The Miracles of Jesus the Messiah

The Miracles of Jesus the Messiah

by E. Keith Howick


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The Life of Jesus the Messiah is a five-volume set that discusses the life of Jesus Christ topically. In volume 1, the miracles performed by Jesus are discussed. Their nature is explained and both the historical impact they had on the Jews living at the time of Jesus and their significance to us today is discussed. The volume's organization makes it an ideal resource for both students and instructors. The volume includes complete scriptural references to the King James Bible, footnotes, a complete index, and a scripture index allowing readers to quickly find relevant commentary.

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ISBN-13: 9781886249004
Publisher: WindRiver Publishing
Publication date: 04/15/2003
Series: The Life of Jesus the Messiah , #5
Pages: 249
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.75(d)
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

E. Keith Howick is a long-time student of the Bible and follower of Jesus Christ. He counts as a personal ministry his efforts to magnify the name of the Lord and preach His word to the world.

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The miracle is a most extraordinary thing. It appears to run counter to life's experience and facts. Yet within sacred scripture, the miracle is seemingly a daily occurrence. One cannot read the Bible, either the Old or the New Testament, without encountering miracle upon miracle. Moses, for example, led the rebellious and unbelieving Israelites from day to day by miracles, and those people were held in wondering awe of God, for Israel's God was a God of miracles.

In Pharaoh's court, at the direction of Moses, Aaron cast down his rod and it became a serpent. Pharaoh immediately called upon his magicians and they did likewise. Aaron's rod then swallowed up the rods of the magicians (see Exodus 7:10-12). Thus began the great exhibition of signs and wonders to persuade Pharaoh to let enslaved Israel go.

The magicians continued to duplicate the signs and wonders that God had given Moses. They also turned water to blood (see Exodus 7:19-22) and brought the plague of frogs (see Exodus 8:5-7) upon the land of Egypt. But thereafter, the magicians could no longer duplicate the miraculous plagues of lice and flies, cattle disease, boils, hail, locusts, and finally, the death of the firstborn; and they were forced to admit, "This is the finger of God" (Exodus 8:19).

This was the beginning of the miraculous events that became Israel's heritage. Miracles had occurred prior to Moses' time, but Moses was the great wonder-worker. By the power of God he parted the Red Sea and delivered the Israelites from the oppressive hands of their enemies. The Lord fed them manna from heaven for forty years in the wilderness, and even their "raiment waxed not old upon [them], . . . these forty years" (Deuteronomy 8:4). To this richness was added Elijah and Elisha, other prophets, and the traditions and writings of the Rabbis.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Part One: The Miracles in Perspective

7 Chapter 1: Miracles

7 Historical Expectations, the Miracles, and Jesus

10 The Purpose of Miracles

12 Natural Laws, the Laws of God, and Miracles

13 The Multitude of Miracles

Part Two: Jesus' Messiahship Witnessed to the People

23 Chapter 2: A Remembrance of Old Testament Events

23 The Raising of the Widow's Son

28 The Feeding of the Five Thousand

34 Summary

35 Chapter 3: Recognized by Demons, Accused by His Own

39 The Demoniac in the Synagogue at Capernaum

42 One Possessed and Dumb

43 The Beelzebub Argument

49 The Demoniac That Was Legion

Part Three: Jesus' Messiahship Witnessed to the Leaders

57 Chapter 4: The Result of Verbal Claims

57 Passing Unseen (Before the Resurrection)

63 Chapter 5: Miraculous Conclusions

63 The Impotent Man at the Pool at Bethesda

68 The One Sick of the Palsy

73 The One Born Blind

84 Summary

85 Chapter 6: An Appeal to the Law

89 the One with a Withered Hand

91 The Woman with a Spirit of Infirmity

93 The Man with the Dropsy

Part Four: Jesus' Messiahship Witnessed to the Apostles

99 Chapter 7: Selection and Call

99 The First Draught of Fish

104 The Final Draught of Fish

108 Chapter 8: Signs and Powers

108 Stilling the Tempest

112 Walking on the Water

116 The Raising of the Daughter of Jairus

121 The Barren Fig Tree

125 Summary

126 Chapter 9: A Gospel for All People

126 The Centurion's Servant

131 The Daughter of the Syrophenician Woman

134 The Feeding of the Four Thousand

138 Summary

Part Five: The Final Witnesses

141 Chapter 10: They Ask of Him a Sign

141 The Raising of Lazarus

144 The Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man

155 Chapter 11: One Last Chance

155 Malchus's Ear

159 Chapter 12: It Is I

159 Passing Unseen (After the Resurrection)

160 Mary at the Tomb

161 On the Road to Emmaus

162 On the Shore of Galilee

Part Six: "That They May Believe That Thou Hast Sent Me"

167 Chapter 13: The Source of His Power

167 The Nobleman's Son

170 The Woman with an Issue of Blood

174 Chapter 14: A Kingdom for All People

174 Sin and Leprosy

176 The Cleansing of the Leper

179 The Cleansing of Ten Lepers

182 Chapter 15: that the Blind May See

182 Spiritual Blindness

183 The Two Blind in the House

184 The Blind at Jericho

Part Seven: Faith and Miracles

191 Chapter 16: Increasing Faith Through Miracles

191 One Deaf and Dumb

193 One Blind at Bethsaida

194 Summary

196 Chapter 17: The Apostles Instructed in Faith

196 The Dumb Lunatic Child

202 Chapter 18: Resolving Personal Problems

202 The Water to Wine

208 Peter's Wife's Mother

209 The Coin in the Mouth of the Fish

Part Eight: The Message of the Miracles

215 Chapter 19: The Message of the Miracles

217 Notes

227 Subject Index

233 Scripture Index

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Carl Jacobsen

Reading the Life of Jesus the Messiah series is a must for any serious reader of the Bible because they help to explain the customs and traditions of the people of that time and how they relate to the treachings of Jesus.

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