The Money Rules

The Money Rules

Paperback(First Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9780071423649
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 11/19/2003
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 0.44(w) x 6.00(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Susan Annette Jones Knape has developed training programs and advertising and public relations campaigns for companies such as Prudential Healthcare, ExxonMobil, and AMR Services. She has worked supporting social causes, including services that specifically benefit women. Currently, she is a marketing consultant specializing in products purchased by women.

Table of Contents

First, 25 DOs
1Do expect to take care of yourself3
2Do understand the magic of compound interest6
3Do read the fine print9
4Do make managing your money a priority12
5Do understand that you can have surprise debts16
6Do consider a prenuptial agreement19
7Do keep separate property separate if you live in a community-property state21
8Do check your credit report once a year24
9Do make one or two extra house payments each year29
10Do insure yourself31
11Do make sure your spouse is insured34
12Do fund your future38
13Do have a 401(k) and understand it41
14Do learn to invest44
15Do understand that you are every advertiser's target47
16Do understand that your kids are what credit-card companies dream of50
17Do protect yourself against identity theft53
18Do keep track of important documents56
19Do find out about your finances before you are in a crisis58
20Do consider professional help61
21Do make small changes that can save money64
22Do keep one credit card on ice67
23Do pay off your credit-card balance each month68
24Do beware of debt-consolidation plans70
25Do enjoy your money72
Next, 25 Don'ts
1Don't think everybody knows more than you77
2Don't tell your friends that you are on a budget79
3Don't think that it's too late80
4Don't blindly trust the man in your life with the money in your life82
5Don't sign papers that you don't understand84
6Don't accept that retail store's great offer of a discount with a credit-card application87
7Don't assume that your credit report is correct90
8Don't deny yourself every material joy93
9Don't think that you have to know everything95
10Don't think poor98
11Don't blindly trust your financial advisor100
12Don't assume that you can afford a loan just because you qualify for it103
13Don't make minimum payments on your credit cards106
14Don't protect your kids from every hard time108
15Don't think that you have to save a lot to make saving worthwhile110
16Don't think that all home mortgages are the same112
17Don't be clueless about your expenses115
18Don't underestimate your earning capacity117
19Don't live in denial121
20Don't ignore your gut instincts124
21Don't think that you have to use an individual broker to make investments126
22Don't sign personal guarantees129
23Don't believe in financial miracles131
24Don't live without a will133
25Don't worry about money135
DOs and Don'ts
The Gray Areas of Your Money Life139

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