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The Masnavi of Rumi, Book 2: A New Annotated Edition and Translation

The Masnavi of Rumi, Book 2: A New Annotated Edition and Translation


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Jalaloddin Rumi's Masnavi-ye Ma?navi, or 'Spiritual Couplets', composed in the 13th century AD, is a monumental work of poetry in the Sufi tradition of Islamic mysticism. Long before his love poetry became a literary phenomenon in the West, Rumi's Masnavi has been revered in the Islamic world. Drawing upon a vast array of characters, tales and fables, and deeply versed in religious teaching, it takes us on a rich, profound and playful journey along the Sufi path of divine love, toward its ultimate goal of union with God.

In Book 2 of the Masnavi, the second of six volumes, we travel with Rumi toward an understanding of the deeper truth and reality, beyond the limits of the self. Adam William's authoritative new translation is rendered in highly readable blank verse and includes the original Persian text for reference. True to the spirit of Rumi's poem, this new translation establishes the Masnavi as one of the world's great literary achievements for a global readership.
Translated and edited with an introduction, notes and Persian text by Alan Williams

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ISBN-13: 9781788313148
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 12/12/2019
Pages: 536
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About the Author

Mowlana Jalaloddin Balkhi (1207-1273), known to the West as Rumi is a Persian poet comparable to the greatest poets of Europe. In 1244, Rumi began the composition of a body (divan) of lyric poems (ghazals) totalling 35,000 verses. In his later years he turned to the composition his most mature and final work, the mystical masterpiece in six volumes of Persian verses known as the Masnavi-ye Ma'navi '.

Alan Williams is Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Religion. He has written nine books and many articles on Iranian Studies, the history of religions, comparative literature and translation studies, including The Pahlavi Rivayat Accompanying the Dadestan i Denig (Copenhagen, 1990), Spiritual Verses (London, 2006), a study of the Zoroastrian Qe??e-ye Sanjan (Leiden, 2009) and, with S. Stewart and A.Hintze, The Zoroastrian Flame (London, 2016). He was British Academy Wolfson Research Professor 2013-16, and is a holder of a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship (2016-19) for his work on Rumi's Masnavi.