The Mechanism Demands a Mysticism: An Exploration of Spirit, Matter and Physics

The Mechanism Demands a Mysticism: An Exploration of Spirit, Matter and Physics

by Thomas G. Brophy


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ISBN-13: 9780595177950
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/28/2001
Pages: 380
Sales rank: 897,785
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.85(d)

Table of Contents

About the Coverviii
A Dialogueix
A Note On Terminologyx
Holographic Paradigm?xiii
A Note On Historyxv
A Note On Transformation, and an Exercisexvi
Part IBoundaries of the Known1
1.Scientists--A Priesthood in Crisis3
The Present Crisis of Science4
Crises of Being11
2.Transcendent Experience15
The Role of Transcendent Experience15
Examples of Transcendent Experience18
Transcendent Experience in Psychology and Psychiatry23
Effect of Rejecting Transcendent Experience27
3.The Views of the Founders31
The Founders Became Hylozoists32
Einstein's "Mistake"42
4.The Present Concensus45
"There Are No Phenomena...That There is Deep Mystery About"45
Paradigmatic Inertia54
Ode to Giordano Bruno55
Part IIThe Fact of Matter57
5.Matter in Motion59
Newton's Apple63
Some Asides About Tides63
Newton's Laws, Maxwell's Demons, and Boltzmann's Demise65
Simple Electricity and Magnetism Begets Light and Relativity71
Sneaking Up On the Nature of Atoms76
6.The Stochastic Universe77
A Theory Of Everything?78
Failures of Classical Physics80
The Ultraviolet Catastrophe81
Those Troublesome Atoms86
Wave-Particle Paradox?89
"Uncertainty" or Complementarity?91
Einstein Loses in Brussels93
The Hylostochastic Paradigm94
Back to the Breeze95
Proof of Nonlocality97
Beyond the Breeze99
7.The Butterfly Effect103
The Paradigmatic Crisis104
Back to Matter for Now105
The Sensitive Universe106
A Need to Know109
Nonlinear Weather Is Unpredictable109
The Butterfly Effect113
Strange Attractors114
Fractal Nature116
Deterministic Chaos118
A Mathematician on Mathematicians119
"Complexity Theory"120
Paradigms Completed, and Lacking124
Part IIIThe Effect of Spirit127
8.The Creative Universe129
Layers of Reality130
Spirit and Matter131
The Hylozoic Paradigm--Planckian Butterflies132
Prana, Lifetrons, and Subtle Realms133
Different Religions and the Hylozoic Paradigm136
The Dreaded Dualism140
Proofs Of Materialism Are Still Wrong142
Planckian Butterflies In Action145
9.Life in the Valleys149
An Earthquake Triggers an Inner Quake150
Predicting the Next Great Tokyo Earthquake?154
Sensitive Earthquakes: A Link to Planckian Butterflies?158
The Weather163
The "Clockwork" Motions of the Planets166
"Just Because We Can't Predict Tornadoes Doesn't Mean the World Isn't Round."169
Just Turn Off the Terminals and See What Happens171
Nature Spirits173
10.Consciousness Not Explained175
Some Facts about the Brain175
Cognitive Models--Open or Closed?176
Computer Fear179
Dennett's Wrong Axiom182
Evidence for Larger Models184
A Note on the Mechanism189
The Decision190
11.The Lives of Planets197
Formation of Earth200
The Collapse202
The Turbulence204
The Solar Nebula Thought Experiment205
The Lives210
The Seventh Makham of Andalusian Sufism215
Part IVFreedom from the Known219
12.From Superstition to Intuition221
East and West223
Barriers to Intuition227
Democracy of the Transcendent228
The Dark Side229
A Responsibility to Investigate235
13.Intelligence--Allowing Spirit into Matter237
Horses' Teeth238
A Kogi Message from the Past240
The Ageless Wisdom248
A Plausible Avatar254
A Sublime Dream266
Two Different Masters270
Hylozoic What?272
14.Frauds, Fools, Magicians, Messiahs, and Us275
Time Travel As Example276
Spiritual Abduction?278
Plant Behavior?286
Debunking Debunkers292
Example: A Rumor of Fraud294
Anti Antinomian Authorities (The Inflationary Guru Problem)298
De-Glamourized Teachers, Intuition, and Four Signs of Ego Inflation305
15.Freedom from the Known--Science as Partner311
Experimental Certainty?313
Mystical Physiology314
An Historical "Pack of Tricks," Benignly321
Experimental Tests Exist But Are Not Accepted324
Waking Up329
Hylozoic Astronomy331
"New Science" Is Reconnection with the Ageless Wisdom333

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