The Moonshine Memorandum

The Moonshine Memorandum

by Mr Malleus Maleficus



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The Moonshine Memorandum by Mr Malleus Maleficus

Dedicated to the social historian of the 23rd century, this book will seriously unsettle your ideas about honesty, truth and the future of the human species. When the history of our time is written, more than 70% of us will need a genetic and hormonal structure analysis to determine our own sex, researchers say. So, the message is clear. Fashionable newspeak terms such as "gender-fluidity" and "gender-neutrality" are intended to mask the fact that hormone-disrupting contaminants, located in plastic, can now be found in some 80% of teenagers' blood and urine. Indeed, it seems hard to overstate the potential impact of man-made pollutants, if humans are exposed to even a fraction of the "gender-bending" toxins such as polychlorinated byphenyls (PCBs) that built up in the food chain of 'transitioning' polar bears in Norway and Greenland. I'll go further. What we're seeing is the systematic silencing of any individual who stands up to the progressive alienation of the human mind from its own biological nature; anyone who does not advocate the drive for a genderless society. You are monitored as a citizen and as a consumer. The idea that someone invisible is "telling you what to think and do" may seem preposterous, but far from it. The simple fact of the matter is, that every day the world is guided less directly by human intervention and more directly by algorithmic structures that increasingly override natural anthropomorphic functions, outpacing much of the prevailing legal precedent on cloning technologies. And then there is another problem. By the middle of this century there will be an extra 2.3 billion humans with a choke-hold on the world's energy supply, and contraceptive military correctives (CMC) would have to rise by 40% to meet demand for Lebensraum, according to an unofficial briefing by an ISD executive. But you will look in vain for an UN investigation into "unlawful killings and other violations" in the context of CMC. Bear with me, this is history. To say nothing of the pleasure to be found in the rich assortment of daily news concerning the A-list TV star Donald Trump, whether real, fake or imaginary. If you wish to report racism, sexism or inaccuracies, please email To make a formal complaint under IPSO rules feel free to contact IPSO directly at But, above all, DO NOT PURCHASE "USED COPIES"! This is a highly topical book. It is being updated continuously, and used copies are unlikely to feature the latest revision.... MM

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Publication date: 02/26/2015
Pages: 216
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