The Most Interesting Dentist in the World

The Most Interesting Dentist in the World

by DDS Jack Von Bulow


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ISBN-13: 9781732372504
Publisher: Jack Von Bulow, DDS
Publication date: 09/05/2018
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

Dr. Von Bulow was born, raised, and still lives just outside of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley; he's practiced restorative dentistry there, after founding Temple City Dental Care, for just over 40-years. And although 40-years of anything translates into a certain chronological result, Dr. V assures us his physiological number lands somewhere near the number itself.

Dr. Von Bulow received his Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Los Angeles and his DDS degree from the University of Southern California and is intent on continuing to learn.

The Temple City Dental Care intention is "Making a world-class difference for others and making Dentistry fun." And Dr. V. is blessed with a team that can make patients feel safe and liked on "Hello." The TCDC commitment is helping patients become their own best healthcare advocates; and the commitment extends beyond the dental practice as doctors and team participate in multiple community projects, often initiated by team members.

Dr. Von Bulow is a member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Crown Council; he's also a Board of Directors member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners where Dr. V also mentors other North America Invisalign orthodontics providers. Von Bulow and Team have earned awards for service, teamwork, and Invisalign care; doctors and Team commit to more than 100-hours of training per year.

In his spare time, Dr. V enjoys reading, going to the movies, and following USC Trojan Football; he exercises at a level the uninitiated might consider obsessive-compulsive. Von Bulow has written a weekly column for local rags for over 20-years; he's published three books, including "Can We Smile?", "Molar Jockey Memoirs" and now, "The Most Interesting Dentist in the World" (based on one of his columns and the fact he won a t-shirt in a video competition.)

Dr. V's written perspective is all his own, coming from the lighter, humorous side but also embracing an opinionated view of a decidedly big picture.

Dr. Von Bulow asks, "Why not practice effective business, healthcare, and dentistry within a culture of love, humor, and compassion? And maybe some Trojan Football domination.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

Chapter One: No Problem in Paradise 1

Chapter Two: All in the Family 5

Chapter Three: Long Distance, Calling the Universe 9

Chapter Four: Buon Natale 13

Chapter Five: Choices 17

Chapter Six: Prolly 21

Chapter Seven: Big Night in a Desert Town 25

Chapter Eight: Not Really a Hater, but… 29

Chapter Nine: Spring Break 33

Chapter Ten: Affordable Care…but Do They? 37

Chapter Eleven: Scared Straight 41

Chapter Twelve: Hidden Figures 45

Chapter Thirteen: La La Land 49

Chapter Fourteen: Smelling the Roses 53

Chapter Fifteen: Sometimes Maybe It’s Better Just Being Lucky 57

Chapter Sixteen: Hallelujah 61

Chapter Seventeen: Winners Never Quit 65

Chapter Eighteen: Christopher 69

Chapter Nineteen: Imagine 73

Chapter Twenty: F-Word Declared Obsolete by Brits…but There’s More 77

Chapter Twenty-one: White Like Me? Or…Strange Encounters of the Facebook Kind 81

Chapter Twenty-two: Help Wanted: Trouble in Paradise 85

Chapter Twenty-three: Tutus, Pies, and Quakes 89

Chapter Twenty-four: Happy Birthday for a Hero 93

Chapter Twenty-five: Mom… 97

Chapter Twenty-six: Beating the Fear Factor 99

Chapter Twenty-seven: Let’s Go, Celtics 101

Chapter Twenty-eight: He’s the Most Interesting Dentist in the World 105

Chapter Twenty-nine: A True MVP 109

Chapter Thirty: The Wrong Open Spot at the Bar 113

Chapter Thirty-one: Leading From the Heart 117

Chapter Thirty-two: Table for Three 121

Chapter Thirty-three: “…If You Just Smile” 125

Chapter Thirty-four: Father’s Day 129

Chapter Thirty-five: Oral Cancer Strikes Out 133

Chapter Thirty-six: The Real 12th Man 137

Chapter Thirty-seven: Movin’ On 141

Chapter Thirty-eight: The Dalai Lama and Post-Traumatic USC Trojan Syndrome 145

Chapter Thirty-nine: Saying Thanks 149

Chapter Forty: Three Bites and You’re Out 153

Chapter Forty-one: Patch Blog: Mr. Cunningham, I Presume 157

Chapter Forty-two: Windstorm Was More Than a Breath of Fresh Air 163

Chapter Forty-three: Thanks 167

Chapter Forty-four: Choose Your Fantasies 171

Chapter Forty-five: A New Year’s Day Pep Talk 175

Chapter Forty-six: The Organization That Changed Everything 179

Chapter Forty-seven: Amanda 183

Chapter Forty-eight: A Dental School Second Amendment for Dummies 185

About the Author 189

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