The Message From The Two-Edged Sword

The Message From The Two-Edged Sword

by Betty Markley Potenza


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As if the great need of the time were a reinterpretation of the Book of Revelation, author Betty Potenza here offers the reader just such an essay. She is right in her basic contention that the last book of the Bible has not been sufficiently appreciated.

Writing in a readable, lucid, commentary style, the author examines the Revelation of Saint John dispassionately. One must try to understand the meaning of the Holy Scripture not just in terms of recent scholarly commentaries on the subject, but also in terms of one’s own intuitive feelings. The result of this understanding on the author’s part is a new approach to perhaps the most difficult book in the Bible.

Betty Potenza starts her elucidation of the Book of Revelation with an emphasis on the “seven letters to the seven churches” wherewith the spread of Christianity from Palestine began its fated journey throughout the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea (and then some). Latter-day readers are sure to wonder why the author concentrates so much attention on the most mystical book of the New Testament. But after reading Betty Potenza’s discussion of Christ’s Second Coming, together with the detailed analysis she presents of the Revelation’s symbolic meanings, there will be less resistance to the viewpoint she espouses.

The argument of The Message from the Two-Edged Sword is rounded out with explanations and illustrations that have their own role in conveying the author’s idea of Christ’s all encompassing importance.

Betty Markley Potenza is a Lutheran and a self-confessed former “lukewarm Christian” who at one point was suddenly enraptured by the Bible – and since then has been deeply concerned with Christianity. She was born in Decatur, Illinois, where she graduated from high school. Her hobbies are gardening, painting, and decorating.

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