The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal

The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal

by Jane Peden

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His marriage of inconvenience...

Camilla Winthrop is about to do something she's never done in her life-she's about to ask a man to marry her. Not just any man. She hasn't seen Sam Flanagan in almost five years, after he coldly walked away from a passionate and intense two-week affair. Now Camilla is widowed and desperate...and marrying Sam is the only way she can protect their son.

The son he never knew about.

A hugely successful attorney in Miami, Sam certainly never expected to see the stunning Camilla come through his door again. Nor can he ignore the desire heating his blood. But after she tells him her situation, Sam is furious. He'll marry her, but under his terms. And he'll take everything, including Camilla in his bed...unless she can find a way to thaw the millionaire's icy heart once more.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633752399
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 03/31/2015
Series: Miami Lawyers
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 225
Sales rank: 74,525
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Jane Peden is the pen name of a Florida trial attorney who writes sexy contemporary romances set in the exciting South Florida city of Miami, where millionaire lawyers live extravagant lifestyles and find love when they least expect it. When Jane isn't in court, you can find her at the beach with her laptop, dreaming up stories about successful, confident men who know what they want and how to get it, and smart, sexy women who demand love on their own terms. Jane lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida with her husband, two kids, two dogs, and a fish.

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The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal

A Miami Lawyers Novel

By Jane Peden, Wendy Chen

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Phyllis J. Towzey
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-239-9


Five years later

The hot Miami sun beat down on Camilla as she shaded her eyes with her hand and looked up at the towering building. She stepped through the revolving door onto the marble floor and breathed in the crisp air-conditioning. She would never have come here if she had any other choice. Desperate times call for desperate measures, she thought, squaring her shoulders and steeling herself. It was, after all, the story of her life. And Danny—the man she'd married for all the wrong reasons and ended up loving for all the right ones—was hardly going to swoop in and save her this time. Or ever again.

The elevator whooshed her soundlessly to the fortieth floor, its doors opening directly into the impressive lobby of the firm. Camilla hesitated for a moment, then ruthlessly suppressed the urge to ride back down to the lobby. Her heels clicked as she walked across the polished wood floor toward the reception area.

The receptionist was a middle-aged woman, impeccably groomed and tastefully formidable.

"May I help you?"

"Yes, I'd like to see Sam Flanagan."

She frowned slightly. "And you are?"

"Camilla Winthrop."

She looked at her computer screen, then back at Camilla.

"I'm sorry. I don't seem to have you listed on Mr. Flanagan's schedule. Let me call his assistant. Jennifer will be happy to set up an appointment for later this week."


The woman looked up, hand poised over the phone, and raised one perfectly arched eyebrow.

"It's urgent I see him today." Before I lose my nerve.

"I'm sure Mr. Flanagan's assistant will—"

"Just tell him ... it's Camilla from Las Vegas."

"Camilla from Las Vegas."

"Yes." She reached into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out a card. "And give him this."

The receptionist frowned at the business card, flipped it over, then looked back at Camilla.

"Please take a seat and I'll check with Mr. Flanagan," she said finally.

Camilla was too nervous to sit. She walked to the window overlooking a view of the Miami skyline and wondered if she was crazy to just show up here, at his office, unannounced. The two weeks they'd spent together in Las Vegas seemed like a lifetime ago. What had started out as a casual fling had quickly meant so much more, at least to her. But obviously not to Sam. The memory of how coldly he'd ended things still stung.

By the time she'd realized she was pregnant she had already married Danny, going through with the plans that ensured that her younger sister would get the expensive medical care she needed. Still, she'd tried to contact Sam. When he didn't even bother to return her phone calls she knew that staying with Danny was the right decision, the only decision, for her sister and for her baby.

* * *

Sam was pacing in his office, fine-tuning the closing argument he would give to the jury when the case reconvened the next morning. His secretary's voice came through the intercom, jarring him back into the present.

"Mr. Flanagan? I'm sorry to interrupt you, but—"

It better be important. "Jen, I asked you to hold all my calls."

"I know but—" She lowered her voice. "Can I come in?"

"Sure." Whatever crisis it was now, he'd just have to get past it.

Jen slipped into the office and shut the door firmly behind her.

"There's a woman in the reception area who is insisting that she see you today."

"What's her name?"

"Camilla Winthrop."

He frowned. "I don't recall anyone by that name."

"She says she's from Las Vegas. And she had one of your cards. But it looks like the old ones."

He held out his hand, flipped the card over, read the inscription. The fact that his expression didn't change was a testament to his finely honed ability to hold a poker face whenever damaging evidence was presented by the other side at trial.

"Send her in."

He walked over to the window, frowning as he gazed out at the panoramic view of Miami afforded by his corner office. They were in the same office tower where they'd started out five years ago. But now, instead of a suite of offices they'd sublet from another tenant, their firm had taken over the entire floor. He flipped the card idly between his fingers.

Camilla. Camilla Winthrop. He realized with a start that he hadn't even known her last name. He'd spent the most amazing two weeks of his life with her. Had actually thought he might be falling for her. And then realized it was time to back off fast. The last thing he'd needed before starting his new firm was to be distracted by an entanglement with a woman he met in a bar in Las Vegas. So he'd cut his trip short. He winced when he remembered their awkward last breakfast, in the dining room of the resort hotel, overlooking the glitter of Vegas. The way she looked when he said it was probably better if they just said good-bye. He'd watched the warmth fade from her eyes, replaced by the cool reserve that had first drawn him to her in the bar. That's fine, Sam, she'd said. As it happens I have plans of my own.

For a while he'd regretted leaving so abruptly and had hoped she'd contact him. She had his business card, but he didn't have a clue where she was from. It was only afterward that he realized that when they weren't making love, they'd talked about his plans, his future. Maybe the fact that she'd been such a complete mystery had added to the way the memory of those two weeks still haunted him.

He shook his head. He'd certainly never expected to hear from her five years later. Obviously, she was in some kind of trouble. And he didn't need this kind of distraction, regardless of how strong the pull of curiosity was.

He turned, sensing a movement in the doorway.

"Hello, Sam." His assistant retreated discreetly, closing the door behind her.

His first thought when Camilla walked across his office toward him was that she was even more stunning than he remembered. He felt, suddenly, as if someone had punched him in the gut. There was a large diamond on her left hand, and her clothes reflected understated elegance. Whatever her problems were, it didn't look like they were financial.

"Camilla." He kept his tone even.

He gestured to a visitor's chair and sat down behind his desk. She was still the picture of cool sophistication and class, even more so than the first time he'd ever seen her. He had a sudden flashback of her sleek blond hair mussed as he ran his fingers through it, those long legs tangled in the silky sheets, her porcelain skin flushed, her quick little intake of breath right before she ... Get a grip, Sam, he told himself, and kept his face carefully without expression. There was some reason she'd shown up here today, and he doubted if it was to reminisce about ancient history.

"I didn't expect to ever see you again."

"You've done well for yourself," she said, looking around the office.

He was annoyed by his own reaction to her, and his words came out harsher than he intended.

"What are you doing here, Camilla?"

She shifted slightly in the chair. "It's a little hard to explain."

"Look, I don't have time for small talk. So why don't you get to the point." He sat back, ready to digest whatever legal problem was on her mind. He'd help her if he could, but only because he still felt bad about the way he'd ended it in Vegas.

"Fine." She crossed her legs and leaned forward, looking him straight in the eye. "I'm here," she said, "because I need you to marry me."

* * *

The look he gave her made her feel like a witness being questioned in one of his trials. She'd gotten his attention, but the interested and slightly amused look had been replaced by eyes so hard that she felt as if his stare were physically pinning her to the chair. The last five years had transformed any lingering traces of boyish charm into chiseled good looks with a slightly dangerous edge. His gray eyes appraised her coolly. She could remember a time when they had darkened with passion. Eyes like storm clouds that reflected the swirling passions he'd aroused in her during that brief escape from the most desperate time in her life. His thick black hair, so perfectly in place now, had been wildly unruly and she resisted the impulse to reach out now, to lean across his desk and see if it still had the texture of silk as it slipped through her fingers. Rekindling an old romance was not what she was here for.

"Is this a joke?" There was no warmth in his voice.


"I spent two weeks with you in Las Vegas five years ago. I've regretted ending things the way I did." He paused and glanced pointedly at her ring finger. "But apparently you moved on."

The nerve of him. He was the one who dumped her, before she even had a chance to explain what was going on in her life, how badly she wished things were different. She hadn't gone to Vegas intending to meet a man who'd turn her emotions upside down. But she'd felt a connection to Sam. She remembered how they'd strolled through shops on the Strip the last evening they spent together, and how sweet he'd been when she spotted a simple silver chain in a jeweler's case, with two interlocking hearts. He'd bought it for her, fastening it around her neck, and she had felt like she could at least carry with her this one perfect memory. But the clasp must have broken sometime that night, because when she reached to touch the hearts as she lay in bed thinking about her future, the necklace was gone.

After a sleepless night, she'd decided to tell Sam everything and ask for his advice. She had foolishly believed he might help her think of another solution. But before she'd been able to confide in him about her plans, plans she desperately wanted not to go through with, he'd cut her off, discarded her like a stray poker chip left on a table by a vacation gambler returning to his real life. So she'd married Danny, completing her end of what began as nothing more than a business proposition.

"As a matter of fact, I got married a week after you left," she said, meeting his eye and lifting her chin. She was not going to feel guilty when he was the one who had walked away from her. And when the decision she'd made had been to put her sister, Olivia, above all else.

"Well. Then it seems you already have a husband."

"Not anymore. That's why I'm here."

"I don't handle divorces."

This wasn't going at all the way she'd planned. To be honest, she hadn't really had a plan. She'd headed for his office and thought she'd just figure out the best approach once she got there. But the man sitting across the desk from her wasn't the same man at all that she had known in Las Vegas. That Sam had had been cocky and sure of himself, but approachable. This Sam, measuring her with steely eyes, exuded power and control. It would be much harder than she'd expected to get him to understand and to agree with her proposal. "I don't need a divorce lawyer, Sam." She leaned forward. "What I need is for you—"

He cut her off. "To marry you. So you said."

"For you to listen," she finished.

"Camilla, it was ... interesting ... seeing you again, but unless you have a serious legal matter to consult me on, you need to leave. Now."

He was looking at her like he thought she'd lost her mind, and she realized it probably seemed that way.

"Look," he said, "if you had called and made an appointment—"

"I didn't think you'd take my call. Why would it be any different than last time?"

He looked genuinely perplexed. "I don't know what you're talking about."

He didn't even remember not returning her phone calls? It had been more than four years since she'd last tried to contact him. But Camilla remembered it very clearly.

She took a deep breath. "I'm here now. Just let me explain."

He glanced at his watch. "You have two minutes. I'm finishing a trial tomorrow, and I don't have time for games."

"Meet me tomorrow then. After you get out of court."

"Why should I do that?"

He was so formidable. She searched his face for a trace of the warmth she'd been drawn to five years ago, but couldn't find it. She just saw someone who got what he wanted through ruthless determination. She felt herself shudder.

"I can't—it's too much to explain. Have dinner with me tomorrow night and I'll explain everything."

He seemed to consider for a few moments and she held her breath. In the sleepless nights she'd spent deciding whether or not to come see him, the one thing she'd never considered was that he might dismiss her without even hearing her out.

Finally, he nodded. "All right. Give me your number and I'll call you when I get out of court. It may be late."

She let her breath out slowly.

"That's fine. I'm not going anywhere."

* * *

If there was one thing Sam was good at, it was compartmentalizing his life, locking problems away to be dealt with later, so that he could focus clearly on the matter at hand. It had gotten him through a rocky childhood and served him well in his chosen career.

When he faced the jury, no other thought intruded on his impassioned plea for justice for his client—now a paraplegic thanks to a reckless driver who'd been too busy drinking coffee and texting at fifty miles per hour to notice the red light. Or the compact car coming through the intersection, and the promising high school basketball player in the passenger seat who was now never going to walk again. The driver herself didn't have any money, but the insurance company was sure as hell going to pay every penny of the policy limits. His client's mother sobbed quietly in the background as Sam wrapped up his closing argument.

But when he sat in an empty room in the courthouse, waiting for the jury to return, he let his thoughts entertain the puzzle of Camilla Winthrop showing up at his office. Clearly the woman had lost her mind. It was a pity, because she was even more attractive than he remembered. He'd been surprised at how strong the impulse had been to walk around the desk and take her into his arms to find out if the chemistry between them was really as strong as he remembered. Fortunately, reason prevailed. He was not going to take any chances with a woman who obviously had delusions about marrying him.

She had to be running some sort of scam, but he couldn't figure out what her angle was. The sugar daddy she'd latched onto after Sam returned to Miami had apparently left her high and dry, and she'd decided to find out what had happened to that young lawyer she met once upon a time. Sam wasn't that same kid anymore. He cringed when he remembered how he'd let his guard down, opened up to her, shared his plans and dreams. And apparently Camilla had found out he'd actually surpassed his own expectations.

When he'd started the firm with Jon and Ritchie, he'd expected to be successful. He just hadn't imagined how successful they would be. It had been his idea, which was why his name was first on the door. But it hadn't taken much to talk his law school buddy Jonathon Berrington, an associate at another of Miami's major insurance defense firms, into trading in the long hours and associate's salary for a chance to own their own firm and bring in million-dollar verdicts for plaintiffs. They would change people's lives and make themselves rich in the process. As the plan began to take form, they'd added Ritchie Perez, a hotshot young prosecutor in the state attorney's office, whose handling of high-profile drug and gang violence cases had catapulted him into the public eye as the champion of the underdog, a man who got justice for the little guy. It was exactly the image they wanted.

The three of them had agreed from the beginning that there would be no fender benders, no dog bites, no slip-and-fall cases handled by the law firm of Flanagan, Berrington & Perez. And no clients with dubious claims, no scammers in neck braces faking injuries. They weren't ambulance chasers, and they wouldn't take a case for a client who didn't deserve to win. They would be the ones who stood up for the innocent victims of drunk drivers and of unscrupulous companies that ignored the warnings in their own product safety tests and caused needless suffering. They would specialize in wrongful death, serious bodily injury, and million-dollar verdicts.


Excerpted from The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal by Jane Peden, Wendy Chen. Copyright © 2015 Phyllis J. Towzey. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal (Entangled Indulgence) 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
Another book with a hero that I just couldn't like. It seems to be trend lately. Sam is a very well to do lawyer now, but he wasn't when he met Camilla. Now that she has shown up with his son several years later, he automatically thinks that she's only after his money. I get that - I really do. But he doesn't give her a chance to really prove herself AT ALL. And the times she tries to show him that she isn't a money hungry witch, he throws it in her face and shows her just how little he thinks of it all. Camilla bears it all in good form, she's more worried about making sure her son stays with her than the opinion of the man she hasn't seen in years. She's a pretty great mom and sister and I really loved how dedicated she was to both of them. She's had a bit of a rough past and is trying really hard to make a better future. Eventually Sam comes to his senses, but not until it was too late for him in my mind. I did enjoy the story and the basic premise behind the romance was a good idea. Sam just really needed to turn into a good guy a lot sooner. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
I adored JD and really liked Olivia; Camille for the most part was very sweet and a fantastic mom and sister, and Sam had his moments--though he also had a lot of moments of total buttheadedry, especially in the first half of the book. Normally a book where the main conflict is caused by a refusal to communicate drives me up the wall--though this one did a better job of it than most. Still, I don't understand why Camille didn't even try to interject just a little bit of truth now and then, especially when she had a perfect opportunity to clear things up and help Sam see things as they really were instead of how he thought they were. Getting the backstory via her mentally recollecting the events came off as a little clunky--it would have worked much better as a conversation between Cam and Sam, I think.  Sam really should have done some digging for the truth--or at the very least communicated to her that he was willing to listen to her side--when he started to notice that the Camille he was seeing and falling for in real life was completely at odds with the selfish witch he made her out to be in his head. His obstinacy here definitely lost him major points, even though he did his best to make it up at the end. Sam's partners Richie and Johnathan, though we don't see a whole lot of them, seem to be stand-up guys--despite my issues with this book, I'm definitely signing up to check out their stories as the series continues. Rating: 3 1/2 stars / C+ I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars Sam Flanagan won his biggest jury trial ever.  While celebrating in Las Vegas, Sam met Camilla and started a steamy affair with her.  After two weeks Sam realized that his plans for starting his own law firm did not include a woman he picked up in a bar in Vegas.  Sam ended the affair and went back to Florida to open his practice.  Five years later Camilla located Sam's office wanting to ask him for a huge favor.  What she had to tell him and ask him was not at all what he was expecting.  Great story!  Sam is one of those sexy millionaires that thinks he's got it all figured out but with Camilla he couldn't be further from the truth.  If they had only realized communication was the key, earlier, they might have saved themselves some precious time.  JD was so adorable!  This is a highly entertaining story and very well written. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
An emotional rollercoaster ride. Camilla is desperate to keep her son from the parents of the husband she lost. The only person that can help is her son’s real father. Sam is angry at learning he had a son that he never knew about and is distrusting of Camilla. Can love overcome such a difficult beginning? The characters are well written and entertaining and the chemistry between Camilla and Sam is hot. The story is entertaining and emotional it was a great escape.
megpie93 More than 1 year ago
* Mild Spoilers, they are in the synopsis, but just a warning!* I liked this pretty good, compared to some that I’ve been reading lately. I really liked the characters in this book. Sometimes, somethings they would do would tick me off, but for the majority of the book I enjoyed them. Camilla was cool. I didn’t really like how she told Sam about his son/ keeping him from him. I thought that she could of dealt with that better than she did. I hated that Sam missed those years with JD. But overall I thought Camilla was an awesome mother. I loved how protective she was of those she loved. Now Sam was a butt head most of the time. I thought he earned a right to be a little crabby, but I think he took it just a little too far. I think he should have done a little more research on some certain topics. But in the end it all worked out to my Liking. Overall thoughts.. I think that if like the secret babies types of books then this would be right up your ally. I really enjoyed and I will be reading more by this author.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Camilla Winthrop is desperate to protect her son. Now that she's widowed her powerful in-laws are trying to gain custody of JD. She goes to see Sam Flanagan, a Lawyer based in Miami. They had been lovers five years ago but then he walked away. He doesn't know that he's a father. She needs him to marry her. Will he? Camilla is a feisty heroine. I admired her inner strength that kept her focused on her goal. She loves her little boy and is protective of her teenaged sister. She has sacrificed to keep them safe. However, I didn't like Sam. He's cold and cruel. He may care for JD but his treatment of Camilla is disturbing. I realize that his past made him distrustful but his judgment is harsh. The story was deeply emotional and I enjoyed all the other characters. I would like to see more of Sam's law partners. Jane Peden is a talented author. She wrote a story that drew me in even though I disliked the hero. He did redeem himself at the end but I still couldn't forgive him for his actions. I received an copy of this novel in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
A great book to indulge yourself in! Camilla Winthrop and Sam Flanagan had a passionate affair for just two weeks. that was almost five years ago. Then he walked away not knowing he'd left her pregnant. When she now turns up at his office asking him to marry her, well life is going to get very interesting for both of them! This is a great book to indulge in when you want to read a second chance romance with lots of wrong assumptions placing barriers to the HEA for this couple and their son. I thoroughly enjoyed this heartwarming story, especially as Sam uncovered the reasons behind so many of Camilla's decisions so had to totally revise his preconceptions concerning her and her actions.Just goes to show how important it is to talk things through and not jump to conclusions! Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too, for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.
JackiesBookWorld More than 1 year ago
The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal is a book about second chances, and love. Camilla Winthrop has had a rough life, she has had to deal with a lot of chances in her life, and she is about to make a decision that could possibly change her life forever. After her parents died in a car accident, Camilla had to take care of her younger sister, Olivia. When she got the chance to provide for her sister, she jump at the chance without realizing that her life was about to change. Now she is in Las Vegas ready to marry a man she didn't want for herself, but the minute she is interrupted by a handsome stranger, all rational thoughts go out the window, and she let the heat of the moment take its own course without realizing that her handsome stranger was about to break her heart. Now Camilla is back after a few years since the incident in Vegas, and desperately wants the help of non other than the very man that crushed her heart. But now the help isn't for her sister, but for her son.  Sam Flanagan is a very successful attorney based in Miami, whose success has made him a force to reckon with when it comes to his job. Yet, nothing could have prepared him for what unexpected visit that he gets from non other than the same women who he left behind when he was in Las Vegas. What surprised him the most was to receive a marriage proposal from her in order to protect her son....his son, the one that she successfully hide from him all these years. Now Sam is furious, and he is willing to do everything in his power to get his son away from the women who he can't seem to stay away from after all these years.  I was pleasantly surprised with how everything turned out in the book. It's evident from the start that both characters have pasts that they want to get away from, but their new problems are making it impossible for them to truly move on. Sam's personality is overprotective, demanding, and caring at the same time. He is so good with Olivia and his son, I really enjoyed reading those scenes, where he is interacting with them. His relationship with Camilla changes from hot to cold that makes it impossible for them to solve their problems. When they slowly start to open up, that's when the both start to understand each other. The ending I felt that it was a bit rushed, but other than that I enjoyed reading the story. I would definitely recommend it.:) *ARC provided by the author through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can't really pinpoint when I fell in love, I just did. Yes, I fell in love with a book. That's normal, right? Anyways, what is it with The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal that made it such a great read? I can't really pinpoint something because I loved it every part of it! Camilla and Sam had a few magical days in Las Vegas. They parted ways never expecting to see each other again, especially since it didn't end so well. What happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas. Five years after, Camilla unexpectedly contacts Sam asking for help. Camilla and Sam are both very different people with pasts burdening them, but the fire they found in Las Vegas with each other still burns very bright. Sam and Camilla are the perfect couple. They compliment each other so well (when they're not bickering). Although Sam is stubborn half of the book, Camilla is able to stand his ground against him. When they're together---they're FIRE! I absolutely adored the plot of this book! I loved how they hated each other most of the time because it created a lot of sexual tension that intensified all other emotions ten times more. The book is not very realistic and, in this case, worked perfectly well with me. I wanted to forget about reality for a few hours and get lost in a completely different world!. However, this book has a lot going on and can get a bit confusing at times. Camilla asks Sam to marry her to escape her in-laws from taking her son's inheritance, or something like that. I only read this book once, but I feel like I should have read it a few more times to understand it a little bit better. Although Camilla has too much going on, Sam doesn't. I thought they didn't do his story justice because the man did have issues that should have been addressed more in depth.    I thought this book was a great read! It had a great plot, great characters, and a great ending. I can't ask for more from a romance book.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars-- THE MILLIONAIRE’S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL by Jane Peden is the first installment in the adult, contemporary Miami Lawyers erotic romance series. This is millionaire attorney Sam Flanagan and Camilla Winthrop’s storyline. After a two week passionate affair with a stranger in Las Vegas, Sam walks away without ever looking back. Fast forward five years and the woman he barely remembers walks back into his life with a proposal and their four year old son. Told from third person perspective, the storyline follows Camilla’s conviction to protect her son by marrying the man she knows nothing about. When her ex inlaws force her hand after the death of her husband, Camilla must face the man who fathered her son-a man who believes Camilla is a gold digger; a whore who is determined to take everything he has. What ensues is Sam’s scheme to destroy Camilla by taking the one thing that means the most in the world-their son. The relationship between Camilla and Sam is acrimonious. When Sam agrees to marry Camilla, against his law partner’s advice, he sets into motion a series of investigations that prove to Sam that what he believes about Camilla is true. He is determined to take back the son he knew nothing about and in the process, crush Camilla for the betrayal and heartbreak. In this, Sam is a difficult character to like. He is manipulative, cold and his heart is hardened to Camilla and the difficulties of her past. At times I felt there was nothing redeeming about a man who cannot see below the surface; who only hears what he wants to believe; who is resolved to annihilate his son’s mother. Meanwhile, he wants all of the benefits of married life. When the truth is finally revealed, Sam realizes that he has made the biggest mistake of his life. The secondary characters include Sam’s law partners; Camilla’s half sister Olivia; her ex mother in law; and through a series of flashbacks and memories we get up close and personal with Camilla’s ex Danny. THE MILLIONAIRE’S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL is an interesting read. Jane Peden spins a tale of betrayal, heartbreak and rejection wherein the storyline hero is unlikeable with very few redeeming qualities. My hatred or hostility of Sam Flanagan continued to build as the storyline evolved. His one saving grace-Sam truly did love his son. The storyline ends on a happily ever after; the author did an amazing job fueling the animosity between this reader and her storyline hero.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
        The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal, Jane Peden Genre:  Romance Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Sometimes I want to read a good straight forward romance, and I know with one from Entangled that it’ll be one I enjoy. This sounded a fun read, I’m keen on these second chance romances... Camilla needs Sam to marry her, to stop her in-laws from trying to take JD, her son, away from her. She’d tried to contact him when she found she was pregnant after their fling, but never succeeded so assumed he wasn’t interested. Now he’s furious that he’s missed out and that his son has been brought up by another man. There were reasons for Camilla marrying Danny, but he just thinks she did it for the money – her mother was a Vegas showgirl who sought rich husbands, and he simply assumes she’s the same. He’s not bothered about her ( well his head isn’t – his body certainly is!) but wants his son. He lays down some pretty strict terms for the marriage, and has long term plans he keeps from her. As they’re living together with JD and Cam’s little sister Olivia, he begins to see there’s more to her than he first thought ....and of course that's where it all goes wrong. I do love that, the build up, the peak and then –bam- everything collapses! Its a fun read, straightforward and no great surprises, but sometimes that's all you want, something to sit back and enjoy, to wallow over the drama and feel for the characters, and hope everything will come through for a HEA. Stars: Stars: Four, a straightforward, fun and enjoyable romance   ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Really loved this book! I especially enjoyed the writing style of the author and the way the story moved along. Kept me turning page after page and I read in one sitting. Loved all the characters although Sam could be a bit of a jerk at times. Hopefully this will be a series so we can see Sam's partners (especially Ritchie) fall hard. I highly recommend this one!
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
A very intriguing and interesting synopsis drew me into The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal from "new to me" author Jane Peden. In an unconventional twist, both main characters, single mom Camilla Winthrop and successful Miami attorney Sam Flanagan, marry each other in order to secure their individual futures. Although Camilla seeks out Sam initially, it is Sam who ends up truly needing the support of a marriage of convenience. Almost five years ago, Camilla and Sam had a very passionate, two-week affair while visiting Las Vegas. Since their amazing time together, Camilla got married, had a baby, and lost her husband, while ensuring her younger sister received the best medical care available after surviving a car accident that killed both their parents. Now Camilla is on the verge of losing custody of her son to her late husband's parents. Could her life get any worse? She has no choice but to seek Sam out, let him know that he has a son and convince him to marry her. Of course money is involved, which only makes the entire situation more difficult to navigate. I loved the way Ms. Peden depicted Sam. Initially, he was an unfeeling, manipulative jerk, who thought of only himself and the son he never knew. Only good writing can get me to despise a character so greatly. The author evolved his character slowly and little by little he began to experience the joys of falling in love and being part of a loving family. I admired Camilla and her ability to do whatever was necessary to ensure the safety of her son and her sister. I truly cared for her and related to the obstacles she worked through for the sake of her family. Although I found some of the subplots confusing, by the end of the book all of my questions were answered. Overall, a solid read. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Wow!  What an intense book!  I had to finish it once I started it.  I could not put it down.  I absolutely loved Camilla.  She was just a perfect woman, flaws and all.  To go through what she did, survive it all, and then to deal with Sam...what a saint!  Sam, God love him, could drive a person to drink.  He was infuriating at times and then completely loving and tender.  There were a couple of times my heart was racing.  I loved this story, Sam and Camilla, and of course JD and Olivia. This was my first book by Jane Peden and will not be my last. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
So many times within this story Camilla got hurt when she least expected. During these times she had to make tough choices. She was a strong independent woman who had to make the best of bad situations. When she needed to ask Sam for help it was because she had no other choice. There were so many reasons that I became frustrated with the character of Sam. He acted like a jerk alot of the time. However, as his story is told it has become clear that he has been hurt too. Sam's resentment and distrust is how he deals with the pain. I received an ARC of The Millionaire's Unexpected Proposal by Jane Peden for an honest opinion. This story was strong, frustrating, heartbreaking but it grabs you from the first page. An emotion filled read that takes you on a great journey to happily ever after.
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
Normally I love these sorts of stories, and while I didn't despise it, I just struggled too much with Sam's character and his absolute refusal to dig deeper. I get he was angry with Camilla for hiding his son's existence from him, but in all honesty, she DID try. I felt like the story just dragged out Sam's hatred/distrust for too long. Now - the grovel was awesome. Sam definitely redeemed himself to some degree with the grovel. It was just too little, too late for me. Camilla - she was definitely dealt a rough hand in life. She clearly makes some bad choices, but she also was a mama bear when it came to protecting those she loved. I would love to see more by Ms. Peden because of Camilla. Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.