The Medieval Longsword: A Training Manual

The Medieval Longsword: A Training Manual

by Guy Windsor

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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Ever wonder how good you'd be with a sword?

This book is for you.

Do you love movie sword fights?

Learn how real sword fights work.

Are you into stage combat?

Add depth with historically accurate technique.

You're a bad uncle looking for a present for your niece?

Get her this book, though her parents might hate you.

Or do you just like swords?

If you've ever wanted to turn your sword dreams into reality, then this book is for you.

Anyone can learn the medieval Art of the longsword. This book will give you a thorough grounding in the techniques and tactics from the 600-year-old manuscript Il Fior di Battaglia, and includes free access to additional resources such as videos and full-sized images, to help you translate the movements from page to real life. Sure, it's a 600-year old manuscript, but you know what? People who studied this manuscript lived. Why not stick with something that works?

The Medieval Longsword covers everything you need to know from tools of the trade, to footwork, strikes and defences, to how to exploit your adversary's mistakes, and how to disarm your opponent. This complete and approachable guide to the Art of Arms provides a gateway to a world-wide community of likeminded people also practicing this historical martial art.

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a competent fencer, this book by author and internationally renowned swordsman Guy Windsor will guide you towards mastery of this ancient Art.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789526819327
Publisher: Swordschool Ltd
Publication date: 07/07/2014
Series: Mastering the Art of Arms , #2
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 244
Sales rank: 429,203
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Dr. Guy Windsor is a world-renowned instructor and a pioneering researcher of medieval and renaissance martial arts. He has been teaching the Art of Arms full-time since founding The School of European Swordsmanship in Helsinki, Finland, in 2001. His day job is finding and analysing historical swordsmanship treatises, figuring out the systems they represent, creating a syllabus from the treatises for his students to train with, and teaching the system to his students all over the world. Guy is the author of numerous classic books about the art of swordsmanship and has consulted on swordfighting game design and stage combat. He developed the card game, Audatia, based on Fiore dei Liberi's Art of Arms, his primary field of study. In 2018 Edinburgh University awarded him a PhD by Research Publications for his work recreating historical combat systems. When not studying medieval and renaissance swordsmanship Guy can be found in his shed woodworking or spending time with his family.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to the Mastering the Art of Arms Collection vii
  • Foreword by Christian Cameron xi
  • Introduction 1
  • Chapter One
  • Tools of the Trade 23
  • Chapter Two
  • General Principles 32
  • Chapter Three
  • Footwork: Stepping and Turning 52
  • Chapter Four
  • One Strike, One Defence 73
  • Chapter Five
  • More Strikes, More Defences 96
  • Chapter Six
  • More Strikes, and More Guards 116
  • Chapter Seven
  • Counter Remedies, Their Counters, and Improving the Guards 129
  • Chapter Eight
  • Counters to the Break, The Sword in One Hand and Exploiting Mistakes 143
  • Chapter Nine
  • Binds, Malice and Deceit 159
  • Chapter Ten
  • Preparing for Freeplay 181
  • Chapter Eleven
  • Freeplay! 191
  • Chapter Twelve
  • A Final Summary: The System by Numbers 202
  • Appendix A - Warming Up 205
  • Appendix B - Glossary 212
  • Acknowledgements 215
  • Indiegogo Campaign Contributors 217
  • Bibliography 223

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