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The Nature of God: The Revelation: Channeled Messages from Your Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, and Archangel Michael

The Nature of God: The Revelation: Channeled Messages from Your Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, and Archangel Michael

by Michelle D McCann


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This is a message from GOD. We, your Divine Mother and Heavenly Father, along with Archangel Michael, want you to open up to your gifts: the truth of who you are and the ability to connect with us on a regular basis. THAT’S RIGHT! We are CALLING YOU to connect with us, and this book, written by us through Michelle, will provide the initial roadmap for your journey. Just as a GPS guides your way to earthly destinations, THIS BOOK is the first stop on your road to experiencing divine connection. Read it, savor it, and know that you will hear the VOICE of God and the angels in the days and weeks to come. Much joy and love to you, our beloved children.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734758009
Publisher: Michelle D McCann - Author & Divine Channel
Publication date: 06/15/2020
Pages: 412
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.92(d)

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Introduction xi

A Note from the Author xv

Seeing Clearly Now xxiii


The Nature of God: The Revelation 1

Buckle Up! Time to Meet God 3

It’s All Coming In So Fast! 5

Ring! Ring! Jesus Calling 19

The Revelation 27

The Law of Attraction 37

Each of Us Is Special 45

Discerning Energy 55

Divine Mother God 69

Mother/Father God Radio 81

We Are Lights for One Another 89

Becoming Real 97

It’s a Marathon 105

Putting Together the Puzzle 113

Closer to Fine 123

In the Slipstream 133

Old Fears Re-Emerge 143

Standing in the Truth 153

Patience! 161

Talk to Mama 169

The Master Key 179

Karma 185

Clear Your Vibes 197

Beautiful and Breathtaking: God’s Book of Remembrance 209

The First Soul 217

One Thing at a Time 229

Just Trust 237

You Can Trust That Like a $2 Bill 247

Make Your Soul Sing 257

The Nature of God is Love, Love, Love 263


The Nature of Angels: The Pathway Back to God 265

Angels: GPS to God 267

The God Squad Is Out There Watching 279

Heaven Is an Energetic Realm 285

Guardian Angels Illuminate Our Route 297

Everything Falls Into Place 307

Breaking the Trauma Chain 323

Just Ask the Angels 335


The Reconciliation 337

Wrap It Up with a Bow 339

The Freedom of Embracing My Truth 341

Vacation—But Not from God 349

The Divinely-Guided Life Plan 355

Stick a Fork in It: Done! 359

A Message from Michelle 361

Resources 365

Acknowledgments 375

About the Author 379

About the Book Cover 381

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