The Mental Science of Success

The Mental Science of Success


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Some people seem to have the Midas touch or charmed life, everything they do results in success. Others are held back by an unseen force, moving from one thing to the next never really making it big. What is the difference between these two people?

In this book, you will learn:
• Why some people succeed and others fail while doing exactly the same thing.
• Why pretending to be successful doesn't work.
• What causes mental road blocks and how to turn them into highways.
• Why success seems to seek out some people and avoid others.
• How to gain the Midas touch and charmed life.
What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

Philip's failure program limited his success to making only $12.75 an hour as a highly trained specialist. It almost cost him his marriage and everything he valued in life. He came to realize the core problem and miracle solution which unlocked his limitless potential and allowed him to leap from one amazing success to another, experiencing the charmed life and the Midas touch.
Philip and Rebecca have help hundreds of people to change their lives, double or triple their income without gaining additional skills or education, find or create the relationships they are seeking and overcome the mental blocks and limited thinking that holds them back and unlock their creative genius.

Regardless of your level of success, your biggest obstacle is you. This book is the manual for understanding, programming and unlocking your glorious future.

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