The Modern American Wilderness: - Dissertations of a Common Man

The Modern American Wilderness: - Dissertations of a Common Man

by Rich Bentz


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I have come to believe that our Modern American Wilderness consists no longer of trees and grass, beavers and bears, but now is comprised of a multifaceted assembly of human organizations intent upon "improving" things for us in our culture. One must no longer be as concerned with wolves, bears, or cougars.
Now we must be exceptionally wary of the actions and intentions of those institutions ostensibly organized to "protect us from the charlatans among us". It is my view that these agencies have institutionalized charlatanism to an extent unprecedented in human history, and have themselves become the greatest threats to our lives and our liberties. We have become their fodder and fuel to ensure the survival of these now parasitic institutions that once truly served us.
This work is about how we created this wilderness, and proposals for your consideration about finding our way back to that world which we have lost.

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