money can do to people. She has seen a wealthy Adair ruin her stepmother’s life. She is also determined not to get involved with his son, Carson. Carson might be a former special ops soldier who showers her with gifts and he might be hot but she isn’t going to let that change her mind. As Carson searches for his long-lost stepbrother and also searches for the traitor behind his last mission that was botched, it makes it very hard for Georgia to hate him especially when he is the sexiest man she has ever met. Carson protects Georgia when her life is threatened and by doing so it ignites the passion between them. Georgia is finding that just maybe the love of money isn’t the root of all evil. There might be more to Carson to respect, trust and love. The story plot starts with a good idea but doesn’t quite reach its potential. While the story isn’t bad at times the way it jumps between scenes makes it a little confusing to follow. The characters are a little too one dimensional, specifically, the book would have made for a great read if the characters feelings and thoughts would have been explored a little more. For example, Georgia’s reaction to different situations makes it difficult to connect with her. For readers looking to read a book for light reading this one would work. Sadly the potential was there but didn’t quite deliver. Some readers might find it still worth checking out as things work out in the end, but it could have much better if the characters were developed a bit more. Received a review copy I give this one 3-1/2 red roses
More_Than_A_Review More than 1 year ago
The Marines Temptation Delivers romance laced with high octane suspense.  It is the second book in the Adair Affairs series.   The underlying story which I think is going to span several books is who kidnapped Jackson, a brother they didn’t know existed and who killed their father.  Carson is very endearing. He is a marine who has been injured and forced to retire.  As he is coming to grips with that revelation he is learning startling new things about his father.  Georgia’s redeeming quality was that she is a librarian.  She has some serious prejudices with one experience to back them up.  It is fun to watch as Carson pampers her and shows her that his money is not always a bad thing. And that rich people are not always snobs. The author did a great job of not making this story just another billionaire book.  You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.  
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
This novel is well written with a tone & style that invites you back for more.  Suspense starts in the first chapter and keeps up the pace throughout.  Morey had me intrigued with her premise and kept me coming back for more.  The plot was unpredictable, keeping me on my toes throughout.  I loved how technical this novel gets at times.  It really added to the experience for me. The characters in this novel were quite interesting.  Morey developed the major players quite well. Readers get a sense of who they are on the surface, and what really makes them tick on the inside.  I found Georgia’s prejudices to be a bit tedious after a while, especially with the number of times that she acted against what she supposedly believed.  It definitely added to the story though. As a whole, this was a remarkably captivating novel that kept me guessing.  I couldn’t unravel the plot before the end, and the romance was definitely one of a kind. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
Unsolved mysteries and family in despair. I enjoyed the suspense side of this story. There was action, mysteries, no obvious culprits, and enough plot twists and unexpected elements to keep the story going and interesting. Now, since this is an ongoing series, some of the mysteries still are not solved, and that left few questions and curiosity in my mind. Carson is dealing with having to leave the marines, injury to his leg, death of his father, possibly murdered by his mother, and having to decide what to do with the rest of his life, and if he wanted to follow his father's steps into the corporate world - enough stress for one?! But still he was a stand up guy, considerate, nice, friendly, generous, just easy to like, very charming. Georgia, oh Georgia... She might be one of the most cantankerous heroines I have run into. She was prejudiced, judgmental, and subjective. Her dislike towards 'rich people' went overboard and was ridiculous. Her judging anyone with more money than she had, by one person's story about couple people, was irritating after a while. Cause it came up again and again. And again. Carson was patient with Georgia, and more tolerant than expected. He wanted her, and liked her, despite her judgmental character. Was there a connection? Was the romance believable? Not really, because every time Carson tried to get close to Georgia, she literally runs away, no matter where they were. So them suddenly having sex, was surprise to me, but an even bigger surprise was the ending. So like said, I enjoyed the suspense, and Carson was absolutely a swoon worthy hero. So for that... ~ Three Spoons
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
4 stars This is full of drama, suspense, romance and action. I like the Adair kids. This is Carson Adair's story. Carson was a Marine and he planned to make that his career. Carson was wounded on his last mission. He plans to find his half brother Jackson who he never knew about who was kidnapped as a child. Librarian Georgia Mason plans to fight the Adair's money that was left to her step-mother Ruby. Georgia does not trust the Adair family or rich people Ruby was Jackson's mother. Carson's father Reginald was her first husband. After Jackson was kidnapped their marriage fell apart. Ruby then later married again to Georgia's father. Carson is determined to show Georgia that having money is not a bad thing. Someone keeps trying to kill Carson and Georgia. He thinks it might be part of his last mission that went wrong and wounded Carson. I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Harlequin and in return agreed to give The Marine's Temptation a honest review.