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Most Happy Fella

The Most Happy Fella


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Disc 1

  1. Act I. Scene 1. Overture
  2. Act I. Scene 1. ...Thank you, good night
  3. Act I. Scene 1. Ooh! My Feet!
  4. Act I. Scene 1. Mock Ballet of Waitresses and Busboys / ...Hey, where's
  5. Act I. Scene 1. ...Cleo, I don't care if he fires me! / I Know How It I
  6. Act I. Scene 1. My Dear Rosabella / I Don No Nothing about You / Maybe
  7. Act I. Scene 1. Wanting to Be Wanted / Somebody, Somewhere
  8. Act I. Scene 2. ...Oh, there's the postman / The Most Happy Fella
  9. Act I. Scene 2. ...Oh, hallo, Marie
  10. Act I. Scene 2. ...What do you really know about her? / A Long Time Ago
  11. Act I. Scene 2. Standing On The Corner
  12. Act I. Scene 2. ...All right. Break it up, you guys
  13. Act I. Scene 2. Joey, Joey, Joey
  14. Act I. Scene 2. Soon You Gonna Leave Me, Joe
  15. Act I. Scene 2. ...Mamma. Mamma. / Rosabella
  16. Act I. Scene 3. ...Hey, Cicc', Giusepp / Abbondanza
  17. Act I. Scene 3. ...This is Tony's barn
  18. Act I. Scene 3. ...Alfonso, Fiorello, Mattilda / Plenty Bambini
  19. Act I. Scene 4. Sposalizio
  20. Act I. Scene 4. ...Well, here we are / I Seen Her At The Station
  21. Act I. Scene 4. ...Hey, Ciccio! Giusepp'! Giusepp' / Benvenuta
  22. Act I. Scene 4. Such Friendly Faces / Aren't You Glad
  23. Act I. Scene 4. ...Well, thank you very much
  24. Act I. Scene 4. No Home, No Job
  25. Act I. Scene 4. ...Step back everybody
  26. Act I. Scene 4. Don't Cry

Disc 2

  1. Act II. Scene 1. Prelude / Fresno Beauties / Cold And Dead
  2. Act II. Scene 1. ...Ma che specie di medico è?
  3. Act II. Scene 1. Take Medicine... Love And Kindness
  4. Act II. Scene 1. ...We friends now / Happy To Make Your Acquaintance
  5. Act II. Scene 1. ...Oh, Cleo! / I Don't Like This Dame
  6. Act II. Scene 1. ..Ev'nin Ma'am / Big "D"
  7. Act II. Scene 2. ...Domenica (...Sunday) / How Beautiful The Days
  8. Act II. Scene 3. The Vineyards In June. / ...Just look at 'em / Young P
  9. Act II. Scene 3. Where's That Smile? / Warm All Over / Old People Gotta
  10. Act II. Scene 4. ...Hey, Herman
  11. Act II. Scene 4. Ooh! Smile, Smile, Smile / I Like Ev'rybody
  12. Act II. Scene 5. The Vineyards In July.
  13. Act II. Scene 5. I Love Him... / Like A Woman Loves A Man
  14. Act II. Scene 5. ...Quanto sono contento! / My Heart Is So Full Of You
  15. Act II. Scene 5. ...Hey, paesan! / Hoedown
  16. Act II. Scene 5. Rosabella! What's-a matter?
  17. Act II. Scene 5. Ah, omma don' know / Mamma, Mamma
  18. Act III. Prelude / Scene 1. Abbondanza (Reprise)
  19. Act III. Scene 1. ...Hey, what are you doin', fellas?
  20. Act III. Scene 1. Supposin' I Should Have to Say Goodbye, Darling / I L
  21. Act III. Scene 1. ...Just the two of them / Song Of A Summer Night
  22. Act III. Scene 1. ...Carissima!
  23. Act III. Scene 1. Please Let Me Tell You
  24. Act III. Scene 1. ...Ma che c'e?
  25. Act III. Scene 2. ...So you're finally getting out of town / Tell Tony
  26. Act III. Scene 2. She Ain't Got No Place To Go / She Gonna Come Home Wi
  27. Act III. Scene 2. ...Herman / I Made A Fist
  28. Act III. Scene 2. ...He's gonna be Tony's bambino / Finale

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Herbert Greene   Conductor
Art Lund   Vocals
Arthur Rubin   Vocals
Ralph Farnworth   Vocals
Keith Kaldenberg   Vocals
Roy Lazarus   Vocals
Robert Weede   Vocals
Jo Sullivan   Vocals
Lee Cass   Vocals
Myrna Aaron   Vocals
Alan Gilbert   Vocals
John Henson   Vocals
Rico Froehlich   Vocals
Mona Paulee   Vocals
Betsy Bridge   Vocals
Christopher Snell   Vocals
Helen Blount   Vocals
Shorty Long   Vocals
Marjorie Smith   Vocals
Zina Bethune   Vocals
Louis Polacek   Vocals
Susan Johnson   Vocals
Most Happy Fella Pit Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Most Happy Fella Cast Ensemble   Choir, Chorus
Martha Mathes   Vocals
Russell Goodwin   Vocals
Norris Greer   Vocals
Meri Miller   Vocals
Marlyn Greer   Vocals
Lois van Pelt   Vocals
Lillian Shelby   Vocals
Hunter Ross   Vocals
Henry Director   Vocals
Bob Daley   Vocals
Beverly Gaines   Vocals
John Sharp   Vocals

Technical Credits

Frank Loesser   Composer,Lyricist,Book
Goddard Lieberson   Producer
Joseph Anthony   Stage Direction
Ken Mandelbaum   Liner Notes,Synopsis
Roxanne Slimak   Reissue Design Coordinator
Don Walker   Orchestration
Tammy Van Aken   Reissue Package Coordinator
Long Vu   Reissue Graphics

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