The Millionaire's Journal

The Millionaire's Journal

by Daniel Given


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I believe all humans are created in divine greatness and along with such magnificent and overwhelming intelligence; the possibilities are infinite. I truly know without a shadow of doubt we as humans can accomplish the impossible our divine makeup is certain; the impressive power of man is his divine intellect which is the establishment of his existence. Without these grand, and omnipotence talents you and I couldn't enjoy the luxuries we are so accustomed to. These gifts of life I speak of are the divine fruits of every day people who had to created, and restructured. The system which we have are something more conductance, from building planes, inventing better defense weaponry for the protecting of our country, new medicines, improving the safety the automobiles which we drive daily to work and back. The inventions of toys for children and adults, what ever thing you have enjoy at one time or another it highly possible a person discover it or invented. People must continue to seek out new discovers and dare to explore the unknown for one to take on such a challenge you and me must invited the Creator into our subconscious mind and only then we can tap into the universe of the Infinite Intelligence. Without the crest for more knowledge and the assistance of the Creator our very own existences would in doubt able become stagnant and all we know now would be yesterday dreams and tomorrow nightmares. In order for you to obtain this infinite

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