The Molech Prophecy

The Molech Prophecy

by Thomas Phillips


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Former gang member Tommy Cucinelle thought he had left his old life behind when he became a Christian. That?s why he?s surprised when his pastor asks him to use his old "skills"--finding people who don?t want to be found--to locate the church secretary after she mysteriously disappears and the church is vandalized. The police don?t have any leads.Tommy?s investigation brings him face-to-face with unpleasant memories from the past that threaten his new identity, but inner turmoil is soon the least of his worries. A local Wiccan church is at the heart of the mystery, and Tommy?s search uncovers a startling prophecy about child sacrifice to the pagan god Molech. When the missing woman's sister--and Tommy?s newfound romantic interest--disappears as well, the quest becomes personal.Author Thomas Phillips wrestles with the important issues of faith, new life in Christ, and submission to God in this thrilling tale of adventure and mystery.

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ISBN-13: 9781603740555
Publisher: Whitaker House
Publication date: 05/12/2008
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Thomas Phillips grew up with a reading disability. He did everything possible not to read. It wasn't until he was in seventh grade that he finally read a book cover to cover. Now a voracious reader and prolific writer, Phillips uses his accomplishments as a motivational backdrop for speaking at school assemblies.Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Phillips has worked as a freelance journalist and currently works full time as an employment law paralegal. Since 1995, he has written more than sixty short stories, articles, and mystery novels. He writes regular book reviews for a variety of e-zines, teaches writing classes, and has led a Bible study for the homeless with the Open Door Mission.

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The Molech Prophecy 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
cherryblossommj on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
For me personally, I'm just not crazy about the contemporary fiction. The plot line of this book is interesting however and I do recommend it as a read to anyone that might be able to relate and is looking for a little bit of God in their life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read. Book flowed well and the content was well written. Phillips does a great job developing the story and building it up for a great ending.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tommy Cucinelle still has the ponytail, has the memories of a life gone off track, but has also accepted Jesus in his life and is living as a redeemed man. At least he thinks so, until the day his pastor asks him to turn back time. To apply principles Tommy learned as a gang member, finding people who don¿t want to found, and search for a missing person. Nancy Callahan, church secretary disappears and no one close to her knows why. Was her disappearance innocent¿merely a move to another location or had she met with foul play? That¿s what Tommy is charged with finding out for Pastor Ross and soon for Nancy¿s sister Stacey as well. Tommy surges ahead to locate Nancy, no matter the cost. His longtime friend and former gang member, Tay pledges his support and hangs in there even when the search leads to a local Wiccan church. Even when they learn that the Wiccan group is planning a child sacrifice devoted to Molech, a pagan god. The hunt becomes personal when the group abducts Stacey and when Tommy begins to suspect his pastor¿s involvement. Author Thomas Phillips has created a unique character in Tommy Cucinelle. Tommy is full of flaws and questions. He¿s lived a hard life and though he¿s become a Christian he is still paying for his past and holding on to the intense pain his memories evoke. He keeps his feelings bottled up and keeps most people at arms length. In The Molech Prophecy, we watch Tommy change, learn to open up and let go of his pain. In all of this we find a believable character faced with a challenge that will test the strength of his faith. Phillips¿ writing is straightforward and the story fast moving. The plot is believable and keeps you reading until it is resolved. The faith elements in the story are natural and totally in keeping with the character¿s personalities and past experiences. I read a galley issue so the story may have changed since I read it, but all in all this is a strong first effort for the debut author.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tommy Cucinelle has worked hard to leave his former life as a gang member behind and live clean, so he faces a real dilemma when his pastor asks him to call up some of his old talent in order to find the missing church secretary. His investigations lead to more questions and dark forces that threaten not only Tommy but his friends as well. They also lead him to some characters that are suspicious at best, like the secretary¿s sister who continually hounds his path. And some other characters who are intent on keeping lots of secrets, even if it brings harm to Tommy and his friends. The secretary disappeared at the same time as someone painted awful graffiti all over the church building. Who would have done such a thing? Why is the pastor so concerned about finding the secretary? Why was she such close friends with the son of the Satanist priest? Tommy really doesn¿t want to get in so deep with all the skeletons and intrigue, but it seems he has no choice. How will all of this affect his walk with Christ? And why do all these terrible memories from his past assault him? Will he find peace over his younger brother and be able to rid himself of the nightmares that haunt him? The Molech Prophecy is a skillful thriller/mystery full of intrigue and suspense. There are so many threads that may or may not be connected, giving mystery lovers just what they thrive on. Action abounds, yet it is thought-provoking and filled with spiritual intensity. It deals with the Church of Satan, spiritual warfare at several levels, possible scandals in the church, the change in a life after one becomes a Christian, gangs, friendship, love, faith, the power of God, walking the Christian walk, and many other motifs. The issues are quite modern, and yet the causes behind them and the answers are ageless. I would recommend this novel for anyone over 13 or so, although it is essentially an adult book. Reluctant readers should enjoy it since it is so full of action and ¿guy stuff.¿ While there are dark subjects and violence, it is deftly handled. At 259 pages, it is a fairly quick read, one you won¿t want to put down once you start it.
harstan More than 1 year ago
His mother was an alcoholic and he had no one else so Tommy Cucinelle turned to gangs for a sense of belonging to a family. In time he started to sell drugs for a person high up in a criminal organization. Eventually Tommy began finding people who owed the crime lord money and turned it over to him. He used force when the debtors balked. His life changed dramatically when his younger brother was diagnosed with cancer yet told Tommy he was not afraid of dying because he knew he would be with Jesus. Tommy started reading the bible and eventually turned his life over to Christ.-------- Senior Pastor Ross Lahore asks Tommy to help him locate his former secretary Nancy who vanished. The pastor feels guilty because he sensed she was troubled, but he failed to act by counseling her. Using skills he developed on the streets as a thug, Tommy investigates. He meets the Nancy¿s sister Stacy, who is also worried about her missing sibling as her vanishing is out of character. Their search leads to the Wiccan Church New Forest, but once there everyone involved in the investigation ends up in trouble.----------- THE MOLECH PROPHECY is a thrill a minute chiller filled with action interspersed with the protagonist¿s efforts to lead a better life than he has. Tommy does not expect the search to land him or his cohorts in any trouble. However, he soon learns how wrong his logic proves as he realizes Nancy had secrets, said goodbye to loved ones, and was associated with some dangerous people. Thomas Phillips shows that faith in Christ helps people through the darkest times when hope seems as distant as a star.---------- Harriet Klausner