The Name and Nature of Poetry: And Other Selected Prose

The Name and Nature of Poetry: And Other Selected Prose

by A. E. Housman, Alfred E. Housman




Lovers of Housman's poetry and admirers of his scholarship have long been aware, from the Introductory Lecture of 1982 and The Name and Nature of Poetry, 1933, that he was also a master of a highly individualized prose style; and others besides classical students have relished the pungency of the famous preface to his edition of Manilius. Here, in addition to these, is a selection of Housman's writings, both scholarly and general, gathered from periodicals and other out-of-the-way sources, which decisively confirms his reputation as a prose stylist. The prefaces, the adversaria, and the reviews, in particular, give even the layman an idea of the precision and the penetration of exact scholarship. Housman's comments and judgments on other men illuminate his own nature: withdrawn, austere, even crusty, yet gentle with the unassuming; ruthless in exposure of arrogance and pretension.

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Publisher: Dee, Ivan R. Publisher
Publication date: 01/25/1990
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A. E. Housman, the enigmatic but prolific English scholar, died in 1936. John Carter, the editor of this volume, originally titled this book Selected Prose in 1961.

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