The Matrix Teachings: Free Yourself from the Invisible Prison, Survive Ego Death, Birth Your Dreams

The Matrix Teachings: Free Yourself from the Invisible Prison, Survive Ego Death, Birth Your Dreams

by Mary Plaza


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ISBN-13: 9781982207137
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/24/2018
Pages: 172
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About the Author

Mary Plaza is the enchanting mystic, and pragmatic teacher of energy that the world has been waiting for. Her teachings of the quantum field combine her knowledge from nearly three decades of healing work with shamanism practices from around the world and her unique ability to see energy. From business strategizing and parenting, to relationships and healing, she addresses the scope of human experience to make the intangible tangible. Mary brings the world of energy-the unseen into view as she offers a bridge that empowers our lives. She is a conduit for healing giving you the tools to birth your individual dream. As a 5th generation Montana ranch kid, Mary grew up breaking horses, skinning beaver, wrangling buffalo and driving tractors. From an early age she demonstrated an aptitude for leadership. By the time she was 16, she had become the foreman of a ranch crew, served on the local ski patrol and was an ambulance rider. Her grandfather taught her that not only could a girl break horses and skin beaver but also that she could probably do it better than boys. He instilled in her the message "If we take care of Mother Earth - she will take care of us". This ranch girl continued her unconventional life eventually finding her passion in structural engineering and attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. She went on to supervise railroad bridge construction, work at a naval shipyard, and become a transportation planner for the Forest Service. After getting married and having children, she settled down as a structural design engineer and construction inspector. A husband, children, a nice home and two cars in the garage should have been happily ever after. However, it became an invisible prison when western medicine failed to heal her neck of a "permanent" injury. This lead her on a journey toward healing her own body through alternative means, opening her to the world of energetic healing. Mary acquired certification in craniosacral therapy and went on to work with hundreds of clients ranging from infants to the dying, to those awakening spiritually and war veterans. She assisted with craniosacral classes at Bastyr University and developed a technique for releasing the cranial plates in the head by releasing the sutures (intersection points of the cranial bones). She developed this technique by applying structural engineering principles to the body. Mary worked with the late Dr. Nancy Soliven, MD, DC to expand craniosacral therapy techniques and assisted with developing advanced emotional dialoguing techniques. Her healing practices were later expanded by initiations into Huna, Tantra and other Shamanistic lineages. Alongside her healing work, Mary also became a corporate consultant. Her corporate experiences ranged from consulting for litigations, overhauling computer systems, establishing point of sale systems to creating procedures to optimize businesses functions. She has dealt with everything from analyzing factory production issues to rewriting job descriptions and setting up financial management systems. Mary's seamless application of spirituality to a corporate environment earned her the nickname "The Corporate Shaman". Prioritizing independence and creativity over obedience and memorization, Mary homeschooled her children and taught them to meditate and practice telepathy from a young age. Their childhoods were spent basking in the wonders of the rural mountains of Montana as a way to intrinsically know their connection to Mother Earth. After a close friend's call for help Mary began treating war veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This shift completely changed the direction of Mary's work. Fascinated with the complexity of war veterans and the failure to effectively treat their mental outlook by most western medical practitioners, Mary began treating them with craniosacral therapy. Later, as the wife of a combat veteran, she participated in programs for...

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The Ego Matrix

We are much more than bodies. Each of us exists inside an individual energy field called an ego matrix. We are made up of Source energy that streams in through an ego matrix into our human bodies. We recognize this Source energy by many names. We call it God, Great Creator, Tunkashila, or simply Higher Power. Whatever we decide to call Source, many of us agree that we did not create ourselves. We are just beginning to understand the fact that the body is electrical and that each of us exist in an individual energy field as well as a collective energy field. Although our ego matrixes have form and therefore some sort of boundaries, they are still energy that operates under different behavioral rules than physical matter. Energy does not have boundaries and is not bound by time or space. In a very literal sense, we are infinite beings because we are energy.

If we could see our ego matrixes, they would look like giant eggshells comprised of thousands of interlacing spiderweb fibers in various colors. Our ego matrixes formed before we were even conceived for this life and may have hung around our earth parents for years before we were born. Our individual ego matrixes energetically connected to them and other members of our families. As our souls began the energetic process of incarnating, our ego matrixes energetically mingled with the group matrixes that had soul purpose for our new lives. Once conceived, our fetuses grew inside these pods of energy, which in turn grew our ego matrixes.

As our bodies grow, our ego matrixes grow and continue to expand. Thousands of little spider web lines of energy may reach all kinds of different energies around the planet. Although it has a shape, it is never static. The ego matrix is always reading energy, sending energy, and receiving energy. This intricate, eggshell-shaped energy structure connects through our physical bodies, down into our cells, and into our DNA. It is always connected with Source energy, our soul, and our divinity.

This ego matrix is our energetic house for this life. Each of us is born with an ego matrix wired for our life purpose and survival. Our ego matrixes are the energetic filter systems responsible for keeping us alive. Our skins house our bodies, but our ego matrixes house our souls for the purpose of the lives we have chosen. We cannot function as human beings without our ego matrixes.

The ego matrix connects beyond distance and time. It is not the be-all-end-all of who we are. It is the energetic component of the people that we are right now, right here in this life. It is also wired to allow for experiences we chose for our own expansion and soul contracts. The genetic components that determine our physical bodies exist in the ego matrix first.

Evidence of the ego matrix shows itself through genetics and personality traits that define our human identities. In the human world, we may judge the packages that we come in, but to the soul, there is magnificent intention and purpose behind every detail of our humanness. Every single aspect of our physical being came projected in from Source. This Source energy thought about us before we were born. It knew what it was doing, and it wanted us to be born exactly the way we were born. At birth, the energetic matrixes surrounding us, and all of the connections, were set in place with specific intention. Each of us is one magnificent, energetic package known as a soul thriving through the physical body.

Welcome to Planet Earth. We are in human bodies encased by ego matrixes and connected through our souls to our Creator: Source. We are wired for our soul purposes and for survival. Now what? After we are born, our parents take care of us. Then we go to school. And our parents may drag us to church. By the time we are teenagers, we should be thoroughly programmed — brainwashed into mediocrity by perfectionistic overachieving, political and/or religious dogma. A child who grows up and energetically bypasses this programming is a rare exception.

As we grow up, we are conditioned to not think for ourselves; instead, we are programmed to survive in a world according to rules that we did not create. As adults, most of us have probably been wounded in some way. Most of us have likely been abused, abandoned, or betrayed in one way or another. We may have been abused in subtle, hard-to-describe ways, or invisible mainstream ways. We may have watched someone else be abused. Maybe we were just so ordinary that no one ever noticed us. Trauma takes many forms; it can be difficult to discern how and when it began to shape and define our ego matrixes.

At the exact age of eighteen, we supposedly break out into the world with the ability to function as a fully formed adult; at least this is what society tells us. By this time, we usually have dense ego matrixes. These dense ego matrixes protect us from feelings of unworthiness, perfectionism, shame, and death. These wounds are accentuated by a culture that tells us we aren't worthy, cannot do anything perfectly, should be ashamed of ourselves, and must be afraid of death. As adult life begins, we take on the lifelong trudge of trying to do "it" perfectly, striving for scraps of happiness, hiding from internal shame, and hoping we don't die. This lifelong trudge could be the end of the story unless we wake up to the fact that we are the seeds of our Creator's dream.

Inside our hearts reside the seeds of the soul's dream. The control of the ego matrixes ultimately goes to our hearts and souls. Our souls connect with our Creator to communicate through our hearts. The mind can decide anything, but if the heart and soul are not along for the ride, then it is a void journey — a journey that spirals into itself and leads nowhere. This can implode a matrix. A creation that is not based on heart and soul will eventually collapse in on itself and fail because the mind, in and of itself, has no power without heart and soul.

We were not programmed by our parents, church, and school to live from heart and soul. We were programmed to survive, and, even if this survival is well intentioned, it's still just survival without encouragement to flourish. At our core, we are wired to Source energy that wants us to live from our hearts and souls. Because we are one with this Source energy, at our core is our deepest desire to live from our hearts and souls.

As you wander back in time, pondering your childhood wounds and programming, you'll probably remember at least one adult who played the role of an angel. This special adult could have been a grandparent, coach, or teacher. Somehow, almost all of us were provided with at least one adult who recognized our pure soul energy. This person watered the seed of our souls' dreams. We connected with this person heart to heart. Through the dense soil of wounds and programming, our souls' dreams began to sprout.

As we understand the magnificent purpose of the ego matrix and how it functions, we will be more equipped to navigate the changing times on Planet Earth. In order to truly understand the ego matrix, we will describe the three types of ego matrixes in the following chapters: the survival based, the spiritually expanding, and the primary. Describing each type of ego matrix is like describing different species of trees in the forest. It's important to note the general themes and that each tree is different. We will break the infinite down into three groups for ease of understanding. A survival-based humanity that perceives itself as separate and individualistic is quickly evolving into a compassion-based humanity that celebrates the interconnectivity of all living things.

The three types of ego matrixes have distinct themes and traits. The survival-based ego matrix is dense, rigid, and resistant to change. It is the most stubborn of the three types. The spiritually expanding ego matrix moves up in vibration. This is the ego matrix of lightworkers who integrate compassion into their energy and work and often experience the most change. The primary ego matrix is that of individuals who are integrated fully with their higher selves and aligned with their hearts and souls. The evolution process begins in survival-based transitions to expanding and eventually integrates into the primary ego matrix. The majority of lightworkers spend most of their lives with expanding ego matrixes going through the process of spiritual expansion into primary ego matrixes.

Before we get into the finer details of these three types of ego matrixes, we will address the four core wounds and the four soul energies. The more survival based our behavior and energy are, the more wound energy we hold in our ego matrixes. The more aligned we are with the energy of our dreams, the more we flow through our soul energy.

For now, know that you are energy. Your energy is the energy of Creator, so your divinity is always in you. You have an energetic ego matrix. It is there to serve you. It keeps you alive. It is beautiful. It is magnificent. It is glorious.

The flower was a dream dreamt before it bloomed. We are the seed of the Creator's dream, and we were born to bloom.


The Four Core Wounds

We all have some version of the four core wounds woven energetically into our ego matrixes. Perfectionism, unworthiness, shame, and fear of death are primal wounds that disempower our potential to think, be, and feel. Each wound has an opposite vibration that is a core truth. The energy of the wound and the energy of the truth speak very different languages. We cannot be in the energy of a wound and the energy of the truth at the same time; they are different energies and vibrate with different emotions.

The grace of energy is that it is not personal. In other words, when we frame our experiences from the perspective of energy, we can take a more objective outlook on what is happening in the physical dimension. Our wound stories are personal to us. We can inadvertently become attached to our wound stories and stay in energies that no longer serve us. I invite you to read this chapter with an open heart and ponder playing with the energies of truth.

These core wounds are ingrained in the fabric of society, intrinsically laced into the energetics of churches, schools, and governments. We also inherit the energy of specific core wounds through our parents and family. Throughout our lives, we wear them like energetic cloaks and we have no awareness of how they filter our experiences and affect our ego matrixes. This is the first level of the invisible prisons that inhibit the growth of our dreams. Realizing the truth dissolves the energetic cloak of a wound. Awareness is the first step in effectively changing how these core wounds influence our experiences.

The Perfection Wound

The first wound is the perfection wound. This is the doing wound. Exemplified by the "how" of what we are doing, the language of the perfection wound says that we are supposed to do things perfectly but won't ever get it quite right. We naturally enjoy doing tasks well. We like success and feeling a sense of accomplishment and mastery in the world. Societies and cultures, especially in the Western world, are oriented toward efficiency regardless of how it affects the individual. Systems, customs, and rituals that prioritize a perfect ideal product over creativity and process perpetuate the perfection wound.

This wound manifests as an obsession with doing things perfectly, or conversely as a complete disregard for doing anything well. Being able to recognize when your desire to do something well is trumped by the feeling of worry and concern over how to do it is the first step in healing this core wound.

Perfection is an imaginary standard that often runs counter to our natures. Our parents teach us to how to keep our rooms perfectly clean, how to dress perfectly, and sit perfectly quiet at the dinner table or in church. Often perfectionism is a result of thinking and doing in terms of right and wrong. We are taught that there is a right way and a wrong way to express ourselves. We then desire a perfect way to express ourselves. We learn to stand in perfect lines and respond to bells that are set to go off at perfect times. We live in perfectly square houses that are built with perfect right angles.

It's important to note that this drive toward standardization is rooted in colonial oppression. Many indigenous cultures embraced the complexity and diversity of life. In the last several hundred years, much of the planet was colonized by European countries. This affected not just the people and cultures themselves but also the larger ways that unconscious beliefs in perfectionism shape the way we learn how to do and be in the world.

The perfection wound is easy to spot. Some simple questions expose the perfection wound such as: Who made up the rule that doing it that way was the perfect way or the right way? What is the purpose of doing this task perfectly or the right way? Does it really matter how I do it? These questions expose the imposed human rules that usually have no basis in reality.

Human beings have created artificial environments with artificial systems and made-up rules. We pretend that they are real. Dot your i's and cross your t's. Sit still. Go to church on Sunday. Make your bed. Drink your juice. Smile. Don't speak unless spoken to. Never curse God. Don't question authority. Play by the rules. Be a good little child and grow up to be a good young person. Mind your manners. These are all examples of made-up rules that instill ideas of perfection. The list goes on and on and on. Identifying when an idea is an imposition verses an actual truth will help dissolve the perfection wound.

Ideas of gender are inherently connected to the perfection wound. For example, girls learn a different set of the perfection rules than boys. Girls don't get dirty and they don't play with worms or crawly things. Girls don't play rough; they are supposed to be ladylike. Girls like dresses and pretty things. These gender rules mold and define our behavior to abide by the perfection rules of the dominant culture.

The energy of our parents shapes the way the perfection wounds play out in our lives. Military parents will likely impose very strict perfection standards on their children, while nurses may be prone to insisting on a house that is hospital clean. Hippy and new age parents may go to the other extreme and leave children with no sense of ego structure they can use to function in the world.

Children can be taught extreme perfectionism or the opposite, which is unruly and messy with no care for appropriate social behavior. Neither extreme provides much balance or conscious awareness. Many parents fall somewhere in the middle, and some offer strange contradictions in the perfection wound. An example of a contradiction in the perfection wound could be a child who is expected to have perfect grades in school but is not encouraged to eat a healthy diet.

Underneath the perfection wound is the soul energy desire to improve and succeed. We simply cannot do it wrong. We know that we have removed the filter of the perfection wound when we move into conscious choice. Conscious choice has a softness to it. Unnecessary rigid rules are replaced with preferences. Children unpretentiously teach us about unnecessary rigid rules, as in the following example.

One snowy morning, a kindergarten teacher asked her students to make paper snowmen. A creative little boy let his imagination run wild. The teacher looked at his work of art and asked, "Now, is that what a snowman looks like?"

He cocked his head, combining puzzlement and a scowl, and promptly responded, "Well, it is paper, so I guess I can make it look like whatever I want."

The Worthiness Wound

The second wound is the worthiness wound. This is the being wound. We are worthy. While we may attempt to project and see ourselves as unworthy, this actually violates energetic law because we are created worthy. There are no exceptions. There is only the illusion that we are exceptions. Balanced humans feel worthy to receive what they want and need. There is no scarcity and no hoarding. We are worthy of love, respect, and a direct connection to God.

Scarcity is the energy of not enough. If that energy plays a constant theme in our lives, we operate from the worthiness wound. When we operate from scarcity we simply do not know, feel, sense, or believe that we are worthy of having what we want and need. Scarcity is ingrained in us early on when we learn there is a limited supply of money. When the topic of worthiness comes up, most of us go straight to the subject of money.

The topic of money doesn't have to be complicated or controversial, and yet many of us struggle with defining our relationships to it especially if we are lightworkers. I propose the notion that, instead of thinking of wealth in purely monetary terms, we think of it in terms of balance. Balanced wealth is far from monetary. Balanced wealth includes wonderful relationships with each other, our Creator, and Mother Earth. Balanced wealth includes physical vitality and spiritual purpose. Balanced wealth requires a healthy planet. When we allow ourselves to define wealth not just by the money in our bank accounts but also by our relationships to each other, the earth, and Source, we can begin to heal the worthiness wound.


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Table of Contents

Preface, ix,
Acknowledgments, xiii,
Introduction, xv,
Chapter 1 The Ego Matrix, 1,
Chapter 2 The Four Core Wounds, 6,
Chapter 3 Four Soul Energies, 17,
Chapter 4 The Survival-Based Ego Matrix, 26,
Chapter 5 The Spiritually Expanding Ego Matrix, 32,
Chapter 6 The Primary Ego Matrix, 42,
Chapter 7 Relationship Matrixes, 47,
Chapter 8 The Family Matrix — Global Matrix Number One, 57,
Chapter 9 The Other Three Global Matrixes, 69,
Chapter 10 Other Group Matrixes, 76,
Chapter 11 Soul Contracts, 83,
Chapter 12 Drawing Your Energetic Map, 90,
Chapter 13 Birthing Your Dream, 100,
Chapter 14 Stories of The Matrix Teachings, 116,
Chapter 15 My Expansion, 130,
Chapter 16 My Soul Contract: My Dream, 144,
Glossary, 149,
About The Author, 153,

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