The Mystery of the Lord's Prayer: Do You Know What Your Mission in This Life Is?

The Mystery of the Lord's Prayer: Do You Know What Your Mission in This Life Is?

by Blanca Mojica


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The Mystery of the Lord’s Prayer can provide you with the responses you seek from your inner being, helping you to see how everything is connected with the universe, the numbers, and you.

You have a special code that you must meet in this life. The Mystery of the Lord’s Prayer, along with numerology, can tell you what it is and how to make it vibrate so that the universe can respond as it should be.

Master Jesus left us in prayer the mystery to solve in your own personal message that may find several answers for which you’ve been looking.

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ISBN-13: 9781452595535
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 05/05/2014
Pages: 114
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.27(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

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The Mystery of the Lord's Prayer

Do You Know What Your Mission in This Life Is?

By Blanca Mojica

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Blanca Mojica
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9553-5


The Universe and Numerology

I am not going to explain what the universe is, but rather I am going to explain how the universe is involved with numerology and is encrypted or made up of numbers. Everything around us can be defined in terms of numerology. Have you ever heard that numbers mean words? Actually everything is made up of codes, your birth date is made up of compound numbers that write in code your personality, your thoughts, your karma and the mission you must accomplish in this life. It is composed mathematically. Everything is precisely calculated in its portion. It expresses itself in every human being that exists on this planet. This expression leaves a trail that leads to a digit and that digit lead us to realize our mission in this life are perfect. When I refer to mathematics I am speaking about numbers and mentality inside human reasoning. The mind captures numbers perfectly because it is made of numbers, calculations, ciphers, portions, measures, years, kilograms and so forth. Numbers, numbers and more numbers, in few words, everything is numerically perfect. Every procedure in this life has a numerical sequence; everything is governed by numbers even the planetary systems have their own sequences of rotations and each planet has its own numerical sequences. Numbers follow a chronological sequencing. One will always come before two and two will always precede one and so on successively. For example, you cannot go from one to three when you are counting money for it would be indeterminable on a logical and just sequence.

Everywhere you look you can find numbers. Be it your job, school, when you shop, when you sell, when it comes to the question of how old you are or how long you have been living in the city you reside in? Everything is related with numbers even the food. Take for example when you make sauce, it requires specific portions to make a good tasting sauce or when you make a burger if you do not have the buns you do not have a hamburger. And the same goes for everything in life it all has a code. You've most likely found yourself asking why this or that happened when things don't go according to plan or when things aren't as they should be. Perhaps it is because you're not doing things the right way. There are things to which we cling. We can be very hardheaded and stubborn and unknowingly bring about our own pain.

Numerology is part of our lives. It can be decoded in almost everything. It directs us as to where we should go. It directs our life cycles. Our lessons have to be learned in this life. In few words they are codes that indicate when we should do or realize something, or when we should make changes in our life or when we want to make sense of the experiences that happen in our lives.

Nowadays there exists a stigma against numerology as a science and I say that numerology is a science because to me it is a science. Were you to ask me whether or not numerology is an all-encompassing power I would respond 'yes' numerology is an all-encompassing power in each and every digit. Your date of birth has a code which renders the mission you have in this life. Your mission are the lessons you have to learn. It also tells you what your thinking should be, gifts you retained from the previous life and that you can use them in this life and work with your inner being. Thanks to advances in science we have discovered that the lord's prayer is more than just a prayer but that there is a great mystery behind it from which we get our personal message as to how we work in this life. The interesting thing is that it isn't just a prayer. In it there is a personal message for you and it has been there all along and Jesus's intention was to decipher what the message means in his prayer for you. "Those who have eyes that seen ears that have heard". Numerology was used by our great master Jesus. He was an expert on the science of numerology. He knew that life has explanations that lead to it and that give credibility and logic to your daily lessons with your personality, and your karma.

The mystery of the Lord's Prayer is that the prayer is composed of numbers. Using numerology you can decrypt your birth date and the message you uncover is the message that the Master Jesus wants you to know in this life. Why a code? Because your date of birth is a code consisting of numbers that give you a personal message which together can decipher the mystery of the Lord's Prayer, Interesting isn't it? The day you were born you learned exactly what you needed to learn, develop, do, and be. You're perfect because the universe is perfect and it consists of God the Father who is perfect and sent us to this planet at this time. Your date of birth and the time in which you were born comes to develop your inner being in this life. The most mysterious thing about this is that the teacher is Jesus and it is he who gifted us with the lord's Prayer. Each of us has different codes which gives us our particular message. By way of and thanks to your birth and numerology and the mystery of the Lord's Prayer gives us the greatest help when it comes to developing in this life.

Just as technology and medicine advance we should advance spiritually with it. It is time that humanity wakes-up and knows what we are really here to do in this life and the truth is not easy especially when they're aware of what it is you are here to do.

No matter who you are, or what you do, we all have the question within us. Why am I here? What is my mission? Am I fulfilling it as I should be? What do I need to learn in this life? What are my lessons? Nowadays most of humanity confuses what we call science, magic and faith. Why do I mention science, magic and faith? These three concepts have much depth in our lives and at the same time they are at odds within our human consciousness. Numerology has these three concepts within it. For some people, they take numerology as a science, others magic, while others will say that we acquired it through faith.

If we were to explain each one we would see that they are related and that there is a deep connection which I will give an explanation for in the chapter to come. There are religions that fight with the science of numerology. They say that it lacks credibility or are applicable to our human belief. Numerology exists inside of our daily lives which I will explain in the following.


Science, Magic and Faith

I will explain with my words what science means for me. There are technological advances which thanks to people who have the vision they have been able to make, manifest, realize and discover what already exists. I say exists because everything already exists on our planet. It is already here waiting for the right person to come and discover that it exists. We have the power to create and therefore to discover it and that gives us the magnificence to increase our faith.

For example Isaac Newton discovered that the force of gravity existed, but it always existed and there was no previous knowledge of its existence. We as humans give initiation to research, to find out how to achieve certain goals. Such discoveries contribute to better services whether they be medical, mobile, or telecommunicative. Man is he who finds what it is he looking for and from there he discovers what has already been there and creates a faith in humanity when he discovers such things he calls it science or scientific advancement, and as a result, we have faith because thanks to those who discover or make scientific advances everything that will exist in our step is for our comfort, our well-being and creates confidence in us that is the faith.

Science has made huge jumps with technology, not to cite the medical advances, thanks to them we can discover or delay certain diseases and that gives us faith and confidence. If you would have told your grandfather that the technology we call the Internet, Cell phones, Microwaves, and etcetera would exist he may have thought you were crazy. No one would understand and would probably believe that those things were evil. All things have a sequence and it is consistent with how humanity asks for it. For you technology is a great tool and you believe in them because they provide you a service and this attributes to having faith in it. The difference that exists in faith in any religion is to believe in a higher being called God. Irregardless of your religion it is all the same being focused on faith. Everyone has different ways of loving God but at the end of the day it is always directed to him. He is the one who gives us encouragement and faith to continue existing here on our planet and he is the one who gives us spiritual motivation. Faith is what creates the miracles despite whatever you are going to do. And indicates how you should go about dealing with a particular situation. Faith is what you believe exists and what you believe will happen, but aren't sure whether or not it will come to pass. For example, scientists believe in what they are doing or what they are investigating and they intend to get to the bottom of a situation and that is also called "faith". It is the same in religion; if you ask God the Father for certain things some might come true while others may not, however, in the end your mission becomes reality.

Our father God gives us free will and the freedom to do what we want. The table is full for you to grab from it what you want, if you take the good it has to offer, you will come away with that good and if you take that which is bad it is what will be bestowed upon you. God does not punish, we do that ourselves. Who we've punished by our own hand but I then you'll say, "If I do good deeds and things still do not go well, why is it so? There are things that are not given to you and those things are called your karma; they are things or situations that we have to pay for and things that we owe from another life. They can also be things we have attached to this life which I will speak about later in detail.

Faith is that which you do which brings about reality. You do it. It may be something you made happen and it all has a reason. Let me speak a bit further about that reason. When you do anything you do you do so because you have faith that it will be realized. Many a times when such and such a thing that we may have placed our faith in is not realized we take it as a sign that it isn't going to happen or that it wasn't meant to be and this can shake one's faith. Be encouraged if you cannot achieve a certain thing at a certain moment another moment will come or maybe you'll realize that it wasn't meant for you or it wasn't really something you wanted after all. Destiny can take on many forms and can present itself through many choices.

What is magic? Magic is something that is achieved not made. It is the force that you give. It is also technology. Science is the same as magic because magic serves to show you what opportunity or resource may aid in assisting you with a given task, a goal or even greater such as preventing a disease. This is what I mean by magic.

Without magic and science would not have been able to have made the advances that it has up until this point. Magic is what you want to become real; words alone have the power to become magic and create a force within us. Scientists make magic with their findings. Chefs make magic with their gourmet meals.

Magic is all around us even in the workplace. Your family can demonstrate this magic too. When someone has faith in what he or she does this makes way for a positive outcome. This is magic and is the power to create. This planet and this time of your life are perfect. The world is perfect. Everything is accessible to you. You have it all.

Creating and believing is the same as doing magic. It is as a human being is having what we have around us to forge something new. The concept of creating is very broad. There are things that man cannot create. They are divine. It belongs to our father God and these things are out of our reach as human beings.

Thomas Edison thought about creating the light bulb. Alexander Graham Bell the telephone. They both believed in their inventions and set them up and that's magic. All this begins ends with faith. It means that these great inventors had faith when they created and that that is how they discovered what they did. They also faced great opposition from their peers and other people but despite criticism persevered forward having faith that they would achieve what they set out to.

To start off everything you want to accomplish you do so through magic. Everything is done with the power of imagination or creativity which means giving magic and later when you think you believe in magic it is a science because the project is crystallized which you had in mind to do and at the end this becomes faith.

Magic is science with faith. Science is magic with faith. Faith is magic with science. It is the power to create and to believe that there such a thing exists. You have the power to believe in it. What you want to achieve in your life is magic. You should not fight with these three elements. They are important in your life. They are magic, science, and faith. All together they lead to the same path which is God.

In your life there are things that happen that have no explanation of why they happened but as it is with everything there is a very logical explanation of why these things occur such as we fall ill or traumatic events in our life.

What relationship do the concepts I already explained before have to do with the previous discussions so far. The point I want to get is that the mind is what enslaves or frees man. If you do not believe in such or such a thing it will not happen because you are predisposing that it could not happen, nevertheless, if you believe in what you choose to do or create and from that moment anything begins to change.

Numerology is tied up with these concepts of magic, faith and science. These concepts even contain one that is about you and you are everything and therefore these things have to do with numerology. The mystery of the Lord's Prayer is related to numerology as well as the concepts spoke about previously. Before explaining my next point I want to make sure you understand these concepts I have been talking about for the last few pages.

Note: The concepts explained above are inseparable which will be explained later on.


What is Karma?

We have heard about what karma is and we have heard it mostly from the Hindu or Buddhist practitioners. There are things in our lives we have heard by pure chance, but we have not placed adequate attention to them. There is a concept that I would like to present which is very controversial one for several religions and more if we are not of Hindu or Buddhist faith. There is a big dilemma with karma due to who we have become as a result of Western culture and the things that it has taught us. That concept that we have unfortunately learned is that this life is the only one we will ever have and we do not return something which I do not profess. I will go into greater detail regarding this later.

Karma is what we need to learn. What are the lessons I need to learn in this life. Both of these problems are repeated throughout the ongoing history of my life and I am just barely starting to understand it. You might be asking yourself at this moment, "What lessons do I have to learn?" It is related to the mystery of the Lord's Prayer together, numerology, and your birth code.

Karma are egos that need to be removed and it is very costly to have them removed because it can mean letting go of those things which may be hurting us and there are so many of them: all those things we love which hurt us, vanity, lust, envy, anger, greed and the like. These things are so engrained within us that we do not realize they dominate us. Therefore the karmas are the egos that we must destroy. They are the suffering and that which suffers is our Ego and the Egos are what make us commit karmas.

There are religions that mention that this life is unique and that we do not return to this planet, however, I think that we return not just once but several times to this planet. Ask yourself why there are so many humans who live in precarious conditions such as hunger, disease ridden habitats, and misery while so many others live luxurious lives and nothing happens to their wealth nor their comfortable-luxurious lifestyles? It may be a difficult question to answer if you have been taught in your religion that God is all love but witness so many inequalities abound in humanity.


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Table of Contents


Introduction, ix,
The Universe and Numerology, 1,
Science, Magic and Faith, 5,
What is Karma?, 11,
Do You Really Know What The Ego is? Ego or Mind, 19,
The Numbers, 23,
Master Numbers 11 and 22, 29,
What is a Commandment?, 31,
Our Lord's Prayer, 35,
What is Meditation?, 37,
10 Spiritual Commandments, 39,
Spiritual Commandment Eleven, 41,
Why Do I Call Them Spiritual Commadments?, 43,
Spiritual Commandment One, 45,
Spiritual Commandment Two, 47,
Spiritual Commandment Three, 49,
Spiritual Commandment Four, 51,
Spiritual Commandment Five, 53,
Spiritual Commandment Six, 55,
Spiritual Commandment Seven, 59,
Spiritual Commandment Eight, 61,
Spiritual Commandment Nine, 63,
Commandment Number Ten, 65,
The Last Will Be First, 69,
Not Do or What You Should Be, 71,
A New Commandment Jesus the Master Gives Us the Spiritual Commandment Number 11, 75,
My Numerology, Your Numerology, 79,
Your Karmic Number, 81,
Your Thinking, 83,
The Year You Were Born, 85,
Spiritual Mission, 87,
Example 1, 91,
Example 2, 95,
The Energetic Vibration, 99,

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