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The Moon Mask

The Moon Mask

by Edmond Gagnon
The Moon Mask

The Moon Mask

by Edmond Gagnon


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The average number of homicides per year in Detroit is three hundred. The city usually ranks in the top ten of American cities for murders per capita. Recovering from bankruptcy, Detroit's Mayor puts an aggressive plan into action to clean up the city and tear down vacant and derelict properties. Demolition crews undertaking the arduous task, discover the the mummified remains of women's bodies in abandoned houses.

Under-staffed and overtaxed homicide investigators attempt to identify the victims and track down the heinous killer who's responsible. Pressure from the media and the Mayor's office only intensifies when even more bodies are found in the Detroit River. Police are faced with the possibility there is a serial killer preying on women in their city.

Major Case Detective Abigail Brown is called in to lead what becomes the Land & Sea task force. Investigators from various Detroit Police units, as well as the Michigan State Police combine their efforts to appease the public and politicians, and to get a dangerous killer off the street.

Retired Windsor Police Detective Norm Strom and his sidekick, David (Two Snakes) Greene are at it again, this time searching the City of Detroit for to two missing women. They ask Abigail Brown for help and end up involved in the hunt for a serial killer. This story is the sequel to Finding Hope, The Highway of Tears.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781999281472
Publisher: Edmond Gagnon Author
Publication date: 10/01/2020
Series: Abigail Brown Crime Series
Pages: 294
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

Edmond Gagnon grew up in Windsor Ontario, in Canada. He joined the Windsor Police Department in 1977, a month before his nineteenth birthday. After almost two years as a police cadet, Ed was promoted to Constable and he walked a beat in downtown Windsor. He spent the next thirteen years in uniform working the front lines.

From there, he was transferred to plain clothes where he worked in narcotics, morality, property crimes, fraud, and arson. During his time as a Detective, Ed investigated everything from theft and burglary to arson and murder. He retired as a Detective with a total of thirty-one years and four months service.

Within weeks of retirement Ed took to travelling the world, visiting countries in Southeast Asia and South America as well as riding his motorcycle all over Canada and the United States. He kept in touch with family and friends through email, sending them snippets and stories of his adventures.

The recipients of his musings suggested he write a book about his travels and Ed complied by putting together a collection of short stories in his first book, A Casual Traveler. The book was well received. Having been bitten by the writing bug, Ed decided to share some of his police stories.

He created the Norm Strom Crime Series, based on events and people he'd encountered during his years in law enforcement. In that series, Ed wrote and self-published Rat, Bloody Friday, Torch, Finding Hope, and Border City Chronicles. He joined fellow authors Christian Laforet and Ben Van Dongen in putting together a crime anthology, All These Crooked Streets.

Edmond Gagnon continues to write, adding this book/series to his Norm Strom novels. He also wrote a science fiction thriller called, Four. Ed still travels frequently and resides in Windsor, with his wife, Cathryn.

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