The Masada Complex

The Masada Complex

by Avraham Azrieli

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Could a major scandal cause the United States to terminate its support for Israel? The Masada Complex gives us a chilling portrayal of exactly such a scenario. The novel's unforgettable hero is Masada El-Tal, a beautiful Israeli expatriate now working as a an investigative reporter in Arizona. Her latest story causes the suicide of a U.S. senator, and a mysterious organization attempts to assassinate her in order to stop her investigation. With the clock ticking, her friends turn out to be enemies, and those she has accused come to her aid. And the truth Masada uncovers exceeds her worst nightmares. "A first-rate thriller with exciting plot twists and engaging characters. Every page brims with gritty authenticity. A genuine treat for readers who love thrillers with a realistic, international flavor." David Liss, author of The Whiskey Rebels and Conspiracy of Paper, winner of Edgar. "As good as DeMille and Follett! The Masada Complex delivers fast pace, brilliant plot, unforgettable characters, and a mesmerizing premise. Terrific!" Stephen J. Wall, author of The Morning After and On the Fly. "The Masada Complex is a riveting portrayal of global intrigue; investigative reporter Masada El-Tal is a hard-hitting IDF veteran who pursues her diabolical enemies to the end!" Stella Pope Duarte, author of If I Die in Juaréz, winner of the 2009 American Book Award.

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Publisher: Avraham Azrieli
Publication date: 07/18/2014
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About the Author

Avraham Azrieli, a graduate of Columbia Law School in New York City, tried many complex court cases before publishing his first novel, The Masada Complex (a political thriller) in 2010. A full-time author since then, his other books include the Israeli spy novels The Jerusalem Inception and The Jerusalem Assassin, as well as Christmas for Joshua (a family drama dealing with interfaith conflicts), The Mormon Candidate (a political thriller), Thump (a courtroom drama featuring sexual harassment and racism) and The Bootstrap Ultimatum headshot(a mystery involving the commercialization of Memorial Day). He also authored Your Lawyer on a Short Leash (a guide to dealing with lawyers) and One Step Ahead (a WWII biography, which inspired the musical By Wheel and by Wing). Avraham grew up in Israel, where he received extensive Talmudic education, served as an intelligence officer and, after attending law school, clerked for the Israeli Supreme Court in Jerusalem. Residing primarily in the United States since 1990, he currently lives near Washington DC with his wife, a physician, and their four children. Like Ben Teller, the protagonist in The Mormon Candidate and The Bootstrap Ultimatum, Avraham often rides his motorcycle in the mountainous forests of western Maryland.

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The Masada Complex 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 108 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Masada Complex by Avraham Azriel is riveting and intriguing. It’s educational and suspenseful. A must read for anyone interested in the all too real drama of politics, even more specifically Israeli politics. The main character Masada El-Tal is likable yet complex. You’re drawn into her story of heartbreak and conflicting loyalties. I specifically enjoyed how the story brings you to so many places in the U.S. and even Israel. It is fast paced, thought provoking and keeps you interested the entire time. I will be suggesting this book to my book club, for sure!
ThomMo More than 1 year ago
Azrieli has outdone himself with The Masada Complex. If you enjoyed The Jerusalem Inception and/or The Jerusalem Assassin, you'll absolutely love The Masada Complex. Azrieli is the master of twists and turns, and this installment is far from an exception. Even when you know something the characters don't, you'll be on the edge of your seat as they begin to learn the dark secrets of those they think they know best. I recommend you don't start reading The Masada Complex until you have a couple of days to devote to it, because you seriously won't be able to put it down. Following the tragedy of a hostage situation gone horribly wrong on the mountain she was named after, Masada El Tal has become a successful investigative journalist in Arizona. Her latest work has uncovered what appears to be the bribe of a Senator by a secret Israeli agency, but is actually a secret Palestinian plot to damage American-Israeli political relations. The mastermind behind the plot is truly a wolf in sheep's clothing; hiding in plain sight, it takes all of his considerable wits to keep Masada off his trail and continue his diabolical machinations. When he learns his last hope to save his eyesight requires him to travel to Jerusalem for an experimental treatment almost immediately, be becomes desperate to tie up all of the loose ends (including Masada) and all of his brilliant plans begin to crumble around him, risking exposure of himself and his benefactors. Further tragedies will lead all of the main players to Jerusalem, and a series of twists and surprises leads to an exciting climax you won't be able to look away from. Don't wait, read this book!
AnthonyBeander More than 1 year ago
This is the fourth book from Mr. Azrieli that I have read and as with the other ones I am pleasantly surprised. This book has suspense from the very beginning with the hostage situation. This book while set in more modern times has a very film noir old school detective feel to it. This book is also very race against “timey”, but that enhances the old school suspense. Bringing down corrupt officials is always icing on the cake of justice. Overall a very good read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Masada is a hard-nose journalist, a former military agent and a damaged human being. She drives every aspect of the story and is a strong enough and complicated enough character to carry the suspense, the intrigue and the myriad plot turns. I found myself waiting for the other shoe to drop so many times I was reading with one eye closed, trying not to dread the next ah-ha moment. Its not an especially happy or uplifting story but you won't be able to put it down until you find out how everyone comes out of the mess they're in.
AcroGodess More than 1 year ago
Ever hear of the expression “Don’t trust anyone” or “DTA”? In the Masada Complex, the heroine of the story would do well to remember that as she is struggling to keep herself alive as people try to have her killed to keep their political secrets which involve the politics between the US and Israel. Azrieli is brilliant in his story writing as always. I love how his stories are always quick paced. I never have time to get bored when reading one of his books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Azrieli is a talented writer who has once again written a captivationg and exciting novel. It was fast paced and an easy but educational read. I am not someone who is normally drawn to political and religious thrillers but all of the history and current events in this book are very interesting. I appreciate Azrieli's attention to detail when it comes to the language used, the landmarks, and all of the imagery that he describes to make the reader feel like they are there and part of the story. I would recommend this for anyone who is interested in a fast paced read that is exciting and fun to read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm a fan of the writer. Mr Azrieli knows how to bring emotion, fast paced action, intriguing history, I love the way the book is presented, I never lose interest and just want to read fast to discover next page. I recommend this book, great option!
LisaR6200 More than 1 year ago
This is the fourth book that I have read by Avraham Azrieli and once again he did not disappoint. The author puts the reader into the center of the action alongside characters that are involved in Israeli politics and trying to influence history with their actions. Masada El-Tal is at the center of it all as thinking that she has uncovered a plot to influence US-Israeli relations and her expose on those events causes the death of a US senator as well as the son of a close friend and confidante. This sets up a set of circumstances that see multiple attempts on Masada's life to get her to back down (which of course she does not) and sees her going back to her homeland as an exiled immigrant being repatriated to the only country that would take her back and a place she swore never to see again after the murder of her brother 20 years prior. Her attempts to solve the mystery have her confronting the loss of her brother and his murderer in ways that will leave the reader exhausted and rooting for happiness ever after for the tortured Masada ...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the 5th book by Avraham Azrieli that I have and OMG am I always blown away by the thrills and action paced storyline in his books!! Masada is a very lucky, smart and complex heroine. She was a soldier who fought for the Israeli Govt until the death of her brother. 20 years later, she moved to the US to become one of the most prolific journalist in the country. She is awesome, stubborn, vengeful and bent on uncovering what she thought was a sham by the Israeli Govt. People she trusted like Professor Levy Silver, his deceit, his bent aspiration to recover the ¡¥tape¡¦ that Masada revealed to Senator Mahoney that she had of him. She was a well renowned journalist who only thought what she thought she knew was the right thing, tried to destroy the relationship between the US and Israel. Didn’t want to listen to the other side of the story except what she thought was right too many events surrounding her and her pursuit of what she thought was the truth. Masada El-Tal has experienced many tragic events in her life, lik the death of her parents when she was a teenager, the death of her only brother when she was just 19, the gunshot wound she sustained by her ex-lover Colonel Dov Ness, the several attempts at her life just to shut her up, which they never succeeded in doing. She doesn't know who to trust and who was behind all the strange events. Was it Colonel Dov Ness, who was her former boss when she was in the army 20 years before, and was also an ex-lover, her current boyfriend, Rabbi Josh Frank, or her friend, Professor Levy Silver? General Dov Ness, Rabbi Josh, his son Raul, the biker lady, the Lawyer Elizabeth Macpherson who is the most gullible and at the same time helpful person ever, lol. Too many twists and turns in this movie..I mean book, lol. I enjoyed every page of the book and highly recommend it be done into a movie with maybe Halle Berry as Masada or Eva Mendez as Masada. I love Masada's resilience, passion for the truth but not her misguided loyalty, lol. I may name my daughter Masada when I have one.
Sharronica More than 1 year ago
The Masada Complex is a great political thriller. Just like Azrieli’s other titles, it gives in-depth insight into the politics of Israel. This story also details the intricacies of the relationship between the US and Israel. The beauty of the tale is you never know who to trust. It’s quite the page-turner. Masada El-Tal, like any journalist worth their salt just wants to do the right thing. And for that very reason, the powers that be want her dead. This is a great read, I highly recommend it.
MFlo More than 1 year ago
The Masada Complex was another wonderful read by talented author, Avraham Azrieli. This book is suspenseful, gripping and visceral in all the right ways. This book is a history lesson in certain ways taking you from one side of the world to another. Definitely a must read! 
StaceyLDubs More than 1 year ago
The Masada Complex completely won me over with the intricate details and weaving story lines. As I have already read the Jerusalem series I was intrigued to read a different fiction work by the author. I thoroughly enjoyed the Masada Complex. You really feel for Masada El-Tal and wonder why nothing can go right for her and you can see through her eyes how she could have been so mislead. An unlikely political scandal but not so far fetched that there might be something that could eventually turn the US away from supporting Israel. It truly makes you think about that and value the relationship between the two countries. Very well done international political thriller!
SRye More than 1 year ago
I just finished "The Masada Complex" and enjoyed this take on modern Israeli politics. Masada El-Tal's life path is changed forever, when during the riveting opening scene, the last of her family is taken from her by a Palestinian terrorist. We next see her 20+ years in the future, having emigrated to the U.S. She's become a journalist focused on U.S-Israeli politics and on the idea that Jews would be safer and more advanced without the need to defend an often-hazardous homeland. As in other of Mr. Azraeli's novels that I've enjoyed, the thriller races along hand-in-hand with absorbing political and historical detail and memorable characters. Masada soon finds herself surviving repeated attempts on her life... will she unravel the deceit of those around her in time to save herself?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a fast paced thriller about an Israeli expatriate who wants to set the record straight. We dive right in with a hostage situation at Mount Masada and then jump a few years later to the main character thriving in Arizona as an investigative reporter. This story has several characters intertwined, it feels a little bit of Israel vs Palestine but it is quite interesting story. It is nice to get the background and two points of view.  If you'd like a quick read (well 400 pages of it) than pick it up. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've read three of his other novels, and I've been impressed with them all. Nonetheless this is the best book I've read so far, and the one that hit the closest to home. Masada is an Israeli expatriate working as a reporter in Arizona who accidentally stumbles into a plot much, much larger than herself. Azrieli is skilled at writing flawed, but adept, characters and he definitely succeeds here. I lost sleep over this book because I just could not put it down, and the ending was MORE than worth it. In fact, it hit closer to home than I'd like and put Azrieli at the top of my author's list as an incredibly informed writer who knows how to spin a great story.
PCarter More than 1 year ago
Another excellent read! In "The Masada Complex", Avraham Azrieli establishes himself as a master of fast-paced, international intrigue. Masada El-Tal, the main character, is a gorgeous, but, vengeful member of the IDF elite unit and an award-winning investigative reporter, currently working in Arizona. Her character richly personifies the 'Masada Complex' ideal of one being willing to give up anything, even life, for what they believe in. At a high cost of personal danger from known and unknown enemies, Masada is unable to back away as she investigates a scandalous political story filled with widespread bribery and international intrigue. During subsequent assassination attempts on Masada's life, along with never-ending plot twists and turns, Azrieli enlightens the reader about Jewish history, the continuing Arab-Israeli conflict, and the ramifications of US & Middle Eastern political decisions. Ultimately, all of the characters in this book display the 'Masada Complex', even the villains, because they are all fiercely loyal to their ideals and beliefs, and all are willing to do anything to attain their objectives. Just when you think you have the ending figured out, the plot thickens as enemies suddenly become strange bedfellows. I enjoyed the thrilling ride and the shocking ending! Highly recommend!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As with all of the books I've read by Azrieli I was very impressed with level of details he wove into this thriller. It is a well thought out and researched novel centering on U.S.-Israeli relations, that clips along at a very brisk pace, and manages to keep you on the edge of your seat, as well as informing you about the real life political tensions that have been growing as of late. The main character is flawed, and because of that relatable and lovable, and she definitely gives you someone to root for while the whirlwind of action takes place. I enjoyed this book quite a bit, and it like the rest of Azrieli's work comes highly recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read the book in only a few short days. I found it to be interesting, and gave great descriptions to Arizona. I did though think that the character development was lacking. Some characters were well thought out, and others seemed plain and simple. Overall, I'd suggest reading this book if you enjoy suspense, and political thrillers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fascinating read that moves quickly.  I found that while I was reading this book I was curious to learn more about Jewish and Arab history.  I think it touched accurately on some strained relationships that exist in our world today.  I found myself stopping and questioning some of the stereotypes and emotions I felt while reading the novel.  It was enlightening and I definitely recommend reading it as a way to open your mind up to Jewish struggles that are still alive in this decade.   It made me stop and think "Could this really be happening?".  Strong characters and plenty of twists that keep you reading.  I will be checking out other books from this author as I truly appreciate a novel that is not only thrilling but can teach me something and open my eyes to possible threats that are occurring right around us.  A great read to broaden your views.  
Kte5432 More than 1 year ago
Captivating, Complex Thriller The author has a unique way of telling a thrilling story in a manner that deliberately teaches the reader historical background information.  This was an educational read as well as an interesting one. The complex plot keeps you on the edge of your seat. Highly recommend
Atira_Z More than 1 year ago
Fast-paced, suspenseful, and entertaining, this whirlwind ride through Israeli-American politics kept me up well into the night. If you are looking for an entertaining suspense/thriller to gloss through at the beach, this is a good choice. If you are a picky or critical reader, choose something else. I felt like this was an almost-final draft of a manuscript. Between the numerous typos and grammar glitches and the issues I comment on below, I felt sad that this book hadn't had a more thorough review before publication. It has great potential. Scenes are conveyed with clarity, the plot is intriguing and relevant, and the pacing is perfect. I enjoyed the history lessons peppered through the story, and the author did a great job bringing the multiple locations of this story to life. As an Arizona native, I was happy with his descriptions of Phoenix and noticed that characters spoke of roads and places in ways that true locals would. I was especially impressed with his succinct but graphic portrayal of bombed-out Palestine. I'm usually willing to suspend disbelief when it comes to plots, but the plausibility of this plot is staked on unbelievable characters. The story would be over in a couple pages if it weren't for the naïveté and obstinence of the female characters. Masada El-Tal is blinded by bias, more interested in pinning blame on her ex than on investigating the truth, and frustratingly unwilling to entertain any theory other than her own--not qualities I would associate with an award-winning journalist. And though immigration lawyer Elizabeth McPherson is intelligent about legal matters, she is so gullible, dense and naive about everything else, I don't know how she made it to adulthood. Not only are the characters painted in black and white, but they all seem to view the world that way as well. Miscommunication, snap judgements and reflexive actions propel this plot forward, and the most surprising twists are not due to amazing revelations, but to the lack of them - I just couldn't believe how stubbornly these characters refused to grow or change or learn from their experiences, doomed to repeat their actions over and over again. After working hard to suspend disbelief for 400-something pages, I felt owed a good ending. But the characters failed to evolve and the end left me with no sense of resolution. Despite its flaws, I found the book entertaining and I know there are plenty of people out there less critical than me who will enjoy the ride.
mmccaffrey More than 1 year ago
A thrilling and innovative novel about political up evil in Israel. The main character Masada was very believable. The plot was skillfully crafted with international intrigue and eye-opening scenes. A compelling tale. A thoroughly engaging read from beginning to end.
marianna1ML More than 1 year ago
History lessons always bored me in school. But the way that this author makes history come to life in this thriller is truly fascinating. Highly recommend!
TamaraA More than 1 year ago
Love this book! You know… I’ve always heard about this “can’t put the book down” thing, and I really felt it with this one. Super great story about the relationship between Israel and the U.S., told with great character development and engaging plot lines. Love the main character – Masada El-Tal – and following the danger that she’s in. I don’t usually like this “thriller” type of book, but this one was so well done and “real” feeling… I would highly recommend it if you want a good read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My name is Rachel McWhirter. This has been my second book by Avraham Azrieli this week – and I have to say it is an exciting thriller that contains politics, religion and scandals on a worldwide scale. Although the reader is given some insight in to what is going on throughout the novel, it is still a fast-paced thrill ride through what can happen when politics and religion become an inseparable entity. With plenty of plot twists to keep the story exciting, readers won't want to put this one down. I know I am ready to read my 3rd book by this author – and I would advise you pick up some of his other works along with this one.