The Mind that Has Been Conformed to the Mind of Christ: Whatever You Need, God?s Got It

The Mind that Has Been Conformed to the Mind of Christ: Whatever You Need, God?s Got It

by Bishop Gregory Leachman



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ISBN-13: 9781312643574
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Publication date: 11/17/2014
Series: Conforming to the Mind of Christ
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Gregory Leachman is a Bishop of God that has experienced hardship like very few have. He tells the story in God's Greatest Challenge: Man and His Ungodly Ways as he helps use his experiences to teach others about God's goodness. God's Greatest Challenge: Man and His Ungodly Ways is a true life story: It all started when he was a child. Thrown in the Nile River, rejected, thrown away by a mother who did not understand who or what she had. From Egypt to Egypt to live with the King of Kings. As a teenager; he was in Church but for the wrong reasons. Then came years of bondage, life in the streets until he was under the streets. Then Jesus came as He did before. How many times? Then the church hurt to hurting churches. Then the road to bring the chosen one's chosen. The Pastor always and every day a people's Pastor. Then to the next level in Christ his Bishop. The Lord placed his bishopric on him May 4, 2007 to the glory of His Name.

Table of Contents

Introduction 8

Thought - Don't 12

Thought - GOD IS ABLE 13

Thought - The Lord said, It's time for stepping out of your mess 14

Thought - If it feels good to you, it's not always good for you 18

Thought - God's care package for you 21

Thought - Let the Lord make it control able 24

Thought - All around life 26

Thought - The only know it all mind in the whole world 27

Thought - The Lord said, What is your real reason for having, two faces with me you hypocrites 28

Thought - The changing of the guard and Lord over your life 30

Thought - Who's preparing your way before you? 31

Thought - Show Time 33

Thought - D.O.N.E 36

Thought - Have you changed your God 38

Thought - Giving 39

Thought - No cross No crown 40

Thought - Your enemies are the best part of life 41

Thought - Mothers, the Lord said did you raise them right? 43

Thought - Different kinds, whose kind are you? 45

Father's Day 47

Thought - The winner who is 49

Thought - Dressed up lies are excuses 50

Thought - Whom do people follow? 52

Thought - Listen again to the Lord, He gave you a new mercy 53

Thought - God might not pay on Friday, but he does pay on time 54

Thought - The two wombs plus one 58

Thought - Help line, help me Lord 60

Thought - The outsider 63

Thought - And the producers of? 66

Thought - America's most wanted 68

Thought - Home Work 69

Thought - Jesus Asked 71

Thought - And that's the way it is 72

Thought - The lost form created purpose 75

Thoughts - Different kinds, whose kind are you? 77

Thought - The lost form created purpose formed hand made not by man's divination - Acts 16:16 79

Thought - Stop, Listen, Look Then Do 83

Thought - Traveling 85

Thought - Disownment for a while 87

Thought - Let Jesus make you 90

Thought - Man's way of living right 93

Thought - Jesus said I gave it 95

Thought - The only wav out is in 98

Thought - THE MAKE OVER 100

Thought - Time After Time 104

Thought - When? 105

How? 106

Thought - Fool's Gold - Psalms 14:16 107

Thought - Open it up all the way 108

Thought - No Rain No Gain 109

Thought - The Few 110

Thought - Catch me if you can 112

Thought - Doing it right 113

Thought - Something has to give 114

Thought - You've got to prove it 115

Thought - No one gets loose accept on My authority 117

Thought - Is your papers in order - God's order - Acts 9:1-4 119

Thought - God's season, God's set time 121

Thought - Learning how to. defeating the enemies purpose in your life 123

Thought - Have you put on the right one yet? Jesus said are you shoeing me on or shoeing me off? 124

Thought - My walk is my talk 127

Thought - The New Start 129

Thought - Learning from God 131

Thought - Good House Keeping 132

Thought - Just obey his word it works every time 134

Thought - Let's EAT 136

Thought - Forever Yours 142

Thought - The King is calling! How will you answer? 143

Thought - Don't let his passing, pass you by, you were bought with his price 144

Thought - Money matters 145

Thought - Traveling 146

Thought - Broken city, government 148

Thought F.E.A.R. - Isaiah 9:2-12 149

Thought - Knowing your enemy when they are all dressed up religiously or man made 150

Thought - The countless blessings - Remember God is from everlasting to everlasting 152

Thought - God's wise counsel, don't be your own fool 154

Revelations from Heaven for you Simple act 158

Thought - The cross over forever a planned destiny 163

Thought - Counting up your cost personalize it 169

Thought - Tools And introducing tools for the Christian living. 171

Thought - Give in to win - Mark 8:34 174

Thought - God's next in line 175

Thought - up and down, howling flesh - Matthew 13:3-4 176

Thought - T.R.A.S.H 178

Thought - Switch - Change 181

Thought - God's season, God's set time 184

Thought - D. N. T. then L. 187

Nugget Time 189

Thought - Good housekeeping - Galatians 6:1-10 194

Thought - The Glory is on the floor please was my feet O Lord 195

Bishop Gregory Leachman Books 196

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