The Mystical Teachings of Jesus

The Mystical Teachings of Jesus

by Kim Michaels


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The Mystical Teachings of Jesus by Kim Michaels

The teachings in this book have helped hundreds of thousands of people gain a deeper appreciation for Jesus's teachings about the mystical path that he taught 2,000 years ago and that he still teaches today-for those who are able to make an inner connection with him.

Today many people cannot find a lasting heart connection to the real Jesus and his teachings because, according to most Christian churches, Jesus no longer talks to us. In reality, Jesus is a spiritual being and he is working to help all people who are able to raise their consciousness and attune to his Presence. For the past 2,000 years he has maintained a line of communication through those who have been willing to serve as messengers for his Living Word and who have pursued an understanding of his true message instead of settling for official Christian doctrines.
In this book, the ascended Jesus reveals the mystical teachings that he gave to his most advanced disciples. He explains why his true teachings are as relevant today as they were two millennia ago and how you can develop a personal relationship with him-one of the most remarkable spiritual teachers of all time.

Once you admit that mainstream religious traditions have not answered your questions about life, it is truly liberating to read the profound and meaningful answers in this book. Encouraging, moving and profound, this enlightening book will help you attain inner attunement with Jesus, even mystical union with him. You will learn how to:
-recognize the silent, inner voice of Christ in your heart
-achieve permanent inner peace and happiness by getting connected with the Christ Consciousness
-heal yourself from emotional wounds
-get guidance from Jesus, who is your greatest teacher and friend
-communicate directly with Jesus

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ISBN-13: 9789949518227
Publisher: MORE TO LIFE
Publication date: 09/28/2013
Pages: 348
Sales rank: 1,216,129
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About the Author

Kim Michaels is an accomplished writer and author. He has conducted spiritual conferences and workshops in 14 countries and has counseled hundreds of spiritual students. He is also cohost of the weekly radio show Divine Love Talk.

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It was very important for me to realize that there was a difference between my intuitive sense of what Jesus taught and the official image. This opened up a very healing perspective, namely that when the official image contradicted my inner feeling, it might indeed be the official image that was out of touch with reality. To me, this is the difference between those who might benefit from this book and those who will reject it without giving it a closer look.
In today’s world, many people have a strong intuitive sense of spiritual principles and many have indeed been disappointed by official Christianity. Many spiritually minded people have rejected Christianity and have consequently rejected Jesus as well—for how do you separate Christ from Christianity? What dawned on me was that Jesus is too significant of a figure in the spiritual life of earth for me to reject him based on a man-made religion. I realized that I could not let the doctrines and actions of Christian churches stand between me and Jesus. I wanted to know Jesus as he really is, not as he has been portrayed by an organization that was too often guided by political motives and expediency.
As Jesus himself said: “ask, and ye shall receive.” When I started asking for answers, I found material that helped me gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the timeless teachings of Christ. This helped me answer what was for me the greatest question about Jesus, namely why he had suddenly disappeared from the earth 2,000 years ago. I had no problem accepting that Jesus had ascended to the spiritual realm and was still alive there as a spiritual being. Yet why wouldn’t he seek to guide us from that position, especially given that he himself had made the promise that he would be with us always? I simply couldn’t see Jesus being with us in the official churches so how did he intend to fulfill this promise?
I gradually came to understand that Jesus is indeed with us today and that he has attempted to give us guidance many times over the past 2,000 years. I also saw that because Jesus is now an ascended being, this guidance must be given according to the overall law that determines life on earth, namely the Law of Free Will. The earth is a kind of experience machine in which we human beings are allowed to have certain experiences until we tire of them and decide that we want more.

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