The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet: The #1 New York Bestseller adapted for people with diabetes

The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet: The #1 New York Bestseller adapted for people with diabetes

by Mayo Clinic Editors

Paperback(First Trade Paper Edition)

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The #1 New York Times bestseller adapted for people with diabetes, now in paperback—with 16 brand-new pages, full of menus designed to kick-start your weight loss and control your blood sugar. From Mayo Clinic, a leading authority in health and nutrition, comes The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet, adapted for people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes from the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Mayo Clinic Diet. This reliable plan is what you need to lose weight to help you control your blood sugar. The medical specialists at Mayo Clinic have created The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet as a two-phase plan—Lose It! and Live It! The Diet helps at-risk people prevent and control diabetes by losing weight quickly and safely, and then maintaining that weight loss.  

The Lose It! phase is a simple, straight-forward, two-week plan that encourages quick but safe weight loss that can help lower blood sugar. 

The Live It! phase of the diet offers basic and manageable steps and lifestyle changes and choices that are designed to help participants lose one to two pounds a week until a healthy weight is reached, and then to keep the pounds off.  

Mayo Clinic's weight-loss and nutrition experts have packed this book with meal plans, practical solutions, and specific tips on how to improve health and lose weight safely.  The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet tackles all the familiar obstacles that get in the way of weight loss—dislike of exercise, distaste of healthy food, too little time to cook well, a too hectic schedule, struggles with cravings, and minimal support from family and friends. It is a reliable and safe companion for losing weight and controlling diabetes, beginning immediately and into the future. "This diabetes diet isn't a fad; it's about changing your habits for the better," states Donald Hensrud, M.D., Mayo Clinic specialist in nutrition and internal medicine and medical editor-in-chief. "With The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet, people can truly manage diabetes, eat well, lose weight and enjoy life."

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ISBN-13: 9781561488018
Publisher: Hachette Books
Publication date: 11/05/2013
Edition description: First Trade Paper Edition
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 124,320
Product dimensions: 7.36(w) x 9.08(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

Mayo Clinic is the first and largest integrated, not-for-profit group practice in the world. Doctors from every medical specialty work together to care for patients, joined by common systems and a philosophy that the needs of the patient come first. Over 3,600 physicians and scientists and 50,000 allied staff work at Mayo, which has sites in Rochester, Minn.; Jacksonville, Fla.; and Scottsdale/Phoenix, Ariz. Collectively, Mayo Clinic treats more than 500,000 patients a year. For more than 100 years, millions of people from all walks of life have found answers at Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic works with many insurance companies, does not require a physician referral in most cases and is an in-network provider for millions of people.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Lose It! 8

Chapter 1 Before you start 10

What you don't feel can hurt you 12

Act now! 13

Yes, you can 14

What to watch for 17

Chapter 2 Ready, set go 18

Finding your inner motivation 21

Your starting points 23

Are you ready? 24

The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid 26

Quick reference guide to Lose It! 27

Chapter 3 Add 5 Habits 28

Eat a healthy breakfast - as the first of three daily meals 30

Eat vegetables and fruits - at least 3 or 4 servings daily 32

Eat whole grains - whole-grain bread, others 34

Eat healthy fats - olive oil and vegetable oils, nuts 36

Move! - Exercise for 30 minutes or more every day 38

Chapter 4 Break 5 Habits 40

No TV while eating - and no more TV time than exercise time 42

No sugar - only what's naturally found in fruit 44

No snacks - except vegetables and fruits 46

Moderate meat and low-fat dairy - the size of a deck of cards 48

No eating at restaurants - unless the meal fits the program 50

Chapter 5 Adopt 5 Bonus Habits 52

Keep food records - write down everything you eat 54

Keep activity records - type of activity, duration and intensity 56

Move more! - Exercise for 60 minutes or more every day 58

Eat 'real food' - mostly fresh, and healthy frozen or canned 60

Write your daily goals - what motivates you every day 62

Chapter 6 What have you learned? 64

Analyzing your results 66

What worked and what didn't? 69

Part 2 Live It! 70

Chapter 7 Preparing to Live It! 72

Setting your weight-loss goal 74

Selecting your daily calorie goal 76

Determining your daily servings 77

Quick guide to serving sizes 81

Chapter 8 Eating to the pyramid 82

If you're hungry, eat 87

Chapter 9 No food scales or calculators needed 88

Breakfast - Practicing portion control 90

Lunch - Taking apart a sandwich 92

Dinner - Unscrambling food jumbles 94

Snacks - Recognizing the best options 97

Chapter 10 Burning calories 98

Start where you are 101

Adding activities to your day 104

Chapter 11 A quick review … and a look ahead 106

Reviewing the steps 108

Your ultimate goal 109

Part 3 All the Extra Stuff 110

Chapter 12 Finding your healthy weight 112

What's your BMI? 115

Is your health at risk? 117

Why am I overweight? 118

Chapter 13 Understanding nutrients, energy and calories 120

Dietary sources of energy 122

Your energy account 126

Chapter 14 Diabetes and the pyramid 130

Carbohydrates 132

Protein and Dairy 136

Fats 137

Vegetables and Fruits 138

Sweets 141

Chapter 15 How to change behaviors 144

Preparing for change 146

Put the brakes on stress 148

Chapter 16 So I slipped up - what do 1 do? 154

Breaking behavior chains 157

How to stay motivated 161

Adjusting your attitude 162

Chapter 17 Making meals easy 168

Quick & healthy menu ideas 173

Adapting recipes 176

Sample menus 177

Chapter 18 Sticking to the diet when eating out 178

Maneuvering the menu 179

Your guide to healthy ethnic cuisine 182

Chapter 19 Burning even more calories 184

Aerobics 186

Strength training 188

Calories burned in 1 hour 191

Action Guide to weight-loss barriers 192-221

Pyramid servings at a glance 222-249

Recipes for weight loss 250-261

Bonus section - Menu guide 262-277

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