The Millionaire's Deception

The Millionaire's Deception

by Wendy Byrne

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ISBN-13: 9781633752016
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/23/2015
Series: Men of the Zodiac , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 175,617
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Wendy worked in the field of social work for twelve years before deciding to concentrate more on her writing. With several books already published and several more in the works, most days you can find her pounding away at her laptop spinning tales and inflicting mayhem on her hero and heroine until they beg for mercy.

She loves to write contemporary romance or romantic suspense all infused with a touch of
humor and, of course, the happily ever after.

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The Millionaire's Deception

A Men of the Zodiac Novel

By Wendy Byrne, Robin Haseltine, Alethea Spiridon Hopson

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Wendy Byrne
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-201-6


He walked into Crossroads Café looking like sex and sin with a chaser of trouble. Chiseled cheeks covered with stubble, a black T-shirt tucked into worn jeans hung low on his hips, a weathered leather jacket tossed over his shoulder: he looked like he'd ridden something, or someone, hard over the last few days.

Frankie peeked out the window and spotted the Harley parked in front and couldn't decide if she was disappointed or intrigued. A steamy hunk of bad boy was not what she needed in her life right now. But it looked as if she didn't have much choice when he ambled inside and gave her a panty-melting smile.

"What would you like?" She noticed the long dark lashes first, but tried not to look at his eyes because she knew she'd find a mischievous sparkle that said you want some of this, dontcha?

"Some coffee would be great." He gave her another one of those smiles. "And maybe a menu."

Duh. Of course he came into a café to eat. A handsome face and she leaked brain cells. She plunked a menu in front of him and contemplated scooting away to avoid the deadly vortex of maleness.

But before she could make her getaway, he touched her hand. "Unless you want to give me a recommendation."

"Well ..." Again with the soulful looks. Geez, would the guy knock it off. "I hope you like Italian, because that's our specialty. Anything from frittata to lasagna to sausage and peppers."

"Italian, huh? I wouldn't have figured that with the name Crossroads Café." When he shrugged, his shoulders moved in a way that every muscle was visible. Yowza, she needed a fan to keep the pheromones from exploding around her. He examined the menu for a few seconds. "A mushroom frittata with home style potatoes."

"Anything else?"

"Unless you want to sit down and chat." He gave her one of those heated looks that squirmed through her until she wanted to beg for mercy.

And she almost slid into the seat next to him. Bad. Bad. Ms. Francesca. Not getting laid in a while was clearly affecting her rational mind.

It didn't hurt that he was the only guy under sixty who'd walked through that door in a long time. The town of Wilcox needed a serious gentrification if it hoped to fight the takeover from those slimeballs at Probst. Which reminded her, she had a stack full of protest signs waiting to be assembled in the back. Volunteers were coming in around four, and it was already a little after three.

But it appeared Mr. I-Dare-You-to-Resist-Me had other ideas to occupy her time until then. Of course, that might very well be her imagination on overdrive.

She hovered outside the booth, ready to do the smart thing and bolt. Instead, she decided to play with fire and engage him in conversation. "What brings you to Wilcox?" Could she get any lamer? Apparently not, since it's what her shriveled-up brain came up with for conversation. At least she didn't slide into the booth next to him and ask him his astrological sign.

"Road trip. Thought I'd take the bike out and see a bit of the country."

Dead silence filled the air.

Say something, you dolt. She was Italian. Born in Italy, in fact. Engaging in conversation was something she excelled at. She opted to take the intelligent way out of the situation. "I'll get going on that frittata." Phew. At least she had an excuse to hole up in the kitchen and collect her thoughts.

Get a hold of yourself. Men like him weren't attracted to women like her.

Francesca Antonia Ritacco was the lanky, frizzy-haired, braces-wearing geek who always smelled like spaghetti sauce. In fact, rather than call her Frankie like her parents did, the boys in high school called her Titi to remind her of what she didn't have. Luckily in the intervening ten-plus years, she'd lost the braces, learned how to tame her thick, curly hair, filled out—more in some areas than others. She glanced at her chest and sighed. Life goes on, as her mother would say.

She cracked open a few eggs, whipped them to the right consistency, threw in some spices and tossed them into the pan with the simmering mushrooms and onion, and topped it off with some Parmesan cheese. Then she let the custard start to gel before inserting the cast-iron pan into the oven to brown the top. She threw some cut-up potatoes into a pan and allowed them to cook to crispiness before she made her way back to his booth, steaming plate in hand.

His dark hair fell slightly onto his forehead while he texted as she delivered his order. Being a server since she was old enough to carry a plate, she'd learned to be unobtrusive, and slid the food on the table before turning to make her escape.

When he grasped her arm and looked at her with his sultry brown eyes, she nearly jumped out of her skin. Being this skittish wasn't her normal reaction, but today had been different from the minute he'd walked in the door.

"Is it always this empty here?"

She glanced at the clock. "I'm not expecting anyone until about three thirty or so."

He held out his hand. "Rafe."

Reluctantly, she grasped his hand. She didn't get to finish her side of the introduction before Dustin walked inside.

"Hey, Titi. How's it shaking?"

"Your name is Titi?" Rafe looked between her and Dustin and raised his eyebrows.

A shiver wormed its way through her as his gaze zeroed in on her breasts. "Nickname from long ago." She turned her frustration toward Dustin. "What do you want?"

"Is that any way to greet a former fiancé?" He gave her a smooch on the cheek and winked. "Besides, I came to help."

She rolled her eyes. Now she was really in trouble. Dustin loved to butt his nose into her business. And with a strange man paying attention to her it was like an open invitation. "Back room. Everything is set up by the desk."

"Yes, ma'am." He saluted and strolled toward the kitchen.

"I assume the engagement ended badly?" Rafe's eyebrow quirked and an easy grin spread across his face.

This guy was trouble with a capital T. She could feel it, see it, smell it as it wafted around him like the lure of fresh bread coming out of the oven—eating one slice turned into six, and before she knew it she'd be three pounds heavier, but wouldn't regret one minute of the indulgence.

She frowned. "You might say that. We were incompatible. He thought getting married meant he could still keep a girlfriend or two on the side." The whole Dustin fiasco had been a blessing in disguise. "I wasn't exactly seeing it that way."

He laughed. "Looks to me like you dodged a bullet."

"My mama didn't think so. She thought every nice Italian girl should be married before she was thirty, and preferably a virgin." She couldn't help but chuckle. "She was hoping for some grandbabies before she died."

"Your mom's dead?" His gaze narrowed as he scrutinized her, a hint of pity in his eyes.

"She and my dad died in a car accident over two years ago." She gulped down the perpetual lump in her throat as she walked away.

Why was she telling her life story to a perfect stranger? Would someone please enlighten her, or hit her over the head with something, or perhaps superglue her lips? Anything to help this incessant rambling brought about by one sizzling-hot male.

* * *

Rafe examined the interior of the small café. Not what he expected at all. The terracotta floor and the fresco painting on the walls, paired with the red plaid curtains on the windows, brought the feeling of Italy to small-town Iowa. From the dining area, the kitchen area was visible through a well-designed archway. Despite the drab exterior, the interior was warm and welcoming.

From what he could gather after a superficial observation, it appeared to be the local hangout. According to his intel, the average resident was close to retirement age, which worked well for the job he had to do for Probst. People of that age wanted to move south and live the good life. Most of the younger folks in town left years ago when the plant closed its doors. Fortunately for him, that fit into his moneymaking scheme perfectly. Starting with the Frankie Ritacco guy who owned this place. From what he'd learned, if Frankie caved, the rest of the town would fall right in line.

They didn't call Rafe "the Closer" for nothing. He got paid for getting the job done, and gobbling up this town and its picturesque setting along the Mississippi was part of the plan. A cool six million was his take for getting Frankie to accept the offer.

Which suited him perfectly. It added to the war chest he'd accumulated over the ten years since he'd graduated from college.

Not knowing where his next meal was coming from, or when, while growing up had been the great motivator behind his success, as well as that of his twin brother's. Being looked on with either pity or disdain had led him to take charge as an adult. Now that he could control his own destiny, he intended it to be exactly how he wanted it to be. Although he and his brother were estranged, he'd kept tabs on Luke's professional progress. After completing a stint in the Special Forces, Luke had made his mark in the forensic accounting field.

With a healthy bank account, a New York loft, and all the finer things in life, Rafe had set his sights on accumulating as much money as he could. As far as he was concerned, the more money, the better. He needed a cushion so large that it ensured that no matter what happened, he wouldn't have to worry about money ever again.

And closing high-level deals like this was what he was meant to do. He couldn't imagine doing anything else.

The guys Probst sent before him didn't know how to read this situation. They waltzed into town in their Brooks Brothers suits and ties, flashing money and hoping to seal the deal. Instead, they got run out of town by a guy named Frankie wielding a shotgun.


He, on the other hand, knew the secret to getting things to fall his way. In order to discover the Achilles' heel that would force the town to break his way, he had to gather his own intel. The only way to do that was to observe them in their natural environment like a hunter stalking prey.

And the smoking-hot waitress by the nickname of Titi, with legs that seemed to go on forever, wasn't a bad way to start his observation. He wished she weren't wearing a pair of Levi's so he could see those legs in the flesh. And man, that long dark curly hair of hers practically made him salivate.

"How was the frittata?" the woman in question asked while she looked at him with the most amazing brown eyes. Between her eyes and the incredible mass of hair, he wasn't sure which was sexier.

He forced himself not to focus on the fact that Titi filled out her red T-shirt withcrossroads cafe emblazoned across her chest quite nicely. "If that Parmesan cheese you put in there were any fresher, I'd swear I was in Italy." He glanced around as another group marched through the door. "I'd ask you to sit down but it looks like you have your hands full."

"Carl will be in shortly to take over kitchen duties." She smiled and her eyes seemed to twinkle. "He and my pops used to compete as to who was the best cook."

"Who won?"

"My pops, of course. No one could make lasagna like he did."

He felt a little bad when she got misty-eyed and drew in a shaky breath. She clearly loved her parents and, based on the tremble of her lips, missed them as well. Still, he had to wonder why she'd stuck around this rinky-dink town after they died. Getting back with her ex-fiancé didn't seem to be high on her list of priorities. So what was the draw for her?

Clearly, she'd worked at this place for a while. And since Frankie was the owner, Rafe couldn't help but wonder how much influence Titi might have over the guy. He also had to consider the possibility she was involved with Frankie. That might explain why she'd stick around a town that was destined for change.

Why did the idea that she and Frankie were intimately involved make Rafe grind his teeth? He dismissed the errant thought and concentrated on the task at hand — culling for information.

"How long have you worked here?" Getting some insight could only make this whole thing a slam dunk in quick order. And it would be a nice win-win for him if he got to spend a little quality time with Titi. Maybe invite her back to his hotel room and let nature take its course.

"I think forever." She ran her fingers through her hair and settled into the bench seat across from him.

"Ever think about doing anything else?" Keep her talking—that was his agenda right now. The more intel he got, the better and quicker he could get the hell out of this Podunk town and head back to his comfort zone in Manhattan. He might very well go insane if he had to stay here more than twenty-four hours.

"Yes and no. Went to college, but working here is in my blood."

"You Italian?"

She bit off a sexy laugh. "Born there. Francesca Antonia Ritacco. Frankie for short."

Oh holy hell ... wait a damn minute. The implausibility of it hung in the air. This was the gun-toting monster who'd fended off and terrorized anyone Probst sent her way? He couldn't get that lucky, could he? Hells yeah, of course he could. He barely resisted doing a fist-pump to celebrate his good fortune. Schmoozing her into submission wouldn't be a hardship at all.

Thinking about X-rated activities with the person he needed to persuade would only help his cause. Seduction would be the way to play this. She was attracted to him. He was attracted to her. What would be the harm of letting his libido take charge and get the deal done?

His smile broke free. This would work in record time. Rafe was the Closer, after all. And he was even better at this particular game.

Could this job get any easier? Sweet-talking beautiful women, until they pretty much did anything he wanted them to, was another one of his specialties. Can you say, piece. Of. Cake?


"Since I'll be hanging around the area for a day or two, what's there to do?" Rafe asked with his panty-melting smile firmly in space.

Frankie barely resisted the urge to fan herself.

Was he flirting with her? Was he going to ask her out? "You do know you're in Iowa, right? If you're into gambling, there's a—"

He stopped her with a hand to her lips. Yowza. There was something about a man's slightly calloused fingers on sensitive parts of the body that was a huge turn-on. Then again, maybe she was thinking about sensitive areas other than her lips.

"I'm not into gambling. Besides, you can pretty much do that anywhere across the country. I was thinking of something unique to do."

His eyes were mesmerizing her. They had to be. Maybe he was some kind of hypnotist, because try as she might, she didn't want to stop looking at him.

"If you like outdoor stuff, which it seems like you might ...?" She flapped her hands in the air like some kind of crazy Italian woman. Yes, the legend was true. Italians spoke with their hands. Tie her hands behind her back, and she probably couldn't utter a sound. Bad to think about tying when in the presence of his hotness. "I mean ... you look like ..." Holy crapola she'd dug herself into a hole. She didn't want him to think she found him attractive. Did she? "Rock climbing." The words spurted out. Finally. For some odd reason it gave her a sense of victory.

"I've done some rock climbing. Sounds like fun."

"There's a place near Monticello called Indian Bluffs. It's not far from here. It's a little more private than many of the other places around." Finally she'd reestablished her talking rhythm.

"Do you want to come with me?" Was it her imagination or did his voice become more gravelly?

She opened and closed her mouth several times before the words tumbled out. "I have a restaurant to run."

"You give yourself time off, don't you?"

She drew in a breath. If she wanted to stave off the takeover of Wilcox, she needed to be strategic, and she needed to be at the top of her game. Getting drawn into a fling with a knock-your-socks-off handsome stranger wasn't going to help in that regard. "Not possible." The words that spurted from her mouth were not the ones circling her brain. That was so not a good idea. But a gal needed a little fun while the big bad Probst wolf was knocking at her door, didn't she?


Excerpted from The Millionaire's Deception by Wendy Byrne, Robin Haseltine, Alethea Spiridon Hopson. Copyright © 2015 Wendy Byrne. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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The Millionaire's Deception (Entangled Indulgence) 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
artfullee More than 1 year ago
A great blend of romance, angst and humor. This is the first book I have read by Wendy Byrne and it won't be the last. I really enjoyed this story. It kept me entertained throughout, eliciting a array of emotions from me as I became more enmeshed in Frankie and Rafe's story. I loved Frankie's character, her bold determination in the face of corporate greed and an enormous amount of pressure to sell her family restaurant, was admirable. She was a campaigner for the underdog, defiantly standing up for her small town and their right to remain untouched by the bright lights of progress. She was also a caregiver, always the first one to look after the disadvantaged, the ones down on their luck, making sure that everyone in the town had a meal at night, often to her own financial detriment. She never gave up although Rafe ended up testing her resolve at times, remaining optimistic where others would have crumbled. Rafe was the cold-hearted businessman, only in it for himself, never letting emotion get in his way of doing his job. He was called The Closer, the one who could talk anyone around in to selling to the developers he did contract work for. Because of his family background, he was single minded, never wanting to fall victim to the emotion of love and how that, in his eyes, could only end in disaster and heartache. Little did he know that underneath that icy facade, his heart would soon start to melt once he met the elusive Frankie. He wasn't prepared for the assault on his senses and fought becoming emotionally involved every step of the way. Poor Rafe, he could have saved himself such a lot of heartache had he not been so misguided by his past. We are privvy to Rafe's plan is from the beginning, and are under no illusion as to what his intentions are regarding befriending Frankie. He was intending to use her in which ever way he could to get her to sell to the developer and my heart ached for Frankie, knowing what was to come when the truth came out and how it would devastate her. Rafe really tested my ability to forgive but the way I was able to be in his head helped me see, even though I didn't agree with them, why he made the decisions he did, twisted and hurtful though they were. His icy heart was melting and he was thrown for a loop trying to figure out how to deal with that. Their burgeoning relationship was intense and passionate, sexy and intimate. I really could feel the connection these two had and could recognise the conflict within Rafe and when his feelings for Frankie were genuine. I enjoyed their banter back and forth and the dual POV's really added to my overall enjoyment. They had a great sense of humor and suited each other with their matching wit. Frankie surrounded herself with a most entertaining group of townsfolk and I really enjoyed how they injected humor into the story as well as a sense of family who supported Frankie wholeheartedly. The Millionaires Deception was a great read with a great mix of romance, angst and laugh out loud moments, and a great cast of characters. I loved the epilogue but would have loved a further tiny peak into their future, maybe a year down the track would have left me completely satisfied.
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: The Indulgence line at Entanged always has very interesting stories. This little tale from Wendy Byrne took a little bit for me to get into, but by the end I did enjoy it. Rafe and Frankie start out as friends and it slowly develops into more. At first it's all about getting the deal done, but as time goes on it's hard for Rafe to finish the job. He's gotten himself so invested in what he has with Frankie. Unfortunately, the reason why he's there will make all the difference when Frankie finds out. Will she be able to forgive him? The Millionaire's Deception was a sweetie of a story. You can really get a sense of their feelings for each other the further you get into the story. I loved all of Frankie's friends--they were awesome! Rafe and Frankie together was a wonderful combination--their friendship and when they were more than friends. My Rating: Very Good
IreneC More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars The Millionaire's Deception was an good read.  I feel my struggled to like/connect with Rafe in the beginning played a part in my overall enjoyment of this book. I really liked Frankie, she was a very warm and lovable character. She loved her community and would do anything for anyone putting her needs & desires to the back burner. This was a well written story with great supporting characters that added to the overall enjoyment. Frankie's elderly ladies had me laughing out loud with some of their antics =)
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
The more I reflect on this book, the more I like it.  As I first started reading it, I really did not like Rafe.  I truly was disgusted by him, his thoughts and actions.  But I also believe that is a sign of a good story/writer, when they can make you feel strongly about a character.  So I did not give up on Rafe.  And his transformation was well worth the wait.  I loved what he said and how he acted towards Frankie.   Frankie, I loved her from start to finish.  She is someone I could be friends with because a lot of her beliefs are the same as mine.  She is a beautiful character who knows what is important in life and she stuck with her virtues.  The chemistry between Frankie and Rafe was instantaneous and hot.  I laughed at Frankie's inner dialogs as Ms. Francesca.  The book club ladies were a hoot.  And I am hoping with the way the epilogue read that we will be getting a little more from the town of Wilcox. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author.
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
This book is a great read. Frankie and Rafe story is money can't buy everything but love is worth it.
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
This book was a mixed bag for me. I really loved Frankie. She was fun and had an amazing personality. The way she related to the "old folk" and "ex-fiances" was so much fun to experience. Frankie is the big backer behind the campaign to keep the town from being bought up by a nasty developer. She's fighting hard, but the developer fights dirty. They send in Rafe. I didn't like Rafe. I really wanted Frankie to kick him in the balls and laugh at him for a good chunk of the story. He shows up in town to try and convince her to sell her business - not realizing the Frankie is a girl and that she also has some amazing legs. Ok - I can see how the name could throw you, but didn't you do just a little research? You oh so awesome skills are flaunted several times and this was a serious oversight. He also continues to try and "do his job" of getting her to sell while falling in love with her and having sex with her. Such a jerk!!! In the end he finds a way back into her good graces - but it seemed a little cheap to me. This book had sooo much going for it outside of Rafe, Even the old lady's book club was hilarious and just the right amount of random humor. I just had such a hard time rooting for Rafe to get the girl. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
books-n-yarn More than 1 year ago
 Quick, steamy read...took a little longer than I expected to get involved but after the beginning, the story moved along easily.  Frankie was easy to love but Rafe was a little more difficult to gauge.  I'm not sure if it was because he was suppose to be such an ass in the beginning but I didn't find myself wanting the two together....
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. It is very well written. All the characters are amazing and the storyline is superb. I think it is a must read for all romance lovers. It is humourous as well. The best kind of book in my opinion. Rafe and Frankie are a cute couple. I liked reading their story. Rafe has a job. He needs to convince Frankie to sell her restaurant. But he did not count on falling for this girl. Frankie knows that she is not Rafe's type but she is flustered by him. She is attracted to him and has no idea how to react to his charms. But when she finds out the real reason why Rafe was there then things might not go so well, for both of them...
Sophie_Valencia More than 1 year ago
[3-1/2 star.] I love small town stories. Because I've grown up and lived in cities my whole life, I find the rural setting charming. Yes, Frankie may be naïve -- stereotypically so at times -- but it was a welcome change of pace to see the world from an innocent point of view. She was a great counterbalance to Rafe's jaded world view. Also, the sense of community was so strong in this story. To be honest, it made me a little envious because city life interactions can be pretty anonymous. I particularly like that inclusion of the old ladies obsessed with reading and reciting Fifty Shades of Gray. Most of the contemporary romance stories that I read are usually only populated by twenty- or thirty-year-olds secondary characters, as if all of the senior citizens have been shipped off to another planet. But this book recognized the wisdom of our elders ... and the hilarity they can sometimes bring into the lives of young people. This was a sweet love story. There are a lot of contemporary romances out there where sex is the driving force of the romance. This story is not like that at all. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy stories where the hero and heroine have sex in every possible location and in every imaginable position. However, for me, a love story that I find more often in real life is one where friendship and an emotional connection lead to a physical relationship. Although the actual timeline in this story probably too short to establish a strong emotional connection, I appreciated that Rafe and Frankie didn't jump each other two seconds after they met. The only criticism that I have would be the "Ms. Francesca" thing. The first time it came up was pretty jarring and I don't think that it was explained until the very end of the book. Honestly, every time it was brought up, I rolled my eyes. It's the female equivalent of a guy naming his penis. Also, for me, it detracted from the story a little because it made Frankie seem a juvenile and crazy. Once I figured out that I could skip the Ms. Francesca references and still understand what was going on, I was able to avoid the eye-roll moments and enjoy the story. Reviewer's Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All errors and omissions are my own. This review is excerpted from my book blog.
BlushingReader More than 1 year ago
3.5 easy to read and enjoy stars! The Millionaire's Deception was my first experience with Wendy Byrne, and if all of her books have such feisty, loyal and witty female leads, then I am sold!  This books tells a great story about what happens when life throws you for a loop and hands you everything you never dared to dream you wanted.   Wendy Byrne took what could be a really dramatic plot and made the reader fall in love with the small town of Wilcox, Iowa and its inhabitants first, then showed us just how good Rafe and Frankie could be for each other.  The Millionaire's Deception was a fun read.  I loved Frankie!  She is a small-town girl, that just wants to feed her town (who are like one large family) and is trying to stay in the black with her restaurant that she grew up in.  Frankie was fun, loving, loyal and witty.  She didn't cower when a big corporation came to town and wanted to buy her out, instead she fights back.  I enjoyed her spunk!  Frankie is the local sweetheart (the whole town loves her) and the really shines through in this story.  Rafe is the newcomer, he strolls into town expecting to seal this deal to get Frankie to take the money and sell in no time flat.  What he didn't expect was Frankie to be so "real", giving him a glimpse of what he never thought he wanted.  Closed off, distant and willing to do anything for a large payout, Rafe gets his world tilted when he meets up with Frankie and the town of Wilcox, Iowa (especially the senior citizens in the book club). I enjoyed this story, it took me a bit to get into the story and really start to feel the connection between Frankie and Rafe, but once I got the feeling that Rafe might be the best person for Frankie the pages kept turning.  The big twist, while predictable (I mean we can all guess what is eventually going to be revealed) really helped Rafe look like a guy that finally wanted more than money and the whole conclusion left a smile on my face. If you are looking for a sweet, slightly spicy romance that will leave you wanting more from these characters (and wanting Italian food) then The Millionaire's Deception is a great book to 1-click.  I am excited to find a new Author to add to my growing list of favorites!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Not a favorite. While the story is cute, I never really felt the connection between the characters and there were too small things mentioned in the story but never really addressed or resolved. Too jumpy for my taste.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
What happens when a woman stands in the way of a 6 million dollar payout? Well Frankie is no ordinary woman as Rafe soon finds out. She's a feisty and determined woman who has rallied her town to fight against a big development company that wants to put her out of business. I liked Frankie's character and her dedication to her friends and her town. I had a harder time connecting with Rafe though - he comes across as a jerk (and is intended to be that at the start, in order for him to have his conversion to nice guy) and it was almost too well done, to the point where it was difficult to like him. When you don't like the hero, it's harder to root for the couple to be together. They did have some steamy scenes together and in the end it was an okay read, Frankie saved the day. A solid 3 stars.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
I am in love. This series is quickly pulling me under it's spell. The two books that I have had the pleasure of reading in the Men of the Zodiac series have me clamoring for more. Book 2: The Millionaire's Deception by Wendy Byrne is my favorite within the series so far. Given this book for an honest review I fell in love with the main characters Rafe and Frankie. Rafe's company wants "Frankie" to sell the restaurant "he" owns to them for property development. Rafe is hired to convince the owner to do so. Convinced this will be an easy task Rafe sets out to do so. The problem starts when he realizes that "Frankie" the man he is sent is to convince turns out to be Francesca the woman who refuses to sell. A battle of will begins--who will win is anybody's guess. Great book.