The Mobbing of Jesus Christ

The Mobbing of Jesus Christ

by Lisa Johnson

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**WARNING: This book takes a drastic departure from Christian doctrine regarding the man known as Jesus Christ and offers an alternative set of facts regarding his life and teachings based upon what we currently know about the psychological and emotional effects of bullying and mobbing behaviors on the mind of the person who is the target of these behaviors.

The systemic bully-bystander-enabler-target model of behavior that I describe in Patterns of Human Consciousness underpins all instances of bullying and mobbing, including that of Jesus. His enlightened teachings were at odds with the authoritarian Pharisees who ran the Jewish community. Jesus was essentially a rabbi who went rogue when he decided it was his purpose to teach the true meaning of the scriptures instead of the legalistic interpretation that gave the Pharisaic power structure the agenda it needed to keep the Jewish population under its thumb enforcing Mosaic law through the top-down hierarchy of the Temple.

I do not treat Jesus' story as a religious story in this book. I treat it as the very real story of a man who was working within a corrupt religious environment where the politics of power took priority over the truth. By any religious or moral standard, Jesus should have been defended and protected. Instead, the religious leaders of his day made people perceive him as a criminal deserving of one of the most horrific methods of execution ever devised by mankind just so they could get their win and protect their turf. They turned the tables on Jesus and to do so, they had to turn over truth itself. They used the strategies of mobbing, which have been identified by Heinz Leymann, to make their actions of killing a righteous man appear reasonable to the general public. Although their actions were none of those things, they got away with the killing by using a process of role reversal that is common to all mobbings, whereby the innocent target is made to look guilty and the guilty gets off scot-free because they are perceived as the saviors of the situation.

I incorporate writings outside of the New Testament which have been discovered and are now available to us to create a cohesive narrative of what I believe happened to Jesus and his legacy as an interpreter of the Old Testament whose teachings would have organically brought all people together under the umbrella of a common humanity. It has been hard for me to write about Jesus from the standpoint of thoughts and emotions we all have as human beings. I still hold on to the perfect, sinless, Son of God image of Jesus that was taught to me in church. I continue to feel pangs of guilt when I try to interpret his words and actions on the human level. The voice of my Sunday School teacher always comes back to me and makes me feel like it is a betrayal to the Christ to whom I owe so much. I have shed many tears and said many prayers during the course of researching and writing this book coming to a place in my mind where I am comfortable that what I have written comes from a place of logic, knowledge, experience and truth where agendas, doctrines and ideologies, religious or otherwise, have no place.

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