The Mission-Driven Organization, From Mission Statement to a Thriving Enterprise, Here's Your Blueprint for Building an Inspired, Cohesive, Customer-Oriented Team

The Mission-Driven Organization, From Mission Statement to a Thriving Enterprise, Here's Your Blueprint for Building an Inspired, Cohesive, Customer-Oriented Team

by Robert Wall, Robert Solum



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ISBN-13: 9780761518815
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/24/1999
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.55(w) x 8.55(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Bob Wall is president of Bob Wall and Associates, a management-consulting firm that focuses on the interpersonal challenges of organizations.

Mark R. Sobol, principal of Leadership Strategies International, combines the insight of a senior executive with an extensive worldwide consulting background.

Robert S. Solum was a recognized innovator in the areas of teamwork, change management, and the psychology of performance.

Table of Contents


Section I       Understanding the Change
   Chapter 1. The New Organization
                 Deming and Japan
                 The Quality Revolution
                 Take This Job and Love It!
                 Some Profitable Reorganizations
                 People Are the Priority
                 Capturing Hearts and Minds
                 A Tyrannosaurus, But Still a Dinosaur
                 I'm OK, You're Ok (But I'm Still the Boss)
                 The New Vision
   Chapter 2. The Leader's New Role
                 Understanding the Role
                 Grasping the Vision
                 The Culture Builder

Section II      Building the Vision
   Chapter 3. Drafting a Vision Statement: Your Mission Statement
                 The Critical Variables
                 Drafting Your Vision Statement
                 The Mission Statement
                 Shared Mission: A Foundation for Teamwork
                 Safety Net and Creative Catalyst
                 Speed and Clarity
                 The Anatomy of a Mission Statement
                 Leadership Action Plan: Drafting Your Team's Mission Statement
                 Sample Vision Statement: Mission Statement, Glossary, and Guiding Principles
   Chapter 4. Drafting a Vision Statement: Your Guiding Principles
                 The Need for Guiding Principles
                 Common Values Allow for Change
                 Leadership Action Plan: Drafting Your Team's Guiding Principles
   Chapter 5. Do Your Walking Before Your Talking
                 A Living Demonstration
                 Senior Team Goals
                 Leadership Action Plan: Senior Management Preparation
   Chapter 6. Cascading the Vision
                 Natural Laws
                 Natural Law 1: You Get What You Talk About
                 Natural Law 2: The Culture of a Work Team Is a Reflection of Its Leader
                 Natural Law 3: You Can't Walk Faster Than One Step at a Time
                 Leadership Action Plan: Cascading the Vision Out to the Front Lines
  Chapter 7. Leadership After Cascading
                 Carpe Diem! (Seize the Day!)
                 Natural Law 4: Empowered Organizations Require Trust
                 Creating Safety
                 Demonstrating Integrity
                 Leadership Action Plan: The Tasks of Leadership: Your "To Do" List

Section III      Managing the Change
  Chapter 8. Making the Change
                Relocation of Authority
                Problem 1: Managers Who Won't Let Go
                Problem 2: The Front Line Resists Greater Authority
                Problem 3: An Inappropriate Focus on the Boss
                Clash of Ideas
                Problem 1: Conflict
                Problem 2: Mistrust of Management
                The Change-Effort Curve
                Double Duty
                How Long Does This Change Take?
               Why Change Fails

Chapter 9. Building Teams and Managing Conflict
               Working Together Is an Unnatural Act
               Personal and Professional Relationships
               The Sources of Conflicts in Teams
               The Three Areas of Disagreement
               "Personality Conflicts" That Aren't
               A Question of Velocity
               Leadership Action Plan: Understanding Conflict

Chapter 10. Relocating Authority and Building Participation
              "D": The Decision-Making Function
              Sharing the "D"
              "C": The Consulting Function
              Increasing the "C"
              Guidelines for Making the Consulting Role Work
              "I" Informed After the Decision
              Making the Relocation of Authority Real
              Relocating the "D"
              Relocating Authority Works!
              Leadership Action Plan: The Issues List: Building Teams and Participation

Chapter 11. The Three Stages of Change
              A Model of Personal Change
              The Ending
              The Middle Zone
              The New Beginning
              Be Prepared for All Three Stages
              Change in Organizations
              The Organizational Ending
              The Corporate Middle Zone
              Guidelines for Shortening-and Surviving-the Middle Zone
              Making Change Continual
              Leadership Action Plan: Understanding and Implementing Change

Section IV      Making It Permanent
              Chapter 12. Continuous Cultural Improvement (CCI)
              Measuring the Goose
              You Get What You Measure
              Measure the Right Things
              Use the Results
              CCI Leadership Skills
              Striking a Balance
              Avoiding the Pitfalls
              Measuring Your Vision
              CCI Action Plan
              CCI Action Plan
              I. CCI Measurement
              II. Management Team Action Planning
              III. Task Force Problem Solving

Chapter 13. Building the Systems
              Hiring, Promoting, Firing
              Reassigning, Firing
              Performance Appraisal
              Salary and Incentives
              Career Paths
              New Employee Orientation
              Informal Communications
              Information Systems
              Continuous Quality Improvement
              No Overnight Changes

Chapter 14. Staying in Action
              Develop Your Instincts
              Constant Renewal
              Create a Covenant with Your Company
              Follow a Higher Purpose
              A Decision of the Heart
              About the Authors


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