The Mystery of Human Life: Unlocking the Mystery of Human Life

The Mystery of Human Life: Unlocking the Mystery of Human Life

by The Shulammite


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The Mystery of Human Life: Unlocking the Mystery of Human Life by The Shulammite

The World Gospel Kingdom Tracts (WGKT) categorically intended to unlock the mystery of your human life. WGKT is explicitly designed to make known the unsearchable riches of this Wonderful Christ as the mystery of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. The Mystery of Human Life booklet is God's sovereign way to propagate the gospel of Christ to make known the mystery of His will and His divine purpose for man.

Have you ever wondered why you are living in this world and what is the purpose of your human life? What is the meaning of my human life? What is God's Ultimate Plan for me? Why is man on the earth? Why am I created?

No matter what type of person you are or what your profession is, there are a few things which you, like most people will agree with, that is:

Money cannot satisfy, education cannot satisfy, neither can pleasure satisfy nor can success satisfy you. Why? Because you have not yet realized God's plan for you. This Mystery of Human Life booklet will unlock the mystery of your human life.

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ISBN-13: 9781548280666
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/01/2017
Pages: 30
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The Intrinsic Significance of The Shulammite

Song of Songs is a history of love in an excellent marriage, a story of the love between the wise king Solomon, the writer of this book, and the Shulammite (Song of Songs 6:13), a girl of the countryside. As such, this book is a marvelous and vivid portrait, in poetic form, of the bridal love between Christ as the Bridegroom and His lovers as His bride (John 3:29-30; Revelation 19:7) in their mutual enjoyment in the mingling of His divine attributes with the human virtues of His lovers. Song of Songs stresses not the Body of Christ corporately but the believer in Christ individually, unveiling the progressive experience of an individual believer's loving fellowship with Christ in four stages. The correspondence between the progression in the poem and the progression in the experience of Christ's lovers is the intrinsic revelation of the Holy Word of the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God. The stages of such a progression should be landmarks to us in the course of our pursuing of Christ for His and our mutual satisfaction.

The Shulammite is the feminine form of Solomon, derived from the root meaning peace. The use of this name here indicates that at this point she has become Solomon's duplication, counterpart, the same as Solomon in life, nature, expression, and function, as Eve was to Adam (Genesis 2:20-23). This signifies that in the maturity of Christ's life the lover of Christ becomes the reproduction of Christ, the same as He is in life, nature, expression, and function (but not in the Godhead) to match Him for their marriage (2 Corinthians 3:18; Romans 8:29).

In the romance between the great king Solomon and the girl from the countryside, because the two did not match each other, the king became a "country man" in order to go to her village to court her, to gain her love. On the one hand, he made himself the same as the country girl; on the other hand, he made the country girl a queen. This is a type of the story of God's romance with man. God as the Husband is divine, and the wife He desires to marry is human; the two do not match each other. To fulfill His heart's desire God became a lowly man with humanity in incarnation.

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