The Military Wife: A Heart of a Hero Novel

The Military Wife: A Heart of a Hero Novel

by Laura Trentham


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A young widow embraces a second chance at life when she reconnects with those who understand the sacrifices made by American soldiers and their families in award-winning author Laura Trentham’s The Military Wife.

Harper Lee Wilcox has been marking time in her hometown of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina since her husband, Noah Wilcox’s death, nearly five years earlier. With her son Ben turning five and living at home with her mother, Harper fights a growing restlessness, worried that moving on means leaving the memory of her husband behind.

Her best friend, Allison Teague, is dealing with struggles of her own. Her husband, a former SEAL that served with Noah, was injured while deployed and has come home physically healed but fighting PTSD. With three children underfoot and unable to help her husband, Allison is at her wit’s end.

In an effort to reenergize her own life, Harper sees an opportunity to help not only Allison but a network of other military wives eager to support her idea of starting a string of coffee houses close to military bases around the country.

In her pursuit of her dream, Harper crosses paths with Bennett Caldwell, Noah’s best friend and SEAL brother. A man who has a promise to keep, entangling their lives in ways neither of them can foresee. As her business grows so does an unexpected relationship with Bennett. Can Harper let go of her grief and build a future with Bennett even as the man they both loved haunts their pasts?

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ISBN-13: 9781250145536
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 132,375
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

LAURA TRENTHAM is an award-winning author of contemporary and historical romance. Then He Kissed Me, a Cottonbloom novel, was named as one of Amazon’s best romances of 2016. She is a member of RWA, and has been a finalist multiple times in the Golden Heart competition. A chemical engineer by training and a lover of books by nature, she lives in South Carolina.

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The Military Wife: A Heart of a Hero Novel 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 42 reviews.
Madm007 9 months ago
The sequence of events in this read are emotionally gritty! I devoured this. I honestly did not read the blurb until I was finished and I think that is too vanilla for everything this journey makes you feel! Covering quite an expanse of time, current day and flipping back to when Harper Lee first met Noah irritated me (just a tad) at first, but it explained so much as I continued to read, and transitions became so easy, my mind fell into whatever scenario was happening. I had to keep reading. The storytelling will have you firing all emotions within seconds of each other it seems. The humor of Harper's emails/letters, then knowing that they are what kept the guys going at the very worst of times. Her and Bennett's conversations had me chuckling or crying. The 2ndary characters just added more to the story. Jack London Bennet's rescue Newfie, Harper's Mom who was super strong and funny too, Allison and Darren who had their own very real problems, and Harper's son Ben who was her savior when she needed one, well that just made it all the more realistic. A standalone with an HEA. I received an ARC from the author thru Netgalley and am giving my honest opinion.
MJHughes12 9 months ago
4.5 Stars This book was so much more than just a romance, more of a life story wrapped around a love story. It touched on topics that are current and real, acknowledging that life can be far from perfect…but there is always hope and maybe even a second chance at both life and love. Laura Trentham did a wonderful job bringing the characters to life on the pages. There was such a realness to each of them and this really allowed me to feel all the emotions in this book right along with each of the characters. The use of flashbacks really worked in this story – it was like getting two love stories for the price of one – and, for me, made it so much easier to relate to Harper and understand her actions and decisions. And even though Harper and Bennett didn’t have a straight path to their HEA, they kept the angst and drama to a fairly low level and acted like the adults they were supposed to be. There was a lot to love in this story. Harper’s son Ben and her mother were wonderfully written and I loved what a character her mother was. Watching Harper’s friend Allison struggling with her husband’s PTSD was heartbreaking but seeing her pick up the pieces and begin to put her family back together left me with a feeling of hope. I also loved how Harper’s business idea came together and the opportunities that it is sure to bring – including what I hope are additional stories about the lives of some of the women who were introduced in this book. This was a book that had lots of feels and was filled with emotion and deserves a spot on anyone’s reading shelf!
DebDiem 9 months ago
I've enjoyed all of the books I've read by Laura Trentham. The Military Wife, I totally love! Ms. Trentham has given readers a phenomenal book loaded with a stellar cast of characters. Harper is a young mother and widow, living with her mother. Her husband was killed in the war. Bennett was injured at the same time and left the military after losing his best friend, Harper's husband Noah. Harper and Bennett's story is loaded with drama, humor, sexy bits and the horrors of PTSD. The Military Wife is book 1 of the A Heart of a Hero Series but can be read as a standalone. I can't wait to read the next book! This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
ehaney578 11 days ago
If you are Veteran in crisis or know someone who is, call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, Text 838255 or visit to chat online with someone 24/7. There is hope. Laura Trentham pens an amazing novel of service, sacrifice and of heart. THE MILITARY WIFE showcases the struggles military wives, families and their soldiers face every single day. When the deployments are over and the men and women serving come home, many are often still fighting battles of PTSD, depression, guilt and many other issues. We call these brave men and women our heroes and they absolutely are, but the real heroism is the daily fight to maintain their mental health for their families, their country and, more importantly, for themselves. Ms. Trentham’s characters are painstakingly and lovingly crafted. Her portrayal of life as a Navy SEAL is interesting and engaging. The amount of emotion and depth crammed into the plot is so gut-wrenching and so raw you can’t help but be drawn into it. I grieved, cried, laughed, prayed and celebrated right alongside Harper, Allison and the rest of the characters. I love how the story flashes from present to past, so we can get a full account of what came to be and what has always been. Absolutely beautiful! I am emotionally wrecked, and I’m not surprised. Ms. Trentham’s writing style is unique and her ability to connect with readers on an emotional and spiritual level is without equal. And the best part, this is the FIRST book in a new series! Ms. Trentham knocked this one out of the park! Thank you to all the men and women who serve in our military as well as all those who’ve come before. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. **I voluntarily read a copy of the book via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and feelings are my own**
Anonymous 4 months ago
twhitehead 6 months ago
Harper lost her husband, Noah, while he was serving overseas in the military. It has been five years and Harper is just going through the motions yet be there for their son, Ben. Harper's best friend, Allison, is dealing with issues on her own. Allison's husband is suffering from PTSD since he returned from overseas. While visiting Allison, Harper attends a military wives meeting and realizes that these women has something in common. Although they are there supporting their husbands, no one is helping to support them in their aspirations. Harper gets an idea and the plan is put into motion. Harper never knew what actually happened to her husband, as with SEAL jobs, very classified. While working on her plan to help the military wives, she crosses paths with Bennett, a former SEAL teammate of her husbands and her son's namesake. While Harper wants to know what actually happened to her husband, Bennett is not telling but there is another secret that Bennett is not telling and it has to do with Harper. As a 21-year Navy veteran and also a military wife, I loved this book. The characters were awesome and the story well-written. Cannot wait to read more of Ms. Trentham's books.
EileenAW 6 months ago
Harper and Bennett’s love story in The Military Wife by Laura Trentham was a wonderful and emotional story rich in family, relationships, heartbreak, second chances at love and taking risks. This story is told in alternating voices between Harper, her now deceased husband Noah, as well as their present and past lives. This amazing story explores the life of being a military wife; leaving home and following their husband’s assignments. In addition, these women are often unable to find work in which they are qualified as employers fear losing their workers having to move because of a new assignment and relocation. Harper Lee Wilcox has been living in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina with her mother and five-year old son, Ben, since the death of her SEAL husband, Noah. She is restless, not using her degree and worried that if she moves it will mean leaving behind the memory of her husband. Her best friend Allison is dealing with her own struggles; her husband, a former SEAL who served with Noah, was injured while deployed, has come home physically healed but fighting PTSD and refusing to seek help. With three children underfoot and unable to help her husband, Allison is at her wit's end. Needing to reenergize her own life, Harper sees an opportunity to help not only Allison but also other military wives by starting a string of coffee houses close to military bases around the country. As Harper sets into motion this dream of hers, she crosses paths with Bennett Caldwell, Noah's best friend and SEAL brother. Bennett has a promise to keep, taking care of Harper for Noah. Doing this entangled their lives in ways neither of them thought was possible. As her business grows, so does a relationship with Bennett. The love that develops between two allows them a chance for happiness and a family without forgetting Noah, who brought them together. Ms. Trentham wrote a wonderful and emotional story that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, fun twitter posts and endearing characters giving Harper and Bennett a chance at having happiness, love and a future together. I highly recommend The Military Wife to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
MLH438 8 months ago
The Military Wife, the first book Laura Trentham's Heart of a Hero series is an intense, thought-provoking, emotional story about second chances in life and love that revolves around military families. Harper Lee Wilcox is a military widow whose Navy Seal husband, Noah, died during a mission. Harper had given up a promising career to follow Noah into military life and is now a single mother, raising her five-year-old son and living with her mother. Her life has been on hold since her husband died, and she's ready to start a new chapter of her life. Bennett Caldwell was a Navy Seal and comrade-in-arms with Harper's husband. A former foster kid, the Navy became his life. He met Noah during Seal training, and a brotherly bond was formed When Noah learned he was going to be a father, he had made Bennett promise to look after Harper and the baby if anything happened to him. When Bennett tries to fulfill his promise by giving Harper money under the guise of a "bravery award", everything comes full circle. Harper bulldozes into Bennett's life, and they give each other the impetus to move forward with a healing relationship and work together to change their lives and the lives of other military families. Trentham has introduced a wonderful cast of characters to start this series and also skillfully explores the issue of PTSD in military members who return home after tours of duty overseas. I definitely look forward to reading more books in the series. I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
beckymmoe 8 months ago
Ohmygoodness--THIS BOOK. There was ugly crying involved in the last third or so, but it was totally worth it! I absolutely loved Harper and Bennett's story. THIS is the widow's second chance story that I have been waiting for! I loved that neither Harper nor Ms. Trentham felt the need to lessen Harper's first relationship in order for her to move on and find a new one five years later. The author did a wonderful job of showing Harper's mindset--how she was both attracted to Bennett and afraid to move on. Bennett's relationship with her husband and the promise he made to him (literally on his death bed) added just the right amount of complication to give us an absolutely delicious story without slipping over the border into melodrama. The side story--the difficulties that Harper's friend Allison is having with her husband--is a heartbreaking one that is dealt with honestly and with realism and sensitivity. (Some of the ugly crying was for Allison and her husband.) Ms. Trentham definitely did her research for this one, giving readers a realistic look at a very real problem while giving us hope for the characters' future. When is the next book in this series coming out? Sign me up! In the meantime, how have I never read anything from Laura Trentham before? Must. Fix. ASAP. Excuse me while I go add everything she's ever written to my TBR... Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
JChris 8 months ago
I have previously read a couple romance books by Laura Trentham. This is a different genre in my opinion. This book was more "Women's Fiction" to me. The story did have a romance in it, but that was not the main focus of the plot. The plot focused on SEAL personnel. One character is still in the Navy (Darren), one has returned to civilian life (Bennett) and one was killed in action (Noah). Harper Lee (named with meaning by her librarian mother) , was married to Noah for a short time and was pregnant when he died. She struggled to come back to the living, but knew she had to, for her son. Harper is very close friends with Darren's wife, Allison, who helped Harper deal with Noah's death. Darren is home but not dealing with the memories of his last mission very well. While Harper is still trying to make peace with Noah's death and contacts Bennett for answers, she sets in motion a path to healing for her, Bennett and Darren. She also has a plan for military wives to use their skills to help each other and keep busy while their partners are on duty. The romance part of the book was very touching. Noah and Bennett were great friends in training and in action as SEAL members Bennett was drawn to Harper through Noah reading her letters to him. When Harper went to Bennett for answers, all the feelings were brought to the surface. Reading about their romance was an emotional journey. While the book has many plots going on, they are all interconnected and it flows smoothly. The story is revealed in "past" and "present" chapters and that always puts me on edge a little bit. I feel as the characters do, in not knowing the complete past, as they do not. I want to thank and the publisher St. Martin’s Griffin for giving me the pleasure of reading the ARC. I am giving my honest opinion, in hopes other readers will pick up this book and enjoy it also.
Virginiaw 8 months ago
This was such a wonderful book that has do do with a military wife and her friends and how they handle many of the problems that occur when their husbands die or come back injured. It is sad to see what many of these people go through. I received a copy of this book from St. Martin’s Press for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
paulalala09 8 months ago
The Military Wife has entered the small domain of my To Be Reread Many Times books. It is a small list of books that have touched me down deep and that call to me to read them. There is so much to love about The Military Wife: characters that resonate emotions and deep seated fears, a plot that is real and relatable (regardless of the military aspect), struggles that anyone can either relate to or empathize with, and excellent writing that draws the reader in completely and holds them throughout the entire book. To summarize, Harper Lee Wilcox was left widowed and pregnant when her SEAL husband was killed on deployment. She has managed to raise a wonderful five year old boy, maintain a lackluster job and come out of her grief. She does not recognize that her life is lacking until she connects with her military wife friend, Allison, and they hatch a plan to help other military wives. A chance mention by Allison, moves Harper to contact Bennett Caldwell, the SEAL teammate that was with Harper’s husband when he died. They begin to develop feelings for each other but the shadowy presence of her husband flits back and forth between them. Reading about the determination of both Harper and Bennett and their respective hesitations is stirring and unforgettable.
JennieF 9 months ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation received from NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press. The Military Wife: Heart of a Hero written by Laura Trentham is a second chance romance written from the heart of the military. Harper Wilcox is a young widow raising her young son after the death of her military husband Noah, and now after 5 years, still living with her mother she is restless and afraid to move forward because she might be leaving the memories of Noah behind...but when her best friend and fellow military wife Allison struggles with her own husband’s PTSD, Harper decides to help them both find their way back to each other and maybe find a way to help other wives who have some of the same issues with their returning husbands from war. While in pursuit of her dreams and helping others she runs into Bennett Caldwell, her deceased husband’s best friend and teammate. Bennett made a promise to Noah to watch over Harper and their son but his growing attraction to Harper feels like a betrayal to his best friend. Can these two move beyond the past and built a future together or will the past be ever present and keep the, from finding a HEA??
Honolulubelle 9 months ago
Favorite Quotes: “He’s been gone five years, sweetheart, and you haven’t gone on so much as a date.” “That’s not true. I went to lunch with Whit a few weeks ago.” “He was trying to sell you life insurance. Doesn’t count.” He got out a pot and pulled down three cans. She moved close enough to see two were chili and one was dog food. She hoped she rated the chili. Without thinking beyond the moment, she scooched closer and put her arm around him from behind. It was like hugging a gargoyle, and she half-expected him to shove her arm away as if comfort were a communicable disease. Unable to unstick her gaze from him, she nodded, aware of him in ways that made parts of her tingle. Or was that the beginnings of frostbite? His smile was like the sighting of a rare bird, and it filled her with the same kind of wonder. And, in my mom’s eyes, you are officially the favorite of all my boyfriends. Although it’s not like the competition was steep. Not being a public nose picker put you in the lead. I love bargaining. My husband says I can talk the devil down on buying a soul. Time to push, Harper dear, but softly. We don’t want baby to squirt out and shoot across the room. My Review: This cleverly written book plumbed all the feels and insightfully covered several important and vexing societal issues with grace and finesse while bringing honor and recognition to some of the stressors bedeviling families that sacrifice to serve their country. The storylines were active and cleverly nuanced, highly relevant, emotive, evocative, and beautifully written with agility and artistry while well balanced with levity and witty quips. Ms. Trentham is a recent discovery for me with her delightfully appealing Cottonbloom series, and I have repeatedly noticed her special ninja-like talent for creating unique and complex characters who are unfailingly endearing yet extremely complicated, deeply flawed, and impossible not to love. Bennett and Harper included.
BookSnuggle 9 months ago
The Military Wife by Laura Trentham. This was an emotional read that took the reader into the lives of military families. The character’s emotions felt so real. It was a little distracting for me with the story going back and forth between the present and the past but I did enjoy their heartwarming and emotional story with wonderful characters. It is amazing the selfless sacrifices military families give. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
MalkaShayna 9 months ago
I received a free, ARC of this book from This is my unbiased and voluntary review. The author explores not only the mind set and sacrifices of our men and women in uniform when they are deployed and of their spouses and families at home but also what happens when they come with physical and mental injuries. The skillfully penned book is written with compassion about the reality of the lives of those who chose to risk their lives to protect us at home. Harper Lee Frazier and Noah Wilcox meet the summer before Harper started at the University of North Carolina. He was about to begin BUD/S training for the Navy SEALs. What might have been a short summer romance, turned into four years of correspondence and eventually marriage. During BUD/S, Noah had become best friends with the older and taciturn Bennett Caldwell. After marriage, moving onto base, Harper became friends with Allison, the wife of Noah and Bennett's officer, Darren. Harper became unsettled living on the base, not using the skills that she had earn at university, and feared having a baby, but found out she was pregnant shortly after Noah deployed. However, Noah never got to see his son, as he was killed on a mission, but before he died had Bennett promise he would be godfather to his child and take care of both of them. However, Bennett had grown up in the foster care system, did not know how to do anything but make up a bogus post humous cash award to provide financial aid for Harper and her son Ben, named after Bennett. Eventually, Harper finds out from Allison that the award is bogus, and tracks him down for the truth of what happened to Noah. By masterfully developing the characters, the author captures the struggles that Harper, Bennett, Allison, Darren, their children and the other military wives live through. Wounded Warriors is mentioned several times in the book and there are many Wounded Warrior charities out there. Check Charity Navigator before you donate to any, as there are some that spend less then they should on actually programs for our veterans.
LynnB888 9 months ago
Emotionally enchanting! With a delve into a different type of story line than her norm, Laura Trentham brings us a realistic look into the lives of a group of military wives and how they learn to pick up the pieces of life after deployments, moves, injuries and even death. The plot was thick with emotions and the characters were interesting. I was not fond of the back and forth in time span, and I felt like there were a few plot holes, but overall an enjoyable read. Harper Lee Wilcox has just been scooting by with life since her husband Noah's death five years ago. She returned home to Kitty Hawk, NC to be close to her Mom as she gave birth to the son her husband always wanted and never got to see. She's finally coming out of the cocoon she surrounded herself with in order to survive, and she's noticing things around her again. Here best friend Allison Teague is fighting her own demons. With three young children, and a husband who returned from war more emotionally wounded than ever before, she's not sure how long she can walk on the eggshells her house has become. Something's got to give, and she hopes it will be her husbands resistance to admitting the PTSD is out of control this time and he needs to get help. With the reawakening of her realism that things happened that she never got answers about, Harper seeks out Noah's best friend Bennett Caldwell. Bennett was with Noah at the end and made promises he's never forgotten, but in admitting the things that are awakening inside him, he'll be coming close to betraying the best friend he ever had's trust. Can he step up and fill the shoes of the man he'll never forget?
Bibliophile_Chloe 9 months ago
This is a new to me author. I am so glad I got the opportunity to read and review this story. I was a military wife for 18 years.  My husband, a combat veteran, retired after 22 years. This story resonated with me on so many levels. It's a story of sisterhood, military wives banding together. This is a story of love lost and love found. This is the story of Harper, Noah and Bennett. Harper Lee has been through the worst thing to ever happen to a military wife.  Becoming a widow. She finds strength to continue from her son and mom.  She is a good friend and a fantastic mom.  She had a healthy, normal, not easy marriage to Noah and it's described honestly and truthfully. Bennett was a soldier. He has experienced the worst that could happen to a soldier. It has left scars and demons and promises that were made but never fully fulfilled. The flow of the story is fantastic. The fluctuations between present and past were smooth and easy to follow. The relationship between Harper and Bennett was moving and real. This story made me laugh, made me cry and made me reminisce about my time as military wife. Even if you have no experience in the military, read this story. It will give you a view of the world of military families and service members. Well done, I cannot wait to see what you write next!
Robindpdx 9 months ago
This was a sweet, well-written book. Harper's been raising her son, now turning five, alone since his father, a Navy SEAL, passed away five years ago. Feeling restless and wanting to help other military wives, she comes up with an idea to open a string of coffee houses near military bases. She crosses paths with Bennett, her husband's best friend and also a former Navy SEAL. The present and their common past is entwined and they both have to find a way to move forward. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading other books by this author.
LawladyCase 9 months ago
A love story that deals with PTSD in a caring and compassionate way. Harper Lee Wilcox does not feel her life has any meaning since her husband, Noah, was killed. Her son who was born after his father’s death is the love of her life. Still, something is missing. As she gives friends support, she comes up against the full force of Bennett Caldwell. Conflicting emotions war between the two as they perform a dance with the ghost of Noah leading. Laura Trentham has written a book for both romance readers and military fans. She manages to convey some of the effects of war on our military without being preachy or dry. She shows the effect of atrocities in a caring and supportive manner. Kudos to her honoring of veterans. The story itself catches you in the first chapter and draws you into a love story that will make you cry, as well as belly laugh. I have always liked Ms. Tretham as an author. This book confirms that she is an one to keep on your to be read list. I received an ARC from St. Martin Press through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.
tiggeruoSO 9 months ago
What an amazing read. This book I would say is a little different, the author writes both the present and the pass, you don't have to guess the author labels each chapter. I loved how you get the current story and the back story but its broken up. This book was super emotional, super powerful and very healing. I loved how each character was super strong, but also had a brokenness to them that made them feel very read. I loved how each character was very much connectable. I loved the role the kids played they added a huge fun element to a very serious book. I loved everything about this book. I will say there is some strong language and some very much adult topics in this book. I can't wait to read more from this series and see what other plans to author has for these character. This book was hard to put down and I seemed to fly through it, because it was just that good. You can't go wrong with this amazing read. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley. I was under no obligation to post a review and have given my honest opinion
Fredreeca2001 9 months ago
Harper is struggling to over come the death of her husband, a Navy Seal. She really has no idea where her life is headed. She is afraid to move forward in fear she will leave her husband behind. Then she touches base with her friend Allison. Allison is dealing with 3 kids and a husband which is suffering from PTSD. Harper heads to the rescue only to realize she is the one being rescued.
 Harper understands Allison's predicament better than most. Being the widow of a Navy Seal, she knows spouses of the Military servers have their own set of problems. Harper recognizes a need and she is bound and determined to fix it. Enter Bennett! Wow! He is one perfect hot shot! He and Allison really struggle in the beginning of their relationship. Bennett was a best friend with her husband, so there is a little bit of guilt undermining their relationship. But when these two decide to throw caution to the wind....oooolala!
 What a perfect palate cleanser! I enjoyed so many aspects of this novel, Especially, my all time favorite character...Allison's mother. She cracked me up. NAKED PAINTING. You must read this story to find out.
I adore a book which has a serious side and is interwoven with a not so serious side. Just makes it all work!
 I received this novel from St. Martin's Press for a honest review.
Alisha24C 9 months ago
The Military Wife by Laura Trentham is the First in the Series of A Heart of a Hero. This was an exceptional read that is an emotional journey about life, loss, love, healing, forgiveness, friendship, and courage. I was caught up in the story as soon as I started reading and couldn't let go until the very end. I highly recommend the book to anyone that has or hasn't read anything by Laura Trentham before.
MaBiche 9 months ago
As a military wife myself (my husband served in the US Air Force for 25 years before retiring), I felt a strong connection with this book. I identified right away with Harper, with her adorable little boy, friendship with Allison, childbirth experience, and frustration with the lack of job opportunities for military spouses no matter how qualified we are. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a military wife to be able to relate with this novel. Far from it. Laura Trentham expertly interspersed the present and the past in this heartwarming second-chance-at-love story. Romance readers will love Harper’s sass, determination, compassion, strengths, and vulnerabilities. They will swoon at Bennett’s sexily gruff exterior matched by a generous and soft heart. They will definitely adore Ben and Jack London and smile whenever Gail Frazier enters the scene. Harper’s love stories with both Noah and Bennett are equally special. All these are the happy parts. The angsty part is provided by Allison and her husband Darren who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is a difficult subject to tackle and I think Laura handled it incredibly well. I am so glad this is a romance with a guaranteed happily-ever-after because for a few scenes there I had wondered if there’s going to be a tragedy or two. I was relieved and satisfied with the resolution. Splendid writing, relatable characters, relevant story lines, balance of humor and drama. These are the reasons why I’m highly recommending The Military Wife.
AudSJ 9 months ago
"The Military Wife" by Laura Trentham A busy contemporary romance with happy times, and, heart wrenching sadness. Read the publishers blurb, then if you want a read that you will not want to put down even if you are scrambling for a tissue.. grab your copy of this book and get reading. Can you tell I loved this story? I was lucky enough to read an ARC of this story the publisher shared with me via NetGalley.