The Methuselah Ministry

The Methuselah Ministry

by Johnny D Richard


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A common, cynical saying holds that most Christians are like Methuselah, since all he ever did was live and die. But is this really the case? Both his name and long life suggest a man of God of great character who served the Lord quietly and faithfully.

Many Christians are indeed like Methuselah. Their testimony of life, their wisdom, and their strong service glorifies God. In return, they ask for nothing-no recognition, no fame, no reward this side of glory. They work tirelessly in this corrupted world, obedient to the Lord and dedicated to pleasing him.

These are the Christians who, as 2 Corinthians 6:9 says, are unknown although they are well-known-unknown in the body of Christ, but well-known by the Lord. Ordained minister and served as a deacon Brother Johnny calls those who practice such quiet devotion the "Methuselah Ministry" in recognition of their willingness to work without praise or recompense.

You may be part of the Methuselah Ministry and not even know it-along with countless others. Members of this ministry do much more than live and die: like Methuselah, they live and die in service to the Lord.

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About the Author

Brother Johnny is an ordained minister and served as a deacon, a church trustee, a Sunday school teacher, and a one-time choir member in addition to the many other roles he's played within the church.

Brother Johnny was voted most likely to succeed in high school and always remembers his school motto of vincit qui se vincit: he conquers who conquers himself. As a servant of Christ, he realized that true victory was not the impossible task of conquering his natural self, but walking in the victory of one who conquered all by the sacrifice of his life.

To Brother Johnny, the greatest award is to be of service to all, especially to those of the household of faith. His personal favorite recognition, however, came in the form of a Greatest Dad Award presented by one of his children in 2000.

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