The Mvip Book

The Mvip Book


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"The damn thing works."

Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol developers, zealots and budding entrepreneurs echo this simple response as they continue to use off-the-shelf MVIP compatible PC components to build complex, money-making and occasionally mind-boggling computer telephone platforms and applications. The damn thing works. MVIP really does.

Available application technologies include voice processing, multi-line facsimile, speech recognition, text-to-speech, telephone call switching and call processing, video and audio conferencing, video codes, data communications, inverse multiplexing, MVIP-to-LAN interfaces - IsoEthernet, FDD-II - and numerous telephony interfaces - DID, E&M, T-1, E-1, ISDN, PRI and BRI, and proprietary PBX interfaces.

Convinced of the importance of MVIP? Want to learn all about MVIP? This book, prepared by GO-MVIP, the international MVIP association, is a great place to start.

Author Biography: GO-MVIP, the Global Organization for Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol, is an industry trade association that supports the MVIP phenomenon. This book represents the collective efforts of dozens of individuals, many of them pioneers in the computer-telephony industry.

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ISBN-13: 9780936648767
Publisher: C M P Books
Publication date: 10/01/1995
Pages: 400
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