The Medusa Legacy Box Set

The Medusa Legacy Box Set

by Linda Temple

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Ever wonder what happened to the gods of ancient Greece? The ones left behind on earth when Zeus, having forsaken humanity, sealed the doors to Olympus?

Where did they go? What did they do?

What if there was but one hope. A prophecy. That someday, someone of such raw undiluted power would come and restore glory to the stranded and exiled immortals.

What if that time was now?

* * *
The complete trilogy, 3 fast-paced fantasy thrillers, digitally bundled in this box set.

When Mandy Burkhardt, a clerk at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago, blacks out and lives chapters right out of an ancient Greek mythology book, she chalks it up to vivid dreams. But soon her denial is shattered, forcing her to face the reality of her strange and perilous journeys to a barbaric time of witches and gods, gorgons and oracles, where escalating violence threatens to crush her. As the episodes continue, Mandy pairs up with new friend and college student, Ryan Taylor, to find out what's happening to her and why. In the process, they become the object of a cult's attention, intrigued by her special gift. Caged, trussed, shackled, and hunted, Mandy must come to terms with her past and fight for her future in a bloody battle to the finish with even more at stake than she knows.

Without the spell of asylum, Mandy Burkhardt would never have taken her first breath. But now, stuck in ancient Greece, Mandy and Ryan must find the witch responsible and have the spell reversed before they’re trapped there forever. Their journey is fraught with peril; their mettle tested against cunning and vicious foes of the time. With lineage as commanding as Zeus and Medusa, great things are expected of Mandy, though she has yet to learn whether she's gifted in any way – immortal, or even a god. Back in Chicago, hungry for her power, the present-day immortals are waiting. The prophecy that they'll regain their strength and rule the dominion of mankind is at the forefront of their minds. Gathering in droves, they prepare for the harvest -- her raw undiluted power, so tantalizingly close. As the immortals unleash havoc on the city of Chicago, Detective Dino Marconi struggles to maintain order while learning his own hopes and dreams are at odds with the fate of mankind.

Forced to run, Mandy Burkhardt and Ryan Taylor escape protective custody from a defunct prison deep in the backwoods of Illinois. In a disturbing turn of tides, Mandy must now evade the very people who had recently fought for her rescue. The daughter of Zeus and Medusa, Mandy has untold powers, only a fraction of which she's discovered. But somehow they're being blocked. Unsure of who to trust, and needing her full-strength to rescue Dino Marconi -- captured in the attack on their transport convoy -- Mandy sets off to find the reclusive witch known as Madame. In the shadows, the immortals bide their time, anxious to live out the prophecy of regaining their divine strength and ruling the dominion of mankind. But if there's one thing the earthbound immortals want more than to rule the world, it's Olympus. And Mandy is the key.

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Publisher: PSC Inc.
Publication date: 03/01/2017
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