The Meaning of Love: New Insights

The Meaning of Love: New Insights

by Alexander Evans Jr


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The Meaning of Love: New Insights by Alexander Evans Jr

This book is compiled of short versus that expresses the Majesty of love. It's power. It's enormous influence on the human race since the beginning of time. These verses are short, yet powerful and very meaningful, each one carries a very special method that can be applied, the love that the world needs.

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ISBN-13: 9781477243879
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/20/2012
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.19(d)

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The Meaning of Love

New Insights


Copyright © 2012 Alexander Evans Jr.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-4387-9

Chapter One

Love Quotes

Love has nothing to do with "I" or "you". Love is about we or us.

Love ensures that we not only becomes good but remain good people.

Love's perfect because It is untouched by man kind but within all mankind.

Love understands the challenges the heart encounters doing your lifetime.

Love composes the theme of millions of movies. But much of its acting.

Love brings all human beings to live to their highest potential on Earth.

Love understands the great wisdom within us all as children of God.

Love brings to us the highest human conditions that permits peace on earth.

Love, achieves wisdom; It's the very foundation all of human knowledge.

Love, increases your brain power and reasoning; with no insecurity.

Love requires your attention, communication, and sharing yourself.

Love maintains itself and grows by itself for sake of creation.

Love achieves a almost mystical sense, and can take many other forms.

Love will operate apart from the mind, when wild passions awaken.

Love demonstrates the depth and breadth, of God's love for us the human race.

Love appreciates and is grateful, but lust is not aware of such.

Love will cause divine justice to be tempered with mercy and goodness.

Love demonstrates clearly that justice, and love, are the keys that open Doors.

Love eliminates hate, with goodness beyond man's true understanding.

Love demonstrates grace. It pursues truth, justice and peace around the world.

Love enlightens us. It effectively triumphs over ignorance.

Love cooperated then God said, "Let us make man in our own likeness.

Love, emphasizes our commonalities, a bridge across the gap.

Love emphasizes having joy as often as you possibly can.

Love improves attitude, relationships, and the wide perception of life.

Love integrates but hatred disintegrates it. Love gives power strength.

Love absolutely everything else profits you nothing, after death.

Love repairs broken hearts, elevates souls, restores and heals hurtful places.

Love cooperates with God's work to lift humankind out of its wet mud.

Love separates you and allows, you to live as a whole complete being

Love intensifies the natural joys of life, when we love each other.

Love goes a very long way when you reflect on its spiritual scope.

Love can help us know what everlasting life is right now and right here.

Love finds a way so it can change your darkest days into your brightest.

Love with logic does provides world and self-knowledge for daily living.

Love for yourself is the key that develops your own great spiritual strength.

Love gives people the ability to love the unlovable.

Love enlightens the consciousness with divine insights and truth.

Love assures that fear departs and faith endures as hurts renew themselves.

Love's needs are no different than yours, except it's not obvious.

Love emphasizes strong feelings deep attachment to life's emotions.

Love enlightens the consciousness gives divine insights and truth.

Love broadens visions and perspectives and opens doors of great wisdom

Love looks for certain qualities in human beings like devotion to God.

Love demonstrates grace It pursues truth, and justice, across all cultures.

Love will broaden your focus and your horizons of truth and justice.

Love detects all the pitfalls and finds a safe place for you to take rest.

Love adds a deeper dimension to living life found within yourself.

Love alerts us to the grim facts of evil men goodness tells its truth.

Love adapts to the changes within relationships based on goodness and truth.

Love accomplishes what it set out to do; it creates more people.

Love is the supreme answer for all mankind which waits for peace on earth.

Love wants to be your life; it wants to rescue you from a living hell.

Love forces you to open up and realize that truth itself means life.

Love begins with the noticing the lovable within all people.

Love understands the mysteries of life. Where we come from and go too.

Loves opens its self exposes its self, places its self deep in the heart's life.

Love touches us all no matter who they are where they are, He loves you.

Love defends all and believes all, hopes all, bears all; He's never exhausted.

Love confirms His own fundamental conscientiousness in all human beings.

Love achieves a real result that overturns logic place time and all thought.

Love gives all a chance to catch a glimpse of sacred wisdom in God's mind.

Love knows nothing of the ego. Its expression starts within the heart.

Love understands all the mysteries, whereof we came and whereto we go!

Love gives us some of the greatest insights into God own heart.

Love requires you to explore deeper stages of life from within your heart.

Love ultimately comes from forgiveness, the path to peace and to truth.

Love will reveal the transforming power of truth as compassion.

When God is present within that's when you'll find that love will never end.

Love requires effort love never dies, but only gets greater with time.

Love, requires change and helps many people to grow in righteousness.

Love wants to share with you the mysteries and wonders of all creation.

Real love becomes more complex, intellectual, imaginative.

Love and justice a theology for truth and moral revival.

Love wants only the reunion to itself, that is found within you.

Love accomplishes feats far more wonderful than all the stars you see.

Love feels the same way as you feel and others feel— love feels like God feels.

Love eliminates the distance between God and His people on earth.

Love wants to share with you the mysteries and great wonders of all great creation.

Love is the life of all mankind, it gives itself to you forever.

Love as if the act itself will never end, make love feel forever.

Love maintains itself grows within you with every beat within your heart.

Love has nothing to do with what you expect but what's expected of you.

Love keeps you from being full of yourself keeps you humble. so you know yourself.

Love requires us to explore the inner part of our own minds for truth.

Love activates your intrinsic powers, which are otherwise dormant.

Love keeps on loving when hate is everywhere as evil hides from light.

Love requires acts of goodness toward others as well as yourself.

Love creates an environment in which you can cherish your life.

Love captures the heart in a second and then holds on for forever.

Love brings the depth of passion wisdom which is essential to life.

Love satisfies the senses and spiritual needs of lovers and much more.

Love enlightens our knowledge of ourselves so we experience life's joys.

Love gives you the strength to endure the ultimate journey living life.

Love crosses the shores of death itself when you are remembered by friends.

Love wants to be born again within you making you its own temple.

Love looks for people upon whom it can shower itself forever.

Love ultimately brings us beyond pain and sorrow to happiness.

Love ensures that we not only become sinless but become perfect.

Love accomplishes God's purposes in our world. to show the whole truth.

Love brings the depth, passion and wisdom that changes the whole world.

Love a power which works within us constantly perfecting each one.

Love explains the great miracle of children, as a sign of God's love.

Love "Hurts", when couples talk less and care less about each other's feelings.

Love defends us it makes every effort to keep you from evil things.

Love fades when lies are told and accepted as truth by most good people.

Love looks for the day when all mankind seeks peace and togetherness.

Love God supremely and serve Him within your own heart for a lifetime.

Love wants to be your friend it wants to save you from living in hell on earth.

Love and justice as a theology will lead to peace in all mankind.

Love knows itself and it knows you, mankind, and God it knows of all things.

Love achieves the deed of turning silence into emotional thought.

Love reveals itself as the matchless level of all understanding.

Love alerts us to one another. We are not just lonely scattered souls.

Love wants you to know this, you are pre-approved and qualified for life.

Love defends you and makes every effort to keep you out of danger.

Love clarifies your vision of complexities makes this life simple.

Love gives you the full freedom to confess, that you were wrong and sorry.

Love requires that all be cared for and none go without essentials.

Love the greatest of all blessings to mankind from mankind's creator

Love requires you to practice justice—with love and truth, in return peace!

Love achieves the real results that sometimes overturn logic and the truth.

Love looks for common ground so it flourishes and grow from deep within.

You can't be loved if you don't love yourself first. First you then others.

Love satisfies the most important of all needs: the need to love others.

Love "The Salvation" for mankind is completed in one human being.

Love yourself and as a result you will know your own self's respect.

Love knows how to keep you alive inside outside and beyond the earth.

Love clarifies truth and makes life's complexities a lot like child-play.

Love broadens and it deepens in such a way life becomes a movie.

Love articulates what's in the heart without fear of saying it.

Love comes in countless forms it's expressed in dance, song, speech, touch and right now!

Love authorizes you to voice that which is in your own deepest truths.

Love will not defend itself. You are to defend its right to exist.

Love activates the unseen bonds between you, God and all of mankind.

Love created you and provided you its life wonder and beauty.

The object of love to show you the truth within your very own heart.

The strength of love Is to bring integrity and truth to mankind.

Love accomplishes amazing things when good things are done for others.

Love is the supreme answer for all the problems of mankind for good.

Love created me it loves me, and passes through me into others.

Love confirms God's own fundamental conscientiousness living within all.

Love forever will endure, Faith will be eternal within you always.

Love keeps us going It's the fuel to the sacred fire that's in mankind.

Love ensures us that we will never be alone while loving others.

Love gives you space to be yourself in the light of others around you.

Love establishes a sense of unity through words understanding all.

Love authorizes people to consider what can be done different.

Love activates the unseen bond between you God and the human race.

Loves meditations are sadness, pain, humor joy and happiness.

Love means to be the playground for love ones to >>>>>> express their feeling.

Love, requires change that facilitate others to grow in righteousness.

Love forces you to open up and realize that the truth is better.

Love requires your perception, emotions, words thoughtfulness to work.

Love proves the existence of God is true, and you know it's about your heart!

Love gives you some of the greatest insights into heaven and of hell.

Love wants to break down the boundaries that are set that to divide us.

Love gives all people liberty which makes people free and equal beings.

Love gives all a sense of unity with all of human creation.

Love gives you the strength to demand justice for all and stand strong against evil.

Love real truths are often found in the hearts of those impoverish.

Love looks for people upon whom it can shower grace and joy for life.

Love will never grow old; love will never die. Love will always stay truth.

Love starts with you noticing the lovable in others like you.

Love begins with an effort to making what is wrong to what is right.

Love begins with a recognition of God's love in all human being.

Love thinks of mankind as free self-determined souls with choices and chances.

Love accomplishes amazing things that keeps all earth people alive.

Love awakes from within it whispers to your heart and then changes your mind.

Love enlightens and elevates consciousness with great divine insight.

Love forgives all things it does not repose in your forgiveness.

If you don't understand love You don't understand any thing about living.

Love runs deeper than romantic fascination and physical gifts.

Love touches everyone no matter who they are, or what they are in life.

Love wants to be loved as you want to be loved you get the best thought.

Love is what sustains you through all of the hard and the difficult times.

Love looks for people who want to succeed over come lies in this world.

Love broadens each day. You can't go wrong with it. Your heart will thank you.

Love broadens your own vision for others' perspective and your peace of mind.

Love can be found all around us. One profound truth after each new moment.

Love confirms your own basic responsibility a good human being.

Love creates justice and righteousness so people can become intelligence.

Love gives us a chance to catch a glimpse of sacred wisdom in God's mind.

Love sees clearly and accepts your faults and doesn't hold it against you.

Love created and provided you the means to your own redemption.

Love yourself and you are bound to hear someone say one day I love you.

Love can conclude arguments and end all contradictions.

Love requires as its groundwork the cultivation of truth with in you.

Love will never die it wipes a away your tears refreshes your soul.

Love composes the key elements, that makes a life solid understanding.

Love the salvation for a lost world is possible not Impossible.

Love wants to be your your God and live within you now and forever.

Love wants pure justice in the world, so that none are better than another.

Love causes us to see people not as "others" but as a family.

Love a corrective force that brings all people true understanding.

Love comes to you as ordinary truth; you can find comfort in it.

Love keeps the whole world from going mad prevents hate war and destruction.

Love the emotion that is based what on the hearts feels and comprehends.

Love achieves your own journey in life, awakening you to your present.

Love assures us that divine empathy extends not only to earth.

Love revitalizes you and helps your relationship to thrive with the truth.

Love eliminates deception and distrust and restores you're the truth.

Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness of your own self.

Love satisfies in a way that erotic love can never create.

Love demonstrates grace. It pursues truth, and justice, across all cultures.

Love emphasize strong feelings deep attachment, and a commitment.

Love achieves a kind of transcendence for all of those who loving God.

Love reveals what women need to know about the male ego and his ways.

Love establishes a communion with people through their relationships.

Love appears complex ambiguous to the those most educated.

Love understands the art of transforming the human beings into spirits.

Love understands that no relationship succeeds without forgiveness.

Love gives wings to the heart steps to the words that move you to action.

Love isn't about changing people it's about excepting the changes.

The deepest love is expressed without words but felt within your heart.

Love must be as free as an eagle's wing hovering over the lands and sea.

Love enlightens minds and gives wisdom like, That of Moses, Christ, and Buddha.

Love keeps you going It's the fuel to a sacred fire within you.

Love ensures that you will continue to exist on this earth after death.

Love is for One God One Heaven, One Earth and one people living on earth.

Love activates The Unseen bonds between you and your own Creator.

Love articulates its preferences in the hearts of all man kind.

Love articulates the words that come from your mouth found within the heart.

Love empowers you to say what's in your own heart without fear or.

Love ultimately lives for forgiveness, which is the path to freedom.

Love: the greatest of all blessings that God has given to His People.

Love articulate, the profound emotions found in all human beings.

Love-The incurable condition that ought to be taught in your new schools.

Love, it's your choice— Not a feeling or emotion but your decision.

Love is visible it's in everything you feel touch, Taste, hear, and see.

Love defines who we are and gives each of us its own identity.

Love activates the many emotional levels from in our own heart.

Love activates an intrinsic power, which are otherwise your own.

Love activates the inner heart within and makes it creation.

Love operates under its own principle not only Romantic.

Love establishes a trust and unity with as understanding.

Love can achieve a quieting place in yourself a deeper partner.


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