The Miracle Menu: Your Guide to Daily Magic

The Miracle Menu: Your Guide to Daily Magic

by Cathy Qureshi


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The Miracle Menu: Your Guide to Daily Magic is a collection of simple real-world self-help techniques. We all enjoy visiting a healthy caf that offers tasty choices. You can now pick the items on a menu suited to your tastes that will help you move through life in an organic, fun, and fulfilling way!

The premise of The Miracle Menu is that everyone has something amazing to offer and that we are functioning at our highest level when we are most at peace and authentic in our minds and bodies. Other self-help books may offer good tips on how to succeed at business or be skinny or make lots of friendsbut oftentimes, you pass on those suggested servings.

This book allows you to explore and connect with your most genuine self, and this book will offer step-by-step choices in a fun and effective wayas we all love flipping through menus. So just relax, focus on your goals and dreams, and let the universe do the heavy lifting!

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ISBN-13: 9781982207298
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 07/13/2018
Pages: 110
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.26(d)

About the Author

Cathy Qureshi is a first-time author, but a long-term reader of self-help literature. She is now excited to share her personal strategies which have been time-tested in the field with friends, family and colleagues. As a busy mom and volunteer, she writes at night, and by day she works for a local non-profit, and juggles an ever-changing array of family and community responsibilities. She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband Rif and tween-age children Max and Keira.

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You may be a single person in a quiet apartment with a lot of free time in the morning or you may be the mother of twins, living with your husband and parents, and feel you have zero time to yourself. No matter where you fall within the spectrum, Scripting Your Day according to your own personal direction is one of the most important things that you can do.

Remember that this is your life and it is happening, and if you don't script it, someone else will. No matter your circumstances, no matter the current crisis or overwhelming forces, you must remember that you are the captain of your ship. You are the captain of your soul. You are the captain of this one life you have been given to live!

So, after you have Praised a Higher Being, a Sense of Connectedness, Universal Love, Sweet Baby Jesus, or whatever your touchpoint is, do this:


Every morning when you wake up state to yourself the Three Best Things that happened to you in the last 24 hours. Sometimes these are specific and sometimes they are general. For example, you could be specifically pleased that you ran into an old friend or handled a meeting well or you can be generally pleased that you are looking attractive these days or in a happy romantic relationship.

This little exercise is accomplishing two very big goals. First of all, you are framing the positive things that are happening in your life. A lot of good things happen, and they are very easily and quickly forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life. It is so much more habitual for us to focus on, share, and remember minor annoyances, than it is for us to celebrate minor moments of happiness. But we should switch that up. It is both empowering and peaceful to think about the nice things that have happened to you as you greet a new day.

Secondly, you are instructing your subconscious Mind to be open to good things happening. You are affirming what you want and need to be your best self. Slowly but surely, the subconscious Mind and the Universe around you, are learning from you, what you want and need. This gentle, yet powerful, affirmation will reinforce all of the actions, thoughts, and conditions that you desire.

Let's look at an example. The Three Best Things that happened to me in the last 24 hours are 1) that I am feeling healthier, 2) that I have gotten a lot accomplished this week, and 3) that we took my daughter's braids out. This is actually very interesting. Until I asked myself the question and answered it, this was all kind of a blur of busy-ness and life.

I had not fully appreciated that I was feeling unhealthy or that I was glad my daughter had returned to her long flowing natural hair. And as for the work accomplishment, yes, I knew it had been a lot, but it was such a nice feeling to greet the day by relishing it.

Getting in this state of Gratitude will add definition to the (many, many, many) good things that are happening in your life. And defining them may surprise you!

Morning Gratitude is crucial. It puts you in a state of Mind to receive and expect good things in your life. Some days you may feel that there is not one good thing to think of at all. If this is the case, rack your brain to come up with something. You're breathing, your children are healthy, the sun is shining, something!

You will find that on many days you are overflowing with the good things and may feel that there are far more than three to be thankful for.

This exercise gets you into a state of Gratitude first thing in the morning. You are in a state of Gratitude which is really a condition of receptivity. You are in a state ready to receive and expect good things for the day. This is huge. You are creating a magnetic field that pulls the good toward you while simultaneously warding off the bad.

Identifying the Three Best Things is simply a pathway to enter into a state of joyful receptivity and fulfilled expectations. You will also begin to appreciate how natural and organic it all is. Joyful Receptivity flows naturally from the Praise. It is the natural cadence and flow of life. You are peaceful and you are thankful.

The "Three Best Things" also form an energy shield that prevents negative things from impacting you. After you have determined the Three Best Things (quickly prioritize them, as "Best Best" "Medium Best" and Baby Best") determine the following for each one:

• What led to it happening?

• Where has it already led you? and

• Where will it lead?

This activity is all done with a quiet Mind yet it thrusts you into an organic subtle structure of cause and effect. The glorious paradox here is that you will be doing so much more to achieve the results that you want, but that it will be more effortless than it has ever been. You will be harnessing the great powers of the Universe and your miraculous Mind.

Let's say that one of the Three Things that you selected was that you ran into an old friend yesterday. What led to it? Perhaps you took a walk at lunch as opposed to just eating in the lunchroom.

Where has it already led? Perhaps your old friend gave you her number and asked you to text her. And where will it lead? Perhaps you will re-ignite a valuable friendship!

In extremely subtle ways, this little Mind game encourages you to take actions that you may not even be aware that you want to take: more walks at lunch; re-connecting; valuing relationships from other times in your life.

This state of grateful receptivity is the foundational component for Scripting your day.

Now it is time to establish the Three Desired Outcomes for the day. This is the fun part! This is your wish list. If you could have anything happen today, what would it be?


• Task-Oriented: "Finish my memo in time for the Board meeting" or "Get all the Christmas cards out"

• Relationship-Oriented: "Don't lose my temper with the kids"; or "Have a pleasant day".

• Feeling-Oriented: "Feel better"; or "Feel hopeful and energetic about job opportunities."

• Intercessory (for other people): "Mom has successful cataract surgery" or "Good friend does well in her job interview".

Whatever you desire is right because you desire it. It is like a wishing well or shooting star. Obviously, your Desired Outcome should not involve someone else being hurt, but why would it? And with that one and only caveat, the world is your oyster. Know what you want and state it. Name it and claim it.

So now you have your Three Desired Outcomes for the day. Say that they are:

1. Shake this cold. Be well.

2. Enjoy the "journey" as I work toward my long-term goals

3. Have a positive interaction with the boss

Prioritize them, starting with the most important. For example:

Enjoy the journey Shake this cold Have a positive interaction with the boss
The first step is to clarify each Desired Outcome, as specifically and as succinctly as possible. What does the phrase "enjoy the journey" mean to you? This isn't an intellectual exercise, nobody is judging you, and there is no right or wrong answer. Define for yourself what it is you want.

"Shake the cold" is pretty specific. You want to be restored to wellness. It is always best to state your Desired Outcomes with positive words. So maybe replace "cold" with "wellness." Remember, the Universe and the subconscious Mind will be helping you and you want them to hear "wellness" repeated over and over, not "cold."

What exactly does "positive interaction with the boss" mean?

Maybe it is just stopping by his or her office at one point and saying hi. That is seemingly easy enough, if they are the friendly type, and if that is a realistic part of your work culture.

To make best use of your Desired Outcomes throughout the day, reduce them to as few words as possible, but be sure they are clear and memorable to you. Simplicity and repetition are key to success!

For example:

• Journey

• Wellness

• Boss

Those are the Three Desired Outcomes for the day! They are just examples of course. Yours will be specific to you. They will be what YOU want on this glorious day that has been gifted to you!

Let's parse out what exactly we are asking for in the example scenario. We seek overarching peace of Mind and happiness, a restoration to excellent health, and a positive and friendly interaction with someone who is important in your professional career. Be assured, they are not nothing. Everything that you ask for will be of importance. If it isn't, you wouldn't want it. You would ask for something else.


Now that they are defined and simplified, state in your Mind WHY you want them. This is actually the most crucial element in any goal-setting exercise. It is so much more important than HOW. People get hung up on the HOW, which actually becomes very simple once the WHY is defined.

So WHY do you want the Journey, Wellness, and Boss?

For the Journey, you know that you want to be happy all the time. You want to know that you are moving in the right direction. You want to have a sense of purpose.

For Wellness, you know that you need wellness to be able to do anything. You crave that simple precious baseline of good health.

For the Boss, you want him or her to like and value you. You want the hope of a promotion or a raise to better your position and help your family. You want your work to be recognized and appreciated.

All of a sudden, your Desired Outcomes seem pretty important. Happiness, wellness, and appreciation are important things. It is very worthwhile to direct the magnetic compass of your subconscious Mind to achieve them.

Sometimes you may be unsure why you want something. Figure it out. It may surprise you. In any case, it will help you learn about yourself. And it will validate desires as real, and in some cases profound; and not just silly wishes.


Next comes the fun part, which is the state of answered prayer. Go through each of your Desired Outcomes imagining each coming to pass. No words necessary, no explanation, just feeling it happening. The more of an emotional connection that you can make with a Desired Outcome, the more likely it will come to pass.

Feel that you are enjoying life and are on the right path. Recall what wellness with no sniffles or medicine is like. Imagine yourself chatting with your boss in a friendly way throughout the day.

Indulge in the imagination. Hopefully, you will have a smile on your face as you are playing the tiny little movie reel of all the good stuff happening.


Lastly, you determine what you have to do to achieve this goal — HOW it will be done. For this task, just come up with one thing. One little thing that you can and will do today. Rome was not built in a day. Chances are that in 12 hours you are not going to be a spiritual guru, in the height of robust good health, and now boss of the office. Not yet. But you can take baby steps to achieve your outcomes.

Lay it out there and if it gets done, great. If it doesn't, that's ok too. The subconscious steps are in place. The Universal Mind is listening. As we move toward a goal, it moves toward us. Even if it feels like it is at a glacial pace, it is still at a pace.

One. Little. Thing. What can you do today to advance your stated desires?

Journey: I will do breathing exercises

Wellness: I will have water at my desk all day

Boss: I will make an effort to say "Hi"

Next, play a little script of the next 12 hours in which you are envisioning your Desired Outcomes coming to pass as the day unfolds. Do this in a quick and casual manner. None of this is intended to be stressful, and honestly, the more relaxed you are about receiving good things, the more likely they are to come to pass. Then restate your little mantra ("Journey, Wellness, Boss") and determine what action you can, should, or need to take in the next six hours to move towards the Desired Outcome. Maybe it is one of the tasks that you have mentioned. Maybe it is something else. Maybe it is nothing, but at least lay out the next six hours intentionally in your Mind. Pre-Vision yourself taking some simple actions towards your Desired Outcomes.

Finally, walk through in your Mind what will most likely happen in the next quick three hours. These quick simple Pre-Visions are the building blocks toward owning and directing your day.


It's not so much about what you PLAN to do. It is about the act of sequencing and scripting. It is about emotionally connecting to your Desired Outcomes. To recap:

• You have identified what you want today.

• You have clarified and simplified it.

• You have told yourself WHY you want it.

• You have imagined receiving it.

• You have committed to one intentional act to make it happen.

• You have imagined the day unfolding.

Now, the powerful subconscious Mind is off to the races. The message has been received and the wheels are in motion.

You have set up your day. Your day has been scripted by YOU, and now will be acted out with its lead star (you!), and all the support actors will play their part.



What do you think of when you think about meditation? It can seem very lofty and New Age, but it is in fact something joyfully available to all of us at all times. What would you think if I told you that you could be meditating 75% or more of your life? And loving it? And growing and becoming more YOU with every breath?

The Values Meditation is simply a mantra, always passively and positively lurking in the back of your Mind, percolating there and engendering magnificent things. The great American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "We are what we think about all day long." This is true for every single one of us. More than that, we attract more of what we think about and we expand and evolve based on what we think about.

What do you think about all day long? Eking out a living? Fears of job loss or relationship troubles, the inability to get out of credit card debt or to find your soulmate? I am not suggesting that we are inherently negative human beings, only that we sometimes approach that which we want from the vantage point of what we don't have. This is dangerous and unhealthy thinking.

If we dwelt on murder, revenge, unhealthy lust, hatred, betrayal, deception, and hurt twenty-four hours a day, every day of our lives, what would the result be? We'd get caught up in a quagmire of stagnant unhappiness. Worse, we'd begin to live out the thoughts and to spread the dark clouds consuming us.

Conversely and joyfully, if you focus every minute of every day on: love, beauty, light, fun, happy marriage, trust and peace and any number of thousands of other positive values, you will begin to attract these values to you. You will become them; you will expand upon them; you will breathe them; and you will create them. It is far more than a philosophical idea — it is a practical and tangible reality.


The first step is to get started. Identify ten values that you already hold in high regard in your life. Some of them will almost certainly change over time, but there will be anchor values for you. Some of my Anchor Values are: love, health, self-awareness, beauty, abundance, acceptance, and kindness.

Take a moment and decide what yours are. Who are you and/or what do you want to be more of? What do you need to feel to be the best you possible? A happy family? Freedom? Forgiveness? Self-expression? The list is really infinite and can change and evolve as often as you like. You may even have seemingly conflicting or seemingly opposite values appear on your list at different times or at the same time. Security versus adventure is a common example. However, don't let that dissuade you. What you want is what you want.

You may well want the security of a home, family, job, bank account and sense of self while still wanting the adventure of traveling, exploring new ideas, and zestfully greeting every single day. Sometimes our greatest self-definition is in the contrasts within ourselves. For the longest time I had effortlessness on my list. I wanted flow, ease, synchronicity, and serendipity. I valued this. At a later point in time I had effort on my list. I wanted focus, devotion, clarity and industry. To me, despite semantic evidence to the contrary, these Values did not stand in conflict with one another. I valued effortlessness and I valued effort.

All Values are good based on two and only two criteria: You want it for yourself (easy), and you want it for all other people (honestly, this becomes easy over time). It is impossible to use this technique to bring yourself greatness, joy, peace and wonder and to simultaneously be wishing for the denial of it to anyone else. And anyway, what's the point? What values could you possibly truly want that would be better for others not to have?

Power has occasionally been on my values list. Does power inherently mean that I have it and someone else doesn't? It doesn't have to mean this. It is really just the ability or capacity to perform or act effectively. I want power in my career decisions, in my life, in my intellect, and I draw more and more of it to me when I want power for all others as well. The focus is on you: what you want and who you are, but it is imperative that you don't wish it to be denied from any other person.


Excerpted from "The Miracle Menu"
by .
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Table of Contents

Introduction, ix,
Chapter 1 Script Your Day, 1,
Chapter 2 Live Your Values, 15,
Chapter 3 Pre-Vision Your Future, 24,
Chapter 4 Create Your Own Dream Factory, 31,
Chapter 5 Examine Your Past, Present, and Future (and Free Your Mind), 53,
Chapter 6 Manage Your Goals as You Drive and Coast, 60,
Chapter 7 Control Your Time with the Reverse Calendar, 75,
Chapter 8 Conclusion–Give, Receive, and Grow, 83,
About the Author, 87,

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