The Mystery of the Great Flood Confirmed: The Catastrophic Aftermath of the Mars/Earth Collision 10 000 Years Ago

The Mystery of the Great Flood Confirmed: The Catastrophic Aftermath of the Mars/Earth Collision 10 000 Years Ago

by Elsar Amos Orkan MD


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About 10,000 years ago, a titanic collision between the Earth and Mars occurred in the zone between Mars and Jupiter. Mars struck and penetrated the Earth along the entire length of its western hemisphere, in the area now known as the Pacific Ocean - the collision area itself may be considered the biggest crater of external impact origin on Earth. As the result of this collision, the Earth was violently moved into the direction of the Sun. During the collision, the sudden reduction in orbital velocity of Mars, together with stronger gravitational force of the Earth caused the waters of Mars to gush violently onto the Earth's surface. Aside from this, the Earth's axis was also tilted, the poles shifted and the gravitational forces became significantly stronger, the consequence of the rapid gain in mass from the Mars' crust, mantle and waters. Soon after, and during the Earth's progressive movement towards the Sun to as close as it is now, solar radiation on the planet increased significantly. In fact, Global Warming of the Earth actually begun 10 000 years ago, and is caused by extreme solar radiation on the Earth caused by the shortening of the distance between the Sun and the Earth, which has resulted in the gradual melting of Arctic and Antarctic glaciers and a progressive lessening of their cooling effect. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and other so-called greenhouse gases do not cause global warming; Global warming is caused almost entirely by increased solar radiation. The rise in CO2 in the air is caused principally by release of this gas from warming oceans, following the increases in global temperatures (Henrys and Raouls laws), and not by human and industrial activities.

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