The Mental Game of Poker 2: Proven Strategies For Improving Poker Skill, Increasing Mental Endurance, and Playing In The Zone Consistently

The Mental Game of Poker 2: Proven Strategies For Improving Poker Skill, Increasing Mental Endurance, and Playing In The Zone Consistently

The Mental Game of Poker 2: Proven Strategies For Improving Poker Skill, Increasing Mental Endurance, and Playing In The Zone Consistently

The Mental Game of Poker 2: Proven Strategies For Improving Poker Skill, Increasing Mental Endurance, and Playing In The Zone Consistently


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Imagine the edge you would have if you could consistently play poker in the zone. In the zone you make all the right decisions, instinctively when to bluff, and are unfazed by a losing hand. You’re locked in and feel unbeatable.

It’s shocking how many poker players stumble into this elusive state of mind. As quickly as that euphoric feeling of invincibility arrives, it's gone. And no matter how hard they try, they can’t get back there. Until now.

In The Mental Game of Poker 2, author and renowned poker mental game coach Jared Tendler breaks down the zone and delivers actionable steps to help players get there consistently. He demystifies the zone, and for the first time, brings logic and order to this previously misunderstood concept. This book provides proven strategies to:

• Play poker longer and across more online tables.

• Improve decision making.

• Learn faster.

• Eliminate C-game mistakes.

• Increase focus and discipline.

The Mental Game of Poker 2 expands on the psychological strategies and theories from Tendler's groundbreaking book, The Mental Game of Poker, which cracked the code on managing tilt and has helped thousands of players eliminate mental leaks from their games. Like the first book, The Mental Game of Poker 2 is a must have resource for every poker player who is serious about improving.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780983959755
Publisher: Jared Tendler, LLC
Publication date: 11/20/2015
Pages: 206
Sales rank: 453,201
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Jared Tendler, MS, LMHC, is the leading expert in the mental game of poker without being a player himself. He coaches over 450 poker players hailing from 40 countries, including several of the top players in the world. His clients include November Niner Jorryt Van Hoof and Max Steinberg, EPT Champion Ben Wilinofsky, and WSOP bracelet winners Justin Oliver, Kristen Bricknell, and Jordan Morgan. He is also the author of two best-selling books, The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2 and the host of the popular podcast "The Mental Game" which as more than 4 million downloads.

Jared earned a master's degree in Counseling Psychology and attained a license as a mental health counselor prior to becoming a mental game coach in 2005. With over nine years of experience coaching people from around the world and in multiple arenas, his straightforward and logic approach has been proven to help people solve their mental game problems and perform at their highest levels. Proving that he practices what he preaches, Jared qualified for the prestigious 2013 US Mid-amateur golf Championship shooting 2-under par 70.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 1

My Background 3

Performance Myths 4

Overview 5

How To Use This Book 6

2 The Zone 9

Deconstructing the Zone 10

Energy 11

Learning 16

The Data Stream 22

Sidebar: You Cannot Access All Data 23

Client's Story: Danny Steinberg 24

Consistently Getting into the Zone 26

Zone Profile 26

Zone Routine 29

Zone Warm-up 31

Zone Cool-down 34

Routine Adjustments 36

Getting Back into the Zone 38

Step 1 Recognition 39

Client's Story: Darren Kramer 41

Step 2 Steady Your Mind 44

Step 3 Inject Logic, Goals, or Inspiration 44

Step 4 Strategic Reminder 46

Step 5 Repeat When Necessary 46

When These Steps Don't Work Right Away 46

Problems Reaching or Maintaining the Zone 47

Mental Game Issues 47

Fatigue 50

Wide Range 50

Bloated Brain 51

Thoughts of the Past and Future 52

Hyper-awareness 54

Lack of Challenge 55

Change in Table Dynamics 55

3 Learning 57

Deconstructing Learning 58

Stages of Learning 58

Transfer of Skill 64

Backfilling Knowledge 66

Repetition 67

Barry's Jake: Deliberate Practice 70

Feedback 72

Sidebar: Additional Feedback 74

Rest 75

Sidebar: Fantasy of the Fresh Start 76

Learning to Learn 77

Define How You Learn 77

Barry's Take: Fixed and Growth Mindsets 79

Improve Your C-game 80

Barry's Take: How I Fixed a Leak 84

Solve Your Learning Errors 87

Client's Story: Matts Quiding 90

Make Continual Progress 91

Sidebar: learn By Teaching 97

4 Decision Making 101

Intuition 103

Instinct 105

Thinking 105

Training Decision Making 109

Sidebar: Panning For Gold 112

Errors in Decision Making 113

5 Focus 119

Improving Focus 120

Distractibility 123

Boredom 126

Barry's Take: Online Arrogance 127

Burnout 128

Client's Story: Roy "GodlikeRoy" Bhasin 130

6 Goals 133

Results and Process Goals 134

Potential 135

Expectations 136

Conflicting Goals 138

The Starting Line 139

Why You Want It 140

Barry's Take: What Drives You? 141

Planning for Obstacles 143

Examples of Well-Structured Goals 144

Tips for Setting and Achieving Goals 147

7 Self-Discipline 151

Taking Responsibility 154

Following Rules 155

Willpower 157

Work Ethic 159

Time Management 160

Client's Story: Darren Kramer 162

8 Grinding 165

Automation 166

Increasing Mental Endurance 167

Rest and Recovery 169

Extreme Grinding 171

Conclusion 173

Do the Work 173

Recommended Reading 175

Appendix I 177

Key Concepts from TMGP 177

Appendix II 181

Profiles 181

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