The Mindful Relaxation Blueprint: Your personal stress release handbook

The Mindful Relaxation Blueprint: Your personal stress release handbook

by Greg Parry


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Do you know the secret to living longer?
Do you feel that you have too much stress in your life?
Do you know how to conquer the symptoms and causes of your tension?

Have you been seeking for an effective way to make your life so much better than ever before?
The answers to your quest can now be found in this illuminating new masterwork from one of the world's leading contributors to the art of complete wellbeing.

Recognising the causes and origins of our stress response and presenting the most effective techniques for de-constructing the habits that trigger our anxiety response, Greg Parry draws together ancient insights from the timeless traditions of effective mindfulness with the latest research into the amazing complexity and mechanics of brain function. The result is a seamless exploration of the most effective methods to tame your stress, to release a lifetime of tension from your body, to master the random flow of your thoughts and re-shape the emotional framework that has conditioned so much of our behaviour.

If you really want to experience the most extraordinary changes in your life, read the book and get ready to:

Super-charge your body by releasing a lifetime of physical tension
Calm your mind with powerful and deeply effective breathing techniques
Re-position your old emotional framework and create new ways to experience the world
Develop clarity of thinking by centring your consciousness
Release your old, harmful habits of stress and tension
Disarm the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours of others
Master the chaos of your train of thoughts and discover the beauty of a focused mind
Experience new levels of energy and freedom
Welcome the power of personal self-expression and the wisdom of the inner self

Humans did not evolve to live in a constant state of fear, dread, anxiety and tension. The ancient stress response was intended to save our lives in a moment of danger and favour our survival as a species. It was never intended to be a permanent state of response to the world. But stress has become a permanent aspect of our lives, so pervasive that we hardly notice it anymore. Always present, constantly eroding the quality of our lives and degrading our health at every level.

Once we recognise the depth of the problem, we can take powerful steps to counter the effects of stress in our lives. Simple, direct and immediate. Your manual of Mindful Relaxation presents everything you need to know about the best ways to deal effectively with the crushing weight of stress in the modern world. Exploring the physical, emotional and mental aspects of stress, the manual reveals the science, the traditions and the techniques of complete and profound relaxation. If stress is the blight of the modern world, the Book of Mindful Relaxation is the delightfully effective antidote.

The Book guides you gently through all the techniques to create powerful relaxation and personal transformation and provides detailed charts to help you keep track of your progress on a daily basis. It's a personal voyage of development and discovery. It's an adventure in exploring a much better way to live. It's a blueprint for learning to live a much more fulfilling and stress-resistant life. It's a perfect way for you to experience the power and potential of your inner self. Start the journey today. Download your copy and begin the amazing process of self transformation, self mastery and self fulfilment. It's your life. You truly deserve to enjoy it to the full.

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ISBN-13: 9781517451615
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/23/2015
Pages: 116
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